Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall fair Pictures

This post is a few days late but I don't think anyone will be upset with me :D
As I posted before Rob, JamieL and Cam came to spend the weekend with us and we all went to the RC Fall Fair.
Baby Cam is so happy all the time, even while being fussy with the bright sun when he's have his Lunch.
Even though he can't talk yet, you can see he is upset he can't go on the rids like he older cousins
The girls on their first ride, a slooooow merry-go-round
A better ride, they controled how high they went in this plane ride
Two happy and excited sisters waiting for the next ride
Here is a video of the girls on a mini rollercoaster, they loved it!
(they are in the front)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stressful few weeks but calming down...

Finally thinks are getting a bit less complicated and stressful.

Babysitting other peoples kids is not delightful when they have free reign at their own house. In the end, I was full of pride at the manners that Danny picked up but I was ready to strangle his sister. Two days later and I'm still upset with Sylvia, her bratty-ness has rubbed off on Anna! Now I have to live with her doing the "Why" stage(questioning my authority). ARRG!

Brother Rob and his fiance Jamie and Baby Cam stayed with us over the weekend. We all went to the RC fall fair on Saturday and Rob and Mike went hunting Sunday Morning. It was great spending time with them again, Cam is getting so adventurous, climbing everything and trying to stand by his-self.

Early in the week we had some Family drama with my siblings. Misunderstandings, misquotes and jumping to conclusions leads to some very heating phone calls and threats. The Changeways and 7 healthy habits courses sure came in hand! Luckily thinks seemed to have ended peacefully, at least on my end. I'm sure it hasn't fully ended and will soon not be forgotten but that's life! No one is perfect.

Guess what! I'm Co-chair for our school's PAC! Whoo woo! and I'll also train to take over the treasure's position next year. Had a few flashbacks of WI but I think the school will be more mature then those ladies were!

Also, I'm running Ivy's school's Snack Shack and taking Japanese dance on Wednesdays. Tuesdays Anna was visits with the speech therapist and Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons we have Play group. Early Oct the school is have a harvest Lunch, I'll be making buns and serving the turkey lunch. End of Oct, Anna has appointments in Children's Hospital so we'll combine a visit to the Cariboo at the same time. We'll be there for my 30th Birthday too so I guess no party for me :( I'm hoping to have Thanksgiving with my Family (Hint, Hint) then X-mas with Mike's.

I'll post pictures of the Fair later tonight.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I want to scream and yell, throw a huge tantrum and bash some heads together!!!

No not my kids's heads but the cousins! I got stuck babysitting again this week as M&T can't seem to follow doctors orders and look after their youngest child, he is back in the hospital with a feeding tube. The other 2 are as bratty as ever. Well, Danny is getting better, I think he is finding some respect for me and he realises it's just not me, he is being disaplined in school already and he's only been there 2 days!

I don't know what's wrong with sylvia but the tears and whinging just won't stop, I've put her in time out and she screams she is going to run and find her parents, she won't share with her brother nor my Anna, so I tell Danny not to share with her and she cries more! Arrg! I thought me girls were bad at criing but no way no how! These other kids sure know how to work it!

Wish it was the olden days and I could make them scrub the floor and belt them!! ARRRG I'm soooooooooooooo upset!