Friday, June 24, 2011


We had quite the scare today!

Ivy and Anna were playing nicely outside this morning but within a few minutes I hear Anna yelling "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I-VEEEE! I'm sorry". This is normal for the girls, Anna always yells and usually Ivy tattles on her about some silly little thing.

I thought, Gees why can't they play nice when all of a sudden Ivy come rushing in, crying and covered in BLOOD! WTF! was my first .5 second reaction the other.5 second was ripping off the towel on my head (just had a shower) and start wiping the blood off Ivy to see how hurt she was. It was dripping down her face, down her arm, splashing on her legs and the floor. Her hands were covered from holding her head, I pressed the towel to her head and rushed her to the bathroom so I could sit her down and really look.

After a minute(felt like hours)and once the towel absorbed most of the blood, I could see the source of blood was a small hole/cut. I didn't panic, I know the head bleeds more that the rest of the body. I got Ivy to press on the towel while I called the Doctor. He was just out to lunch and the receptionist said the same I was thinking, it's a small cut, lots of blood but should be okay, go to Hospital if it'll make me feel better. By the time I got back to Ivy the bleeding had stopped so I cleaned her up and got the whole story.

The girls were playing nicely, Anna was up in the fort and Ivy was under. Anna threw out the little chair attached to the pulley rope at the same time Ivy was backing out from underneath. One of the chair's legs hit Ivy square on the head. Purely an accident and one that Anna has learned much from. Anna felt really bad and cried more than Ivy, I made her attend to Ivy during lunch to make up for it.

It's 7 hours later and Ivy is doing great, other than a tender goose egg with a tiny wound that opens when she forgets and scratches it. Me on the other hand has a dozen more gray hairs!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer is here...

...with avengence!

This sudden heat is crazy, I hope it cools down a bit before we go straight into fire season. I'm not one for the dooms day prophesies but with the strange weather this past year, or so, and all the large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions it was me thinking that something is happening. I don't know if it's the 2012 Mayan calendar thing is correct or the Earth is just being grumpy But it seems Earth is building up to something BIG!

Less than a week of school left for the girls. I'm glad to have the time off my school/PAC duties but I'll miss it just the same, we girls might get a little bored this summer. Mike has already said we can't travel too much because of all the work he has to do in the basement and the new lot. Oh well guess we'll be making lots of play dates and maybe ask Grandparents to take the girls for visits. But still 2 months off will be nice!

Monday, June 20, 2011

We are alright

I don't want to write this post but I should get it out.

Last weekend we said good-bye to Rupert. It was specially hard on Mike, I told him I could take Rupert to the vet but Mike didn't want that. He wanted to make sure it was done proper without pain.

Mike chose a lovely spot for Rupert, in the woods on top of a small hill, under a study larch tree, over looking the valley. In the evening Mike drove us girls to the hill so we could plant some flowers, Anna wanted to put rocks ontop and draw pictures with chalk, and Ivy made a headstone. It was hard to walk away.

I think I did most of my grieveing the first month after diagnoses, I feel relieved that Rupert isn't suffering anymore. I do miss having him around, it is very lonely here during the day without anyone, the cat hasn't filled the big shoes of constant companion that has been left for him.

The first 2 days Mike was visably sad and hurt but he seems alright now. It is difficult to tell with him, he hides his feelings too well. He doesn't like the girls talking about Rupert, I don't blame him though. The evening we came back from laying Rupe to rest Mike found this page ( about the type of cancer, it was interesting to read and helped alot.

My friend Sam has offered us one of her dogs, a female French Bulldog. But she is 5-7 years old and Mike wants a puppy. The girls and I have met the dog this past winter and we liked her but Mike hasn't and he seems hesitant to meet her, so I think we will wait. It's only been a week.

So, I will say it again... Rupert I miss you, I love you. You were my first baby, you taught me alot and showed me unconditional love. Enjoy the chase boy, Squirrel!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


JUNE?! 6 months into 2011? That is just plain crazy!

The girls only have 3 1/2 weeks left of school until summer break, I can't wait! I know Anna is tired of school as am I, I am so in need of a break from PAC. Ivy may go through withdrawals but we'll fix that with lots of trips to the library.

Rupert is still with us, he isn't doing to well. His left leg is absolutely useless now, can't bare any weight. Mike and I have discussed how we will handle the whole thing and where we'd like to lay him to rest. Mike wants to sprinkle poppy seeds so there will be flowers every year. It'll happen soon.

I'm getting discouraged with this blog, way too many visitors from foreign lands, 80% of them ae spammers. Not sure if I will continue... I may create a new site... I'll have to think on the subject. If you are a regular reader let me know if I should continue this blog here or at a new site, if I get no response then I'll stop completely... thanks :)