Monday, June 29, 2009

Ivy's Awards Day

Thursday, June 25 2009, Ivy finished kindergarten. It was a fun filled day but also bittersweet.
This was also Mrs S's (Ivy's teacher) last day of teaching, she has retired. Mrs.S had nice things to say about each child as they were handed their kindergarten certificate, when it was Ivy's turn Mrs.S recalled that she was glad to have been able to have Ivy in her last class as she had Micheal in her very first class (30+ years ago) and it felt like she had come full circle!

Ivy was also given the privilege in presenting Mrs.S with a poster signed by everyone in the school.

This is the whole school (less then 40 kids) K-3 singing a fun song about summer finally being here.

This Ivy sitting with 2 of her friends, Quinn and Owen.

Here is a cool shot of the class before the Awards, Mrs.S was handing out trinkets, old costumes and everything else she didn't need anymore. You can see Ivy wearing a pair of rabbit ears, lol

I was also called to the front on the Gym for an award, I was presented with a gift certificate for all my volunteering in the school! I was shocked and honored, it was nice to be recognized for all the lice checks, hot lunches and Snack cart duty.

All in all a wonderful day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Middle of June?!

When the heck did that happen? and it's officially Summer too? Geesh, this year is going way to fast.
This post is jam packed with photos from the past few weeks, so Enjoy!

One goofy Saturday, I asked everyone to make mean faces. Third place goes to Ivy for a subtle pouty lip:
Anna's "who you looking at?" pose puts her in second:

And First place goes to Mike's "What the heck is on my Head?". He does grump so well!

Here is a shot of the girls one morning while we were waiting for Ivy's bus.

Two pretty girls hamming it up before we went to Lanna's Grad party!

A picture of Anna taking a picture of me.... I'll have to down load her camera to see how the picture turned out...

Oscar Fast sleep in the girls recliner.

Ivy had a Baseball Tournament last Sunday, it was fun, luckily the clouds settled in for the last 2 games. The next 3 photos are in the wrong order and I'm not going to fix them, lol. First is Ivy on third base, she was a little nervous to be surrounded by the other team.

Ivy up to bat, Go #3!! Her t-shirt is way too big, lol.

And here is Ivy with her friends waiting for their turn up to bat.

Two little Cowgirls or "Cowboy-Girls" as Ivy says.

Mike and the girls were watching TV, the girls were fussing and fighting, Mike was getting frustrated and then all of a sudden it got quiet...and when I came in the room to check of them I was shocked to see them all sacked out!

Taki (Japanese Dance teacher) using Ivy as a model to show the other girls how the Kimono looks, love the colours! Ivy and I will be preforming at our City's Founder's Day Celebration in 2 1/2 weeks. So be prepared for more pictures of that!

So there you have it, a few snapshots of our crazy, busy but fun life! Maybe later this week I'll write some more of what is going on, like the phone call from Anna's Surgeon but It will have to wait, I have to prepare for a lunch I putting on for Ivy's school, and have more dance practice, and take care of the house, girls, husband, animals and myself! LOL!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lazy Day

It's Friday and I have no where to go!!

No school for Ivy (4 day week) on Fridays, no practice, no volunteering, no appointments! Anna asked if we could have a pajama day, LOL I told her we can have a half pajama day, we have to get dressed by noon!

So we three girls are playing with balloons and eating dry Apple Cinnamon Cheerios while watching cartoons on the Knowledge network (no commercials) Soon enough the fun will end when we have to don our clothes and go outside to hang laundry and feed Rabbits.... oh dear, oh my, what a lazy day! :D Don't Tell Michael ;-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mama Said....Update!

My mother said I don't update my blog enough, lol!

So here's some info:

Anna seems to have recovered nicely, the fluid retention has gone away and now she is sooo skinny, her shorts always fall down. She does complain of pain when she turns too much a certain way while sitting, hopefully it doesn't get too bad. Anna is Potty trained! she has only had 1 accident in the last 3 weeks ( happened in the bathroom as she was trying to get to the potty) she is even wearing panties at night and wakes up dry! Whoo hoo!

Ivy has been taking Japanese dance on Monday's and somehow the teacher, Taki, thinks that all the moms will be preforming for Founder's day with the girls....including me! How do I get myself into these things!?! Ivy also has T-ball on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she has been improving but we need to get a bat so she can practice hitting more and not use the T. She is doing awesome in school, can print tons of words and read some beginner books (with little bit of help)

Ivy did have an issue at school yesterday though. She was excluded from a game, at lunch with her friends, she took her frustrations out on a 7y old girl by biting her arm so hard she drew blood! Everyone at school was shocked as Ivy is always happy and never shows anger at school [we know better at home ;-)] Her teacher kept her in for the rest of class and had her dictate/compose an apology note to the girl. When Ivy came home she was crying her eyes out and banished herself to her bed, I felt so bad for her that I could not punish her. Today Ivy did not want to go to school, as she was afraid everyone would hate her, I was there volunteering today for lunch (snack cart) and she was better but didn't play with the girls, she had fun with a loner boy. Hopefully all will be water under the bridge by tomorrow!

Mike seems to be back to work, for how long? We don't know, the woods are getting scary dry FAST! He and Uncle F are making good progress on digging out the basement, they have to fix a portion of wall that went up last fall as it was done sloppy (they were in a rush before winter hit) and the wall cracked over winter. Our pipes under the bathroom and leaking like crazy, so before more walls can go up in the basement the pipes and the bathroom need to be replaced/updated! Mike is stressing over it, as he has never done this kind of renovation before. I'm getting worried about him, he keeps getting tightness in his chest, it started almost 6 years ago when I was pregnant with Ivy and was better for the longest time but this past 9 months he complains about it every other week..... and of course he does not go to the Doctor!

Me... Ah I don't know, It's been too hot to work in the garden, I don't get up early enough to garden in the mornings and Evenings are busy with the family. I do have peas and potatoes in the garden, Tomatoes, lettuce, cukes, and flowers in the greenhouse. I have to get my butt in gear and plant the rest before it's too late, frost will be here before I'm ready. I'm still having women issues but I'm unsure what I want to do about it all, still hoping Mike will get the vasectomy.... Other then that I've just been doing chores, mopeing around and driving the girls to all their activities.

So how is that for an update! Too much information ;D