Monday, September 29, 2008

Post 72 ~ spilt (soy) milk

On Saturday, Mike put a kerchief on Anna's head to protect her ears (ear infection) while outside. I wanted to take her picture because she looked so cute..... but I should have waited till after she finished her milk! LOL
I can't believe I got a picture of the milk in mid stream!
She is such a doll, she wanted to clean it up herself!
Then within 1/2 an hour Ivy was crying, she turned around and hit her cheek on the back door knob, poor dear. We put the freezie on her cheek instead of an icepack, put it was soon eaten after this picture was taken.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

post 71~ Fall

Fall has officially begun, first real frost hit Tuesday morn. Walking on crunchy grass while feeding rabbits was comforting, I'm not sure why but it was. My hand sure didn't like the cold though, time to find all the mittens. I'm enjoying the cooler weather and longer nights, The heat was zapping all my energy and nothing was getting done around here. The girls are sleeping better with the fall temps too, much better then sweating at night. I just wish I could walk round bare foot still, oh well next year!

Poor Anna has an ear infection, her first. Yesterday afternoon, Anna would complain about her ear hurting, I thought maybe the cat scratched her but didn't see anything. After the 4th complaint in an hour I took her temperature and it was 100*. I quickly called the doc at 3:15pm and was told he leaves at 3:30, so I threw Anna in the van and yelled at M&I (neighbours) to pick up Ivy off the bus and we flew to Midway. Sure enough my suspicion was correct, thank goodness I didn't hold off calling for 20 mins. She is now on Amoxcillin and doesn't seem to be in any pain, well, she's not complaining at least.

I am not surprised she got the infection, I've been wondering when one of my girl would have one. I was plagued as child with ear infections and had tubes put in, my mother also had them bad too. Actually Galactosemics are supposed to be prone to ear infections, for whatever reason.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Post 70~Sick

Not only am I not feeling well but I'm sick of my Internet provider!! ARRGGG

For months off and on our connection has been hit or miss but this weekend it's the worse ever! It gets so frustrating, I just want to come on-line and chk email and blog but it won't let me! Wahhh (my big baby imitation)

Bil (Bro-in-law) Ben is home for the weekend, he called Mike on Friday and they spent 2 hours on the phone! Thank goodness the call isn't on our phone bill, yikes! We went over to his place Saturday evening to help him skin a raccoon's tail....a road kill raccoon...sounds gross but it was actually fairly cool. Thankfully it wasn't bloody or gross it was whole but stiff. It had long feet and toes, so weird.

This weekend has also been rough for Ivy, she had a fever on Friday and asked to go to bed at 6pm. She's also been boogery and coughing and now this afternoon she is starting to lose her voice, which is nice for my ears but not good for her, She'll probably stay home tomorrow from kindergarten.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

#69 ~ Routine

Oh how I love having a routine once again!

The summer seemed to be chaos when there was no scheduled activities for us, I could have made a schedule but I wouldn't have followed it, I need to work with someone else's. With Ivy in Kindergarten 4 days a week and Anna and I attending playgroup twice a week it is enough to help make me stable and happy!

My councilor knows how much I like/need routines, so she tried to get me to write out what I was going to do a day by the hour (8am-wake and dress, 9am-feed and dress girls, 10am-feed animals etc etc) but that was way more then I could do. If I didn't get something done in it allotted hour then I felt like a failure and I didn't want to continue with the schedule.

Also to add to my weekly routine, today I will be attending a Wellness group here in town. The program with be for an hour every Tuesday morn for 8 weeks. The neighbours E&D will be looking after the girls, I should be back in time to put Ivy on the bus for kindergarten.

On a other note, the girls have not been feeling well lately. I've been sending Ivy to school with a cough and this past weekend Anna came down with a sinus cold which this morning I can feel is trying to attack me as well. I blame school for these new germs. I truly hope the whole school year doesn't end up with us getting sick one after another. that would suck!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Post #68~Anna's Haircut

Anna is 2 3/4 years old and has had her very first haircut!

Its been a fight everyday to comb out the knots in her baby fine hair so I just cut it off and now we are left with beautiful bouncy, knot free, locks!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Post 67 ~ New Laptop!!

Oh Yay! I'm special now! Bloggin with my Laptop!

I'm still learning the ins and outs of this Dell Laptop, specially with Windows Vista but I'm getting there. I had a hard time keeping Mike away from it the first few days, he was helping with window up grades etc. but now he just looks over my shoulder and asks hows it going. I bet he thinks I'm gonna crash it any minute! HA I'm better then that!....I hope! :D

Trip to Vancouver went well, Anna's doing well. her nest appointment in 6 months will involve lots of tests: x-rays, physio, ears and eyes etc. Saw a surgeon for Anna's lump and he wants to remove it which we were expecting, so now we are just waiting for a date for the surgery, Hopefully it won't be for awhile as we are all tired of traveling.

While in Vancouver we stayed with my Brother Robert and his Girlfriend Jamie Lee (sorry forgot to take pics)

We went to the Stanley park Aquarium Girls loved it, as did Mike and I once we got over the $25 admission prices (per adult!!)

We also got to see my Bro James and his Partner Lisa and new baby Bella! She is soooo cute, she has James's Dimple!

After Vancouver we drove to the Cariboo via the Fraser Canyon, Girls loved the tunnels (all 7 of them) When the first one approached I pretended we were going to hit the mountain and Mike played along saying "brace yourselves" and we started to fake scream! The girls were afraid and started screaming too but soon started to laugh as we went into the tunnel and thus we started the tradiction of screaming in tunnels! Thanks goodness there are no tunnels around us or the fun would soon turn into a headache!

Spent 2 nights at my Dad's, only got to visit with him and Cody as the girls are fighting with Dad and Sharon was in Vancouver with her Mom.

While at the Ranch on Saturday we rode the Quads around the hay fields and it was so cold that the girls and I were wearing 2 coats each and winter toques but that didn't last long. When we got to the lake the sun came out and the girls stripped down to their panties and diaper and had a blast playing in the water and sand. (forgot to take pictures again)

Ivy has started Kindergarten! and of course loves it even though she was nervous and wanted me to go with her. She got on the bus fine and sits with her friend Owen who is even more nervous of school then she.