Friday, November 11, 2011

Sir Samuel Pipen, aka Sammy
We got a puppy! He is a Husky/Lab/Shepard cross, he's just over two months old and we adopted him from H.E.A.R.T.   Samuel is really cute and rambunctious, he doesn't really cuddle but loves to play.
A puppy is alot of work, more than I thought, the girls seem to cause more problems when it comes to training the pup. They get Samuel riled up, then cry when he playfully nips them, then runs away when he tries to play and he thinks it's part of the game.... it's very frustrating! Specially when Mike has a broken finger and works late.....I'm not in a happy place right now, but we have a puppy!


Tuckered out and snoozing with Scoobie-doo.

Silly Sammy playing with his new toy.

Sammy's new favorite sleeping spot, the girls' princess chair.