Saturday, October 31, 2009


All Hallow's eve! My favorite time of the year! We didn't have much time to decorate and prepare for Halloween this year, but on our way home from Vancouver we stopped and found some pumpkins in Keremos.
(Click on pictures for a closer view.)
Girls posing with the pumpkins, 2 orange, 2 white and 2 white/green gourds.
Ivy Loves her "Ghost" pumpkin, Anna and Ashley (Friend's daughter) are in the background.
A mini jack-o-lantern that we grew in our garden and the front bush covered with mini ghosts.
Our front yard with Ashley, Ivy, Anna and Rupert.
Anna all set for Trick-or-Treating, dressed as a Unicorn.
Ivy as Snow White and wearing make-up.
Anna's pumpkin all lit up.
3 more Mini pumpkins that we grew.
Ashley's and my Jack-o-lanterns
The infamous Jacob as Superman.
Ashley and her Dad Corey at the bonfire the City puts on at the ballpark.
Mike, dress as a logger, roasting a wiener at the bonfire.
The girls, high on candy and having a blast watching the fireworks and running with friends.
This year the girls went to more houses and I was surprised how many gave out safe candy for Anna's Galactosemia Diet. It's nice that there is a lots of variety out there these days. Anna had no qualms with giving up the chocolate bars and cheesies and she didn't even want to trade for safe candy, "that's ok Mommy, you have it" Wow, how did I get such a great, smart Girl!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dinner at Parents

This past weekend we went to my Parents home for Thanksgiving (round 2) and to celebrate my Dad's 79th birthday as well as my nephew Cam's 1st birthday! Both are born on the same day!

A wonderful turkey feast with all the fixings, lovely people and conversations. The girls charmed everyone and were on the best behavior. Cam showed all how brave he is, taking a few steps and climbing on anything and everything. Step Sister Ruth told cute stories of her grand baby and of meeting her daughter she had given up to adoption 28 years ago, so happy they are able to meet and have a relationship. Mom has started working at Wal-mart and told about how strict the store policies are. The highlight of the evening was playing Apples to Apples, a game my brother Rob brought, It had everyone laughing. I love board and card games!

We also bought ourselves a new camera, as our old one's shutter wouldn't open half the time. Here are some shots from this weekend, some are poor quality, still figuring out some of the functions. Enjoy!

(from L-R) Anna, baby Cam, SS Ruth and Jamie-Cam's mom

My Dad, the birthday boy!
Beautiful Ivy
Cam enjoying his birthday cake

Everyone enjoying their cake and taking pictures of the birthday boys.

I have more photo's I'd like to share but blogger and/or my connection is acting up. I'll do some photo posts when we come back from our week of travels. We are leaving tomorrow for the Cariboo, a mini vacation and then on Tuesday we go to the coast for Anna's 6 month check ups.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I play a game on PoGo called Addiction Solitaire and I think one of the reasons why it's so addicting is because it doesn't give you much of a chance to stop the game. When you win or lose a game and click "OK" a new game starts up and you keep playing, it's very hard to click that little red x to get out of the game, way to much fun.

While playing this game earlier this week, I started thinking about addictions and obsessions. I once had the bad habit of chewing/biting my nails but I don't think it was an addiction, I'm not sure I've even been addicted to anything. When I had the surgeries on my fingers I was given pain killers that was supposed to be addictive but I made sure I did not get hooked. I wonder if anyone truly wants to have an addiction, be it drugs or alcohol or cigarettes or even sex.

I've been called a "goody goody two shoes" several times in my life when I declined cigs and pot/hash and other stuff. I knew what could happen to people who liked it too much and I never wanted it to be apart of my life. Alcohol is nice in moderation but I've never had enough where I blacked out and after a few hangovers, I now know my limitations. How come many others do not know their limitations, do they not remember all the anti smoking campaigns? Do they not watch the news stories of all the drug dealers and druggies living on the street, do they not learn a lesson from all of that? Or have relatives die from cancer caused by smoking or chewing tobacco, or have their livers so enlarged and dieing.

I've heard some say; it can't be helped, I had no choice, I didn't mean for it to happen. That is all pitiful excuses. The only ones who can use those excuse are babies born with drug addictions/FAS from their stupid mothers.

I don't understand these kind of addictions and if I ever develop a bad habit that progressed into an addiction, I would want someone to kick me in the butt and tell me " What the Hell are you doing"

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Canadian Thanks Giving. It was good, we went to Mike's Grandmothers and a very enjoyable time. Everyone got along, no fighting, no sideways looks, no backhanded comments, Ahhh a peaceful family!

The Table was full of wonderful foods: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams, brussel sprouts, peas & carrots, salads, lemon meringue pie, pumpkin pie, apple crumble and whipping cream! And it was ALL DAIRY FREE!!!

I couldn't eat very much though ( I tried! ) I think my stomach has shrunk after being sick and not eating and then not having much appetite with all the stress from the last few weeks. I can fit into jeans that were too tight in the spring. I'm going to try and not eat too much at meal times, use the smaller dinner plates etc.

I feel good, getting my last post out has helped me alot. I was advised by a councilor to write a letter to those that I have issues with and it was my choice to send it to them or not. I chose to Blog it and when Lisa was harassing me, I chose to give her the address for the blog. I heard her opinions of it via MSN and my answering machine, they were not pretty, makes me glad it is now out in the open. But I see from my visitor feed she never let my brother read it. Just proves my point about her.

I do not hate my sister and brother, I just don't want to deal with them anytime in the near future. Things may change in a few months/years/decades.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Done!

I am so sick and tired of reaching out, being nice and making peace and then to get a wall put up or to be yelled at and my hand slapped. It's ridiculous.

This is my notice to some family members, this is the end!

James I love you, But I also Love our Father Chuck and our Brother Rob. You and I have barely talked in the last 3-10 years. When we are together we have a great time, I always have good memories of you. You know I have never liked your girlfriends and you current one is a Bitch. Lisa said she doesn't like to be fake to others but, you know what, I've been fake to her and you about her. I do not like her, I do not like how she runs her house and I do not like how she is raising your daughter. I do have a few issues with you, James, that go beyond your choice in women. You look for negativity, you remember all the bad things. Can you recall any good things about our time spent at Chucks? Do you have anything nice to say about your brother Rob? Do you even like/acknowledge that you have 3 wonderful younger siblings that had tried for years to get to know you even when Chuck told them not to? Do you even remember good times with me? or our childhood? I wish you lots of love and luck in your life. I will regret not knowing your daughter.

Lisa, I do not like you and I never have. I have always been fake with you just to keep James in my life. I truly hope your daughter will not be totally screwed up. She is a very happy child but you are preventing her the necessary milestones.

Jennifer, I love you but I do not know you. There were a few years after you graduated from High school that we were friends and possible understood each other but before that time and after, we never got along. Mike has been in my life since you were 10 years old, weather you want to believe it or not, he thinks of you as a sister. It has always hurt me that you don't respect him and have never taken the time to know who he is. Recently you accused me of spreading lies about you, but you are just lieing to yourself. You may not want to admit those things but it doesn't matter, you know you said them and did them as do I. I thought you had turned over a new leaf when you met Murad, you calmed down and stopped the drinking and sleeping around. But he really didn't change you, just hid those details about you. You may be able to forget the past but it's still there and it's made you you. Giving presents to my daughters doesn't make you an aunt, time spent with them does.

Murad, I'm sorry I'll never get to know you. You seem like a decent guy and it's no wonder why my sister loves you, I wish the best for you.

I know this blog will cause a Grand canyon out of a small rift but I am past caring. I have been hurt for too long, the stress is not healthy. The saying "You can choose your friends but not your family" is too true but right now I am choosing to say good bye to those family members.

I'm sorry Mom.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Anger, Sad, Stress and Frustration!

That about sums up what I am feeling right now. I wrote a huge post telling certain people off but I have deleted it.