Friday, February 29, 2008

Post #24

FRIDAY! This week took forever to be over, my cold in finally on it's way out!

The last session of Changeways group was on Wednesday but I didn't go due to my being sick, kinda bummed about that. Because I missed it, MdW wants to meet for one on one councilling, which I know I need but it is just another thing to work into an already busy schedule. I like doing my (me and girls) own thing when I feel like it. And I hate trying to find babysitters. It was so much easier when my Mom lived in town, I know I can trust her, I don't know if I can trust my neighbours....I know they are good people but this is my flesh and blood I'm trusting them with. And with Anna's Diet it's even harder...Do they really understand what not to give her! Yikes, I'm getting off track, see why I need councilling!

Now my head is starting to hurt, I'm call this post done....There is always tomorrow

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Post # 23

On the forum that I attend, another member started a thread about getting to know other members better, Most took it light hearted and gave the typical answers: I like to ___, My fav colour is ___, etc. etc. My response is as follows:

Who am I? I have asked myself this many a time.
I am 28 but have been told since I was young that I am older then my years, my mother says that we should have switched places because I suited the 60's and 70's lifestyle better then she was.
I think that I am an atheist but I really don't know the meaning of that. As a child I attended church with my family but my Step-Dad was scorned and told not to return because he had an affair with my mother and divorced his first wife, My mom and him have been happily married for 25 years now. I have attended different church services with friends but none has appealed to me. It all seemed fake. I have high regard for those who do believe and do feel some jealousy that so many people have faith. This is just me and I will not push it on anyone else, not even my children. If my girls decide to go to church I will support them all the way, in fact they do attend service every few months with their gr. grandmother.
On a lighter note, I love to cook, cross-stitch, watch TV, chat here and I used to quilt and hope to get back to it soon. I read mainly fantasy and some adventure, romance and horror. I hate to clean and dust, my house is a mess but comfortable. My head is filled with nonsense and useless facts, I can tell you why the sky is blue but I couldn't tell you what I had for lunch 2 days ago.
What do I want out of life? everything and nothing. I want to be happy, I want my Kids to happy, I want my Husband to be happy, I want the whole world to happy. How do I do that? I have no clue!

Does that answer much about me or just cause more questions and confusion? Should I have just said that I love to cook, eat, sleep in and my Favorite colour is Burgundy??? I don't know.

I'm still sick, I feel worse today then the past few days. How come it hit me harder then the girls? Ivy only had fever and some coughing, Anna had a fever and diarrhea. Me, I feel achy all over, a phelmy cough, stuffed and runny nose, headache and just plain yuck!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Post #22

Ick, yuck, bleh.....That's how I feel today. Last week while staying at my Mom's, Ivy was feverish and had a cough which I think she got from my Brother Rob. Sunday Anna woke up feverish and cranky and now today I have a soar throat and am achy but I do not have fever. No one wanted to get out of bed this morning which is surprising because Anna went to bad at 6:45pm yesterday usually she is a morning person. I heard the girls talking around 7:30am but didn't go to their room till after 8am (it took me that long to drag myself out of bed!) and they just want to lay under the covers and talk, Finally they got up when they realized their tummy's were grumbling. Another surprise, Anna eat all of her cereal and soy milk....she never does that! must be because of her early bed time last night.

I heard the other day that there is an actual Gene that determines if you are an early bird or a night owl, I think my whole family has the night owl gene except for Anna cuz she loves mornings....but then she loves to stay up too. I can't wait for my girls to be teens and to be able to sleep in again. If it wasn't for the fact that I need time to myself at night I would keep the girls up late so that we could all sleep in.

I'm bummed out the chat forum I visit is losing some of the veteran chatters. The ladies say the the forum has changed lately and they don't want to stick around to see what happens. I can't help but think I have something to do with it, I know I don't but I still feel that the changes happened soon after I joined.

The weather seems to matching my mood today, yuck, kinda dreary and drizzly. But I guess that is a sign of spring to come. I really don't want to go out in it thou, but Rabbits need to be fed and it will do me some good to get some fresh air.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Entry # 21

Finally it's Friday! I have nothing planned for the weekend, YaHoo!! I should blog about this week though before I start to forget details.

So we left Sunday for the Coast, we left earlier then I ever expected! I think it was 9:30am when we left the house, helps that Anna woke everyone up before 7am! Dropped the dog off at Gr.P's and said Hi and Bye! Stopped in to see S&K for 20 mins then drove up to Kelowna to drop off Ivy at my Mom's. My Bro Rob and his girlfriend were visiting there as well so we stayed for about a hour and then Mike, Anna and I hit the road again. Anna fussed for awhile when she realized we had left Ivy behind but she was fine after Mike had buckled her stuffed rabbit into Ivy seat. The Connector and the Coquihalla were clear so the drive was fast until we got around Langley, then it started to slow down and we were bumper to bumper as all those Vancouver people were returning home for the weekend. That's when Mike and I started to get a headache, we both can't stand city driving and Vancouver has to be the worst, all that Hurry up and wait. so anyway we got to the hotel with out any incidents and earlier then I expected!

Anna's first appointment at Children's Hospital was EEG at 10:30am Monday and because she has to sleep for awhile during the appointment we had to keep her up late and wake her around 6am, not fun!! the staying up late wasn't an issue, she was excited to be in a hotel room and she was bouncing on the beds and practically off the walls, waking early was hard but we did it...or should I say Anna and I did it, Mike slept till 8:30. The EEG went well, Anna cried while her head was being measured and marked and the electrodes pasted to her scalp but that was to be expected. It did not take her long to fall asleep when they wanted her to. All her brain waves and functions looked normal! Yaa!

After Lunch we saw Carol the Dietitian and that went well, no changes to her diet but I'm supposed to try and get Anna off the bottle. which I'm reluctant to do as Anna only has a bottle at bedtime and she drinks the most Soy Milk from the bottle, she is not fond of drinking it out of a cup. But we will try. We met the new Social Worker with the clinic, she's about my age and cute so that was weird but Mike liked her, hmmm, I wonder why......Then we saw the student Genetic Doc, he wasn't very friendly, very strait forward so Anna was nervous around him but he seemed alright. Then the student Doc gave his report to his teacher Dr.S and they both came back and She did a quick evaluation of Anna. Dr.S was happy with Anna's growth and development and said she was anxious to see what the next days appointments would yield. We also took Anna for her Blood work (the tech at children's was so fast at finding a vein compared to GF hospital) and then called it a day! We went back to the hotel and relaxed for awhile then walked along Broadway St and got some Sushi to go, it was delish, much better then the grocery store sushi!

Day 2 at Children's: 9am - Occupational Therapy. I was a bit nervous before this appointment because I really did not want to be surprised and find out that Anna was delayed mentally. Anna did quite well and did most of what she was told and did a few things that was not asked of her but the OT Lady said that was Ok, we left that meeting a bit confused. 10am - Audiology (ears) test. After first intros the lady just watched Anna play and sat in silence so Mike and I sat quietly too and just talked softly to Anna waiting for the lady to start, again we were confused. After 5 mins the lady said she was shocked with how much Anna says and she had to take those few mins just to listen and get over that shock. She thought it interesting how Anna forms her sentences, all her words are pronounced clearly but are said so fast that someone not used to her has a hard time understanding her. She then proceeded to tell us what the test would about and what they are looking for. We went into a sound proof booth and Anna's hearing was checked along with the range of frequency she can hear, I think that's all the same thing really. Then we went into another room to check if everything is working in the inner ear which it is! So she is right where she should be and shouldn't need checking again until sometime in school, Yaa!

Lunch and playing! then 1pm - Ophmalogy (eyes) test. The student Doc checked her eyesight by using black and white pictures on the far wall and Anna would point to the corresponding picture on a piece of paper in front of her. The pictures would get smaller and smaller on the wall just like for adults reading letters. Anna did so well, I thought she would freak out because she was getting tired but nope she chose the right picture each time, Yaa! Then the Doc checked her eyes for cataracts which is a problem for Glactosemics. Drops were put in Anna's eyes to dilate (had to wait 1/2 hour till dilation) them so he could chk behind her irises. No sigh of Cataracts, Yaa! 3pm - Physio Therapy. We had a coffee and play for awhile beween appointments and by this time Anna was exhausted and I was worried it would skew her results. Terry the PT guy said that he had heard good things from the OT lady earlier and that she ran out of things to test Anna with so after he finished his tests he would continue testing Anna for OT stuff, we were shocked by this as the lady never said that to us. Despite being tired Anna did wonderful, Yaa! She did all what was expected of her and then some, Terry kept saying how surprised and pleased he was. Afterwards Terry said that Anna is at the 3 year level for just about everything and she's only 2 years 2 months! Yaa!! Mike and I are ecstatic! We have been so worried about her development since she was first diagnosed and now a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders, I'm so proud of Anna!

After we left the hospital we went to visit my Bro Jamie but he was working so we visited with his girlfriend Lisa for about an hour. I'm going to be an Aunt!! They are due in August, and it was all Lisa could talk about but who could blame her! she's so happy and excited. I am happy for them but am a bit worried because she did have a few miscarries this past year. I'm hoping for the best, I can't wait for Jamie to be a Daddy! Then we drove as far as we could and we made to Hope at 10pm. We stayed the night at a hotel then drove to Kelowna Wednesday morning to get Ivy as per my previous post. And now we are all home. Thursday I had a physio appointment and got enough exercises so I don't have to go back for 2-3 weeks and today I had another cook club and Nobody's Perfect lecture 3rd of 6. I forgot to post that at last Friday's meeting I won the book so I can read into more detail about that stuff.

Whew, I'm so glad it's over. What a long week but it was worth it, specially to find out Anna is doing great (well I already knew this but wasn't positive!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Post # 20

I have taken over my mother's laptop, I just might have to take this home with me, heehee. Wish I had a computer with me while in Vancouver, the evenings were a little boring when Anna was sleeping. I'm just doing a quick post to say we are almost home, (visiting My parents) and we had a good trip and Anna excelled at Children's. Will post more about that when I get home. Right now Anna and I are vegging out at Gr. Cindy's while Ivy and Mike are checking out all the tool stores near by.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Post # 19

I really should not be writeing my blog at this moment, I should be getting dressed and finish packing...But I have to write a bit! I'll be going through withdraws by the time I can get back to this. So today is the day, We are off to Vancouver with many stops along the way. Drop off Rupert and Gr.P's, drop off Meds and Axe at S&K's, Drop off Ivy at Gr.Cindy's, Visit for a bit. And then hopfully we can stay on the road long enough to actually get some where.

I hope the Cocahalla stays open, I'm crossing my fingers there will be no more avalanches!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Post # 18

Arrggg, We just got some bad news. My mother in law K stopped in a bit ago to tell us that Mike Dad had fallen off their roof this afternoon and now he is in the hospital in GF. S thought is was wise to clean off the snow and ice on the roof without anyone else home and without any safty gear, he has always been against tying a rope around himself. And he fell 2 stories and landed on his tail bone, cracking it....and the Doctors say they can't do anything but give him pain meds. After the fall S crawled into the house and upstairs to call the neighbour for help, when K came home S wanted her to drive him to the doc's but she refused and called the ambulance to take him to the hospital instead. Good Woman! at least someone was thinking!
Aaarrrrg. I hate to say it but he deseves it for being so stupid! I know it's not true but at the moment that's how I feel! Mike and K are furious but they are both scared too. I don't know what to do for K, we tried to get her to stay the night but she insisted on going home alone. Hope she's Ok. Mike is going to the hospital tomorrow after work, he says he's going to reem out his Dad, we'll see. Not sure if I should take the girls there, I'll wait till Mike comes home and see if S is up for visitors. Might go on Saturday, now I'm not sure if we should go to Vancouver, I'd hate for anything to happen while we were gone. But we have to go for Anna's Hospital appointments. Ug, Delema!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post #17

Today started good but quickly turned into not so good.........

Woke up before 8am, and the girls didn't start the day off yelling. This put me in a good mood so I decieded to make us pancakes for breakfast and that went well too until the girls (more Anna then Ivy) thought that sitting at the table and screamming for pancakes would make them come faster....did not help at all! But that was fine, they were just hungry. As soon as a pancake was cooked I put it on their plates and they eat a fair bit and then went off to play. Aahh my turn to eat, so I eat at the computer while crusing the Parlor and was feeling good about life until I looked at the clock and saw that it was after 9am and I had to leave the house at 9:30 to attend my Changeways meeting, EEEKKK, we are all still in our PJ's! Of course Ivy had to be defient and not want to get dressed, then she didn't want help, then she did want help and screammed and cryed till I finnished getting Anna changed, that gave me a headache. So we all got dreassed and hair done (more screamming and crying) and out the door at 9:30, not bad! But then they didn't want to sit in their carseats, then they wanted to do the buckles then when they couldn't to the straps they cried till I did it....probably didn't help that I was angry by then and saying hurry up, hurry up! The windows were iced and snowy, I scrapped most I could but ended up just running the fluid and wipers till I could see.

So we were on the road, Yah, finally. Usually when we drive in the mornings the girls and I sing 'Mr. Sun' but this moring all they did was fuss and fight. I could not handle it! I think I'm PMS'ing, so instead of yelling at them to behave i just cranked up the music and started singing at the top of my lungs, less then 1 song later the girls were quiet and nodding their head in time to the music, thank goodness they like heavy metal! So we get to Gramma P's and practically threw the girls into the house and ran, well not quite but it only but it did take less then 5 mins to get back on the road. And as soon as I finnised backing out of her driveway and turned onto the road I saw that the brand new rock chip in my windshield (got yesterday) has decieded to spead out, right below my eyeline on the drivers side. Boy did I say some choice words, I'm still muttering about it. The music was cranked once more and I rushed to the meeting with no time to spare (I hate being late) and luckily I was not the last to arrive. The meeting went well but I'm not sure if I really understood what it was all about, I'll have to reread to the material later. I'm gonna miss next weeks meeting because of our trip to Vancouver but I do have the reading material for that week.

Back to Grandma house I go, and they only saved me one bowl of stew, that didn't make me very happy but or well, beggers can't be choosey. Frank ticked me off a bit at lunch time, I was trying to get Anna to eat her stew and was giving her a noodle and was saying "come on, do you want a noodle?" and he said "MACARONI" so I ignored him and asked Anna again " don't you like noodles?" and again he says "MACARONI, it is called Macaroni!" So I said nicely and bitterly "Anna doesn't care what it is called, all pasta is called noodles to her" I so wanted to yell at him to shut up! Geesh he's 53 not 3! Does it really matter, NO! Because of my mood, I needed to get out of there but Ivy didn't want to go, more argueing and fighting, another headache....and we finally leave, to comehome to more argueing.

I tried to ignor them and hide on the computer for awhile and it seemed to work but it made me feel guilty. So I decieded to do their Valentine cards for all their friends at playgroup. The first 3 went well they loved scribbling their names and putting candy hearts in the envelopes bu then it became a chore and they only wanted to eat the hearts and after they eat about 10 each they started to get hyper...Not Good. We had to continue, I didn't want to leave out anyone, so then by the end I just wanted to scream and send them off to bed....I know it's not their fault, I'm the one who is hormonal with a very short temper right now. So I turned on the TV and that quieted them down and I ran to the computer and am hiding once again. No guilt this time. Luckily Gr.P sent home leftovers so I won't have to cook tonight but I think I'll make a salad for the side so we can get more veggies today. Hopefully tonight will be calmer but I have a feeling I won't be calm till everyone is in bed sleeping.

Tomorrow we are going to Playgroup in MDY so Ivy can meet the kindergarden Teacher, we are both excited and nervous. I have a feeling that Ivy is expecting to go to school full time after this visit, hopefully she won't be too disappointed. The Fall is coming way too fast for me! My baby, Waaa!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog Entry#16

Wow, 16 posts. I never thought I'd keep this blog going for so long, usually I give things up after a month or less. Well thats not totally true, It's been almost 4 years and I still cross-stitch, And I still like to quilt but can't seem to find the space or time to do it. Same with friends, I tend not to keep a relationship going for very long but I do have a few friends that I keep in contact even after they moved away but I should admit that they usually contact me first via phone and e-mail. I really wish I could make and keep friends but it doen't come easy for me, it's like I'm not hard wired for it. I struggle with what is right and polite, how much detail to tell and what to ask the person. I suppose it didn't help that while growing up my Mom didn't seem to have any friends, maybe 1 that came for coffee twice a year.

Speaking of friends (most like why I was thinking or friendships), My dear friend Marilyn came for a visit from Spokane. It's good to hear she is doing so well, and she has a beau! Yaa! Ivy really wanted her granddaughter Stacy to come too but she had to stay home and go to school. We Traced the girls outlines onto butcher paper so Marilynn could show Stacey how much Ivy and Anna grew. The girls loved it!

I also saw Dr. DG yesterday, The drive over the pass was a bit nerve wracking but we made it safe and right on time. Why does it have to snow everytime I have a Doctors appointment? At least this time we (Mike and both Girls came with) only had to wait 5-10 mins to see Dr.DG, He removed the top layer of the skin graft and the scab that was on the flap graft. At first it is was oosy and I was a bit worried so I layed down while he finished But once everything was pulled off and wiped clean it looked really good! The skin graft is nice and pink and looks normal and the flap isn't as thick as before, actually my whole finger isn't as thick as it was last week, most of the swelling is out now! There was a bit of bleeding aroung the edges so Dr put on some gauze and I can remove it in 2 days and then I can get it wet! yaa, It's been 2 months since I've been able to wash and soak it.

Today I went to physio, Tom is happy that Dr.DG gave the go ahead to really start working my hand. Now that I'm allowed to get my hand wet he wants me to do Contrast Baths: 5-6 times of 50 secs in Hot water then 10 seconds in Ice water, 2 times a day. I'm not looking forward to the ice water part...maybe I should just stick my hand in a snow bank. I can already see improvement in my hand but I'm anxious to get all my fingers working normal, just my index and thumb seem normal, the other three need lots of work. Pinky and ring need to overcome the damage and the middle needs to actually work, it's stiff and weak from being useless for over a month.

....I'm getting there, it just will take time and patience which I've never been good at....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blog Post #15

It's shapeing up to be a good weekend: the Sun is shineing, snow is melting, I finally made the hotel Reservation for our trip to Vancouver (Childrens Hospital for Anna) Also this mouning we got a surprise package in the mail! My Momand Dad sent us Valantine pressents, we got a nice card and the girls got fairy costumes. They have been prancing around the house all morning. Thanks Momma!!

And we have made a plan for the coming week....well sort of.
I just want Mike to come home at Noon on Monday so we can go to Dr.DG's together and he won't say yes or no, he only says "we'll see". I sick and tired of relying on his family to drive me everywhere. Plus I want him to be at the Doc's with me so he can here things for himself, I end up forgeting to ask certain things or Mike doesn't inderstand what happened when I tell him about it later. I know he is worried about our cash flow but I'm only asking him to come home 4 hours early, geesh if it's that important I'll give him $100 from my personel account! well thats my gripeing for the day.

I just bought a laundry sorter the other day, mainly because everbody (Mike) is sick of all the laundry baskets stacked on the deep freeze. It fits nicely in the backroom across for the washer but when mike came in to inspect it he made the comment that now we can't have a cat because thats where the litter box I'm sad, I was thinking of getting a kitty later this year and that is the only spot in the house that a litter box would fit without offending anyone. But I'm sure things could be shuffled around in that room to accomidate everything, the steam cleaner could always go in the shed or the basement (when it's completed) I bet that basement will be full the first week it's finished! We have way too much stuff for this little old house!

Spring is Coming! I should get some plants started indoors. Maybe I'll try Tomatoes again, it has been 4 years since I've grown them.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Post #14

I spoke (wrote) too soon, at 7:30 when Ivy went to bed Anna woke up. Aaarrg. Put her pajammas on and Mike and I took turns entertaining her till she get sleepy again, she just went back to bed after a small arguement on where she would asleep. She want to sleep in Sis's bed but Ivy was in it....then it was momma's bed she wanted but mom and dad sleep there....then she wanted anna's bed, Ok she got her way! heehee. So we took some pictures to keep her happy, you can tell by her eyes that she's tired!

Here is a pic of the girls a few days ago. they were quite in the front room while I was cooking dinner and when I checked on them they were shareing Ivy's recliner just talking. It was so nice to see! hopefully they will be this close even when teens.

I forgot to post/blog about my physio appointment on tuesday. Tom was very happy with my mobility and I can go most of the day without my splint! Yay!! and he said to ask Dr. DG on Monday if I can do away with it totally, I'm actually looking forward to that appointment, hopefully he'll say yes! If it wasn't for the infection and skin grafts I would have been out of this splint 3 weeks ago.

Post #13

I'm so very tired of snow, I think this is the most snow we've had in the past 10 years, I'm ready for it to be over!

I went to the third Change Ways meeting today, the topic was 'The role of your Social Life' which I do not have and I have lots of difficulties making and keeping friends. I need more intimate/close friends, I only seem to have friends and acquaintances, I don't know how to get closer to people and share private things with them. whenever I do get close to people they either let me down or move away or I get sick of them and push them away....I sometimes catch myself doing that with Hubby, and I hate that I do it. when I tried to explain that social nicities don't come very easy to me the other ladies protested, they said I'm always nice and polite and when I worked at the store I was always pleasent and a good listenern. BUT that was usually just a show, Because I smile and listen doesn't mean underneith is the same, I never knew how to carry a conversation, how to express how I'm feeling, it was always easier just to smile and look happy.

The other topic today was 'Assertive Communication'. I've been trying to work on being assertive for several years now, I'm too passive in public and too aggressive with family, it's very hard to balance the two. The ladies at group were surprised when it was my turn to share this because they only knew the happy smileing leslie from the store and not the angry yellin bitch I can be. On the flip side BJ (the other young mom in the group that I was apprehensive about her joining) is the complete opposit of me, she is confident and aggressive in public but passive and a push over with her we both need to find the happy there one?

After the meeting and lunch with Grandma P. I went to Dr. W to have the bandage changed. And here is a very blurry pic of the grafts. The dark purple thing is the graft that was taken from my wrist, it looks much better then last week. Tom, my physio guy told me yesterday that the graft is supposed to help the flesh under it to make new skin not to actually replace the skin removed, the graft will eventually die and fall away. This was a big relief to know, now why couldn't the Doc say it that way? The pink part that is under the purple part is the flap graft that was origanially the side of my pinkie, it is outlined in black scab but it is looking very well. It's very weird to see my finger so fat, looks more like a thumb then my pinkie, Dr. DG said it would be fat for 6+ months. It's a relief to be finally on the mend.

Anna went to bed before 6pm tonight. She is always picking on her big sis and back talking, I had enough of it, I put her in her crib for a timeout and when I went back 5 mins later she said she was tired and wanted to say goodnight to daddy. So she said goodnight and went back to bed in her clothes and without a bottle, 10 mins later she was out. She hasn't been have naps for over a week now, it was always a fight to get her to sleep for a nap and then she'd be up late at night because she wasn't tired. So I stopped fighting her and let her do without a nap and she's been going to bed at 8pm and sleeps all night. It's been wonderful! But I think having no naps is catching up with her, she does seem to be getting crankier in the evenings. What am I to do? Hopefully Anna won't get up too early in the morn...I kinda forgot about that.....oh well.

Play group tomorrow and then Cooking club on Friday, this week is going fast.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Post #12

Today is the begining of another busy week, yesterday (Monday) was my only day home. Today we are off to playgroup, in less then an hour and I still haven't dressed the girls, then we'll leave that early and head for GF with K for my physio app. Then we'll do some shopping and come home to make dinner....if I'm smart I'll find something at the store for dinner.

I always have random thoughts floating in my head, this morning while thinking about my garden I couldn't help but wonder why farmers are usually poor and movie/sport stars are rich. Everyone in the world has to eat and farmers provide that but the farmers make diddle squat for money. Actors and althelete's jobs are not nessasary, they benefit from our want of pleasure and the profit greatly from it.....this is all wrong.

The blog spell checker doesn't work anymore...why? I'm such a horrible speller, the english language sucks, or at least how it is comprised of all different languges makes it suck. And then British english, American english and Canadian english etc. is not the same but we all insist in calling it english. It's all too confusing. I think I like the Hungarian way of writeing, everything is writen like its sounds like and everything is pronouced how it looks. Easy!

Ok, now I'm done stalling and am off to dress the girls and offically get this day Anna is screaming at me that she wants more pepperoni, she didn't like her breakfast this morn, Cap'n'Crunch is not very good with Soy milk, Yuck!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blog Post #11

Ah, a beautiful Sunday morn, clear blue sky, no new snow, sun peaking over the mountains, girls are happily munching away on Cap'n'Crunch cereal watching cartoons....A nice morn to sleep in with hubby! (I know my Mom and younger (teen) siblings read this blog so I won't go into too much details) On a morning like this hubby and I like to "snuggle" in bed and this morn in the middle of "snuggling" My In-Laws barge into my house and surprised us, even the dog was surprised! So everyone was embaressed and no one made eye contact, the girls had no idea what was happening. Geesh, I feel like a teenager again! This is MY house, We are Adults! Hopfully they will learn to call before visiting or at least Knock!