Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer cold

An average cold I can handle but this one has been a doosy. I've been sick for over a week now and am only 75% normal.

Started out with the achy chills, then a soar throat, then the ear popping..... brought back so many painful memories of my youth, the dreaded ear infection! After 2 days of ear discomfort, Saturday the pain struck and I had hubby drive me to the GF hospital to get a prescription. While waiting in the er curtain bed I over heard the nurses complaining about stupid people getting a soar throat and ear pain and not going to their doctors and wasting their time in the er.... excuse me! I was so upset, my doc is only open 2 days a week otherwise I'd have went to him and not wasted my time going to the er just to get snubbed!

Turned out I have 2 infections in the one ear, an inner ear infection (which is normal for me) and an abscess in the outer ear next to the ear drum. Got a script for antibiotics, ear drops and T3's for pain.

Later Saturday, the cold progressed into a cough and sinus cold. Monday I woke up with my right eye glued shut with pink eye. Ivy got pink eye the week before and since I was the one washing her eye and giving her the eye drops I wasn't too surprised I got it, luckily we have left over eye drops. After a few days the eye looks and feels much better.

I'm feeling a bit better each day but the ear hasn't healed yet, it's almost there. It's doing lots of popping again, and I've lost half my hearing in it but not too much pain, also had some drainage from it this morning ( a good sign). Sinuses are draining too, and I only cough to remove phlem, so that is better too.

10 days this cold has lasted, if it wasn't for the ear infections, I'd be all clear by now but I guess it's better to get it all at once to get it all out of my system before school starts for the girls.

1 1/2 weeks till school starts! Ivy is excited and so is Anna! I hope Ivy can adjust to going school all day without too many problems, I know it will be hard on everyone to get up at 7 am to get her ready for the bus at 8am. But we shall try our best!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Wedding

Ahh, the Wedding was Marvelous! It was small but very colourful and full of Hugs, Love and Smiles!

The Bride, my little Sister, Jen and her Bridesmaid, Stacey
The Groom, Murad, and his Best Man/Brother Nart.
The entrance to the ceremony, behind the hotel. Notice the Bestman and Bridesmaid waiting on either side of the arch and the flowergirls (Ivy and Anna) waiting on the lower steps.
Anna tossing her flower petals, she took her job very seriously! Uncle James and Baby Bella looking on.

Ivy doing an awesome job as flowergirl, (step, step, toss, step, step, toss....)
Then came BM Stacey and BM Nart
Our Handsome Daddy escorted the very beautiful Bride
Exchangeing of vows with a wonderful view of the lake, mountains and park.
Murad was so nervous that he dropped the ring! I thought is was cute, they both bent to pick it up without letting go of each others hand
The ring goes on...

and they kiss, awwwwe
Then the offical signing of their life together.

The Justice of the Peace annouces: Mr and Mrs D!!! Father and Mother of the Bride, also my parents :D
Little Baby Cam slept through the whole ceremony.
Baby Bella looking cute as ever!
Anna decieded to clean up the petals she had dropped, she managed to pick most up, then accedently dropped them in the hallway, lobby and elevator of the hotel, lol!

Uncle Troy's Family was late to the ceremony but made it in time for photos. We were takeing pictures of the kids all together when the Bride and Groom started posing behind them.(L-R) Anna, Ivy, Cam, David, Danny and Sylvia, I missed getting Bella in this shot.
My parents poseing with my brother Rob, baby Cam and GF Jamie.
The Cake: Moose for Canadian Bride and Camel for Groom from Jordan!

The next morning, the family got together for breakfast and the Newleyweds opened their gifts, this is them with my gift, I cross-stitched a celtic heart with their names and the wedding date below.

Later that evening they hopped a plane to Turkey for a 3 week honeymoon and Jen will meet Murad's parents for the first time in person. Why Turkey instead of Jordan? I have no clue.

We all had a most wonderful time, the hotel suite was gorgeous, some of us even went for a swim (twice for my little family) I got to visit with my Step Sis, who I hadn't seen since my Wedding (7 years ago) And this was the first time all 4 siblings (Me, James, Rob and Jen) got together with all out kids and partners!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy with Excitment!

We're going to the Chapel and My lil' sister is gonna get married, Going to the Chapel of loooooove!

Yup, the weekend is here that my Sister Jen and her fiance Murad will be getting Married!!! It won't be in a chapel but I do love that song. The ceremony will be outside in the hotel's garden And I (along with most of my extended family) will be spending the night! Whooo Woooooo!!

My Girls are flower girls, they are tickled pink! Ivy says she want to be the bride and was quite offended when I told her Aunty Jen is the bride, she is the one getting married but Ivy was soon happy when I told her she gets to throw flowers at everyone! LOL

Besides the wedding, we have been hiding from the heat, barely going outside during the day, we played in the creek a few days:

Mike spent most of the time moving rocks, trying to make a swimming hole but mostly just made some nice rapids, LOL!