Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vacation part 4

Mountains, Waterfalls, Glaciers and my Family!
I can't believe it's been a month since our return from the vacation, seems like a year ago. I'm so ready for another! The RV is calling me....
This is the finally post about our vacation, it starts in Jasper National Park and the most coolest waterfall (I forgot the name thou) then in continues to the Jasper Ice fields, sooooo cold! Many of the final shots are mountains in Banff National and their Glaciers. I hope you enjoy the Pictures, it was hard choosing which ones to share.
As always click on pictures to enlarge!

Friday, September 17, 2010

First day of School

My Baby is a big girl now!

All set to go

Ivy's ready too!

Now their not to sure..

Home after the first day, both are happy and full of smiles.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Never a dull moment..

Life has been on the verge of being hectic!

This past weekend we drove to Calgary to attend my younger brother Rob's wedding to Jamie. It was beautiful! A bit stressful but still enjoyable. I have to hunt down the camera so I can share. The girls were wonderful as flower girls, the dresses were lovely!

Monday I was rushing around getting the school's welcome back BBQ ready, they were expecting 200 people and we had around 300! Way more people then when the other school hosts it! A huge pat on my back for convincing them to switch it to our school!

After the BBQ was the first PAC meeting. I was a bit surprised the 2 nasty women that made my (and others) life hell last year didn't even have the courtesy to show up. Principal said they would show the new members what their duties were but when I asked one about it, she said no! the nerve! Anyhow, I was also overwhelmed by how many people wanted me to be the PAC Chairperson, I can only hope I can live up to their expectations.

The classroom sizes have been a big issue with parents and teacher. Anna's class has 16 kindergartens and 10 grade 1's. Too many for our district's policy and too many hyper K's for one teacher *all day* along with trying to teach grade 1's. The principal asked the School board to hire a new teacher for the 1's and some 2's BUT the board's decision was to take 5 gr 1's and stick them with the 2/3 class...! WHAT!! No parent I have talked to likes that idea one Iota! Something needs to be done, We are arranging a parenting meeting for tomorrow and we are going to go after the school board!

Arg, I just got an e-mail from the PAC's ex-secretary (nasty woman) so now I have problems to solve, Joy of joys!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vacation part 3

Holy Influx of Visitors Batman!!
I am quite surprised by the recent boost in my blog readers, where and how did they come across my blog? I have a feeling it is because of the Barkerville post, but WOW!
The girls have started school, Ivy in grade 2 and Anna in Kindergarten. I am filled with lost of mix feelings: I'm happy they are in school, excited for Anna, nervous for Anna and her Galactosemia, Proud of both, Lonely without them...
I'll post pictures as soon as my friend e-mails me, I forgot my camera yesterday when they got off the bus.
They both loved school the first day, the real test will come next week when it's full days for both. There will be a bunch of changes this first month in the classes as there are more kids then the school had expected. And I've been contacted by the special Ed teacher to set up an IEP for Anna and for me to teach them about Galactosemia.
Back to the Vacation.
After leaving Barkerville we headed towards Prince George, we almost got lost and quickly got the hell out of that city, Mike and I hate large cities and agreed to avoid densely populated areas after that.
For most of the trip so far, we stopped at schools to let the kids out to play while I made lunch/dinner. It was an excellent plan as the parking lots are big enough for the truck and trailer to turn around and the girls loved the different playgrounds.
This is in McBride, a random boy played with the girls, he even waited for them to finish eating so they could play again, I think he had a crush on Ivy.
The next day we traveled through Mount Robson Provincial Park. Very few people know this trivia fact about me: I love Waterfalls and Mountains! This is why I love the Parks!
Most of these pictures don't need comments, click photo for a larger view.
Rearguard Falls:
Moose lake:

We have now crossed over to Alberta into the Jasper National Park. I love the twisting rock formations, I wish I could have witnessed the making of these mountains.
I could never grow tired of looking at this mountain(next 4 shots, all the same mountain), all it's twisting, folding and up heaving, I am full of awe. Unbenounced to me it was the last mountain on our way out of the park towards Hinton ALB.
We then spent 3 nights visiting friends around the Whitecourt area, for some reason the camera was never brought out at all, typical for us. After that we re-entered Jasper NP and worked our way home.
To be Continued...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Vacation Part 2

We had a wonderful time in this "living Museum", so much fun to step back in time to BC's Gold Rush days. We spent 1 and 1/2 days exploring, shopping, watching, eating and learning.
These 4 characters led us through town on a hilarious tour, we learned about the different buildings and the people who built and lived in the town way back in the 1860's. I highly recommend the tour!
I loved the business district, loved looking in the old shops. Most of the building had bars in the doorways, you could stick your head in but could not touch anything. Some stores where open to the public with reproductions for sale.
This store was open, the shop keepers wore period outfits and no plastic (anything!) in sight.
A view of half of Barkerville. It was a very cold day, we were wearing our winter coats.
An actress outside the Theatre Royal.
The star of the one woman play "Bride of Barkerville", the wonderful story of a women's journey from London to BC and then to the cariboo, she opened the town's first library and theatre.
The Cornish Waterwheel demo was awesome! These two fellows were supposed to be showing off the wheel and trying to get the audience to invest in their mine. We were busting a gut laughing!
There was two different chicken coups in town, this one was in the Chinese district. The girls loved clucking at the chickens.
A Chinese store. Notice the bars on the doorway.
I like this photo, Ivy peeping in the window of a house while I was taking a picture through the door.
The same house, I think it was a doctor's.
The most famous building in Barkerville, it's on most postcards. The catholic church.
Inside the same church, Ivy was giving the sermon.
Near the end of the day the characters changed from the 1860's era to the 1930/40's. This fellow was teaching the girls how to be a miner's helper.
He showed them how to hold and turn the drilling rod/steal while he hit the end with a hammer, And he promised he wouldn't smack Ivy in the head like he did with his last partner "who is recovering just fine, he'll be able to eat solid food in a few months ;)"
We have some souvenirs, lots more pictures and fond memories but can't wait to go back and discover all that we missed. The girls want to go back next summer but I think we should wait a few years so they will be old enough to sit through a longer play and a session at the court house with the infamous "Hanging" Judge!
Next stop, National Parks!
To Be Continued...