Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dec 2012 roundup

Samuel has turned into a snuggler and Ivy enjoys the quiet time.

Rainbow cake batter ...
..turns into Rainbow cakes in jars!! Google it!

A goofy Anna waiting for Santa!

And a Silly Ivy not so patiently waiting!

Anna is making Christmas crafts while waiting her turn for Santa.

Santa!  Anna is in a very deep conversation with Santa and Mrs.C
Probably the first time on Santa's knee that Ivy hasn't cried!
Anna's 7th B-day party, girls decorating cupcakes.

Anna and her friends opening gifts with the traditional spin the bottle!

Sammy wanted to be apart of the fun too and kept sneaking closer to the girls.

Anna waiting with schoolmates at school concert.

Anna and Gr 2/3 class singing Feliz Navidad.
Ivy and her classmates!

Ivy making sure I'm still there.

Ivy is ROCKING the KaZoo!

Gr 4/5 class singing a Hawaii Christmas carol.

Michael and Anna snuggling at Gr.Grandma's in Rossland

Grandmother and Grandson on Boxing day, Rossland has a LOT of snow!

Ivy's Family Birthday party with K&S and Bro-in-law's G-friend and her girls.
Ivy and her Best Friend Seren, New Years Eve.
Milena and Anna, double trouble, totally absorbed in the TV.

After guests leave, Anna shows off her true self!
Ringing in the New Year watching movies till Mid Night.

Next Morning, 10 am Breakfast and Ivy isn't... quite awake...

But Anna is Bright eyed and bushy tailed!
Lately we've had a bunch of snow!
Um... ya.. A Whole bunch of snow!
It does look pretty thou!

Chickens aren't too fond of the snow...
I think Ivy has caught my Chicken Madness!! Hee Hee hee!

 All things considered, 2012 was a good year. Yes, some rough times happened (strange and complex things) but we survived and the Good times definitely out weighed the bad!  All I can hope for is that 2013 will be just as good if not better!! Bring it on 2013!!