Wednesday, November 26, 2008

#83 ~ Not Nits?

Now I am totally confused, the nits that I thought I had are not really nits.....the friend(who does all the lice checks at the schools) said that the nits I saved as a sample don't look like anything she's seen before. They are too small and the wrong colour but they are attached to the hair shaft like a nit and are the same shape. She actually never found any on my head, she was just going by my sample, there was no sign of anything on my head besides dandruff.

She thinks my so called nits could be dead ones that didn't mature but if that is true then where is the louse that laid them???

Thankfully the girls have no more signs of nits or lice! And hopefully it will stay that way. I have volunteered to help with the lice checks at Ivy's school on Thursday. I'm also on my way there today to run the snack cart, so Anna & I will have lunch at GR.P's

Went the the PAC meeting Monday night, learned some, volunteered a bunch. I feel like I have a say! Yea! They better watch out thou cuz in 2 years, when Anna is in school) there will be changes!

Monday, November 24, 2008

#82 ~ Nits!


Doing the girls hair this morning, I did my usually quick inspection for nits/lice. I did not find anything on Ivy and Anna so I leaned back and relaxed and just gave my own hair a quick and lazy swipe with the nit comb what I found shocked the hell out of me! Several nits! WTF! How the heck did I get them?!? I frantically started combing my hair and sure enough more nits were loosened from my hair. I saved some in a plastic baggie to share with A (play group instructor) as a teaching aid for other parents. I then doused my head with the lice shampoo and waited the 10-15 mins then rinsed. Afterwards I found no more nits, and tonight I found no more nits.....If it wasn't for the proof in the baggie I would start to suspect I was hallucinating earlier!

Once again I have washed and dried ALL our bedding and clothes and I also bought a bottle of R&C lice spray for the furniture and mattresses. I cut and doused Mikes head, just to be sure and later this week the girls will get another dose, just to be sure, and I'll get my head checked by a friend and do another dose this weekend, Just to be SURE! This will be the end to these horrible blood sucking F***KERS!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Post 81 ~ New Hair!

Oh ya I got my hair done!
Went to Kelowna to start Christmas shopping and while visiting Jen I mentioned I need to get my hair and before I know it she made me an appointment with her hair stylist.
I feel fabulous!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post 80 ~ Pictures

Lots has been happening this week but I've fairly sick and haven't had the energy to blog anything. So here is what's been going on with my family these past 2 weeks, Enjoy!

Introducing James's baby Bella, 3 months. Mom took these pics while visiting last weekend. Bella is so cute and she always looks surprised ;-)

Here is the proud Papa James and his daughter Bella!

Introducing Robert's son Cameron, 3 weeks and the same weight as his cousin Bella! He's a BIG boy, but he is healthy and that's what counts!

Popa Harry (my Dad) is so happy to have so many grand babies, and Cameron seems quite content in his arms!

My Goofy girl Ivy, she loves dressing up in blankets and pretending she is a fairy or princess or just about anything. I think this time she was a movie star.

Oscar went to the Vet, on Thursday, to get neutered and because he is from the SPCA he also had to get numbers tattooed in his ear. Notice the lovely green/blue in his ear, the ink will wear off leaving behind his Tat.

I love this shot of Anna, she's playing "movie star" and blew me a kiss!

Then she asked me if I got the kiss! LOL

The other morning, Mike discovered Oscar sleeping in the Bathroom sink, LOL Crazy Cat!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post 79 ~ Little Sneak

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Anna has been having difficulties sleeping. She doesn't like to fall asleep or stay asleep, she says it's monsters and nightmares. We (mike and I) thought it was her bed, so we removed her crib, and that didn't work. Then we switched the girls so Anna had the big bed and that worked for a little while. Now I have to lie in bed with her till she falls asleep and then sneak out, but I usually get visits from her during the night and have to lay down with her some more. Most nights she ends up sleeping on the sofa, I have no idea why she prefers the sofa to her bed.

So Last night was like most nights lately, I didn't lie down with her so soon after going to bed she wonders out to the living room complaining of not being able to sleep. I allowed her to sit on the sofa quietly for 20 mins then I took her back to bed and lied down till she was almost asleep then I ducked out and went back to the living room, this was 8pm. After watching some TV and playing games on at 11pm Mike and I went to bed...but when we entered our room, I noticed something off about the bed... it was lumpy... it was Anna. I looked at Mike and asked when did he put Anna in there (we have come to the agreement not to let the girls sleep in our bed anymore since the Lice episode) he looked at me and said he thought I did it... How the heck did she get in our bed without us knowing?? It was cute and we laughed, she is such a little sneak!

So once again I carried her to bed and lied with her till she was sound asleep, this is turning into a Bad Habit!

I ordered a nice Wooden bunk bed from Sears and it should be here after the 19th, I hope the girls will like it and actually stay the whole night in their beds then. If not then it will have been a huge waste of money.

I getting sick. I'm all phlegmy, hot then cold, and now I'm getting a headache..... ug, I hate colds.

Monday, November 3, 2008

post 78 ~ No more Nits!!

Yae!! We got the all clear from Julie the health nurse today!! She couldn't find any nits nor lice!!

I drove Ivy to school today so I could talk with Mrs S. and make sure Ivy was allowed back. She said the other little girl came to school this morning but was still covered in alot of lice and she was sent home. So as a precaution Mrs.S. sent us to Julie to have her search but she didn't see anything! I did a happy dance in my head! Ivy was so happy to go back, she ran all the back to school. We'll still comb and check everyday and do another treatment shampoo within the week.

Oh I'm so happy! I hope we won't have to deal with this again!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post # 77 ~ Halloween

Well, Halloween has come and gone and it was too fast. The girls and I carved these Pumpkins, they drew the faces and I cut, mine is in the middle. I also roasted the seeds. While the girls were horking out on candy I bought out the seeds and they actually dropped the candy and went wild eating the seeds!!

The Girls had a blast, Ivy said it her "best-est day ever". Ivy was a Princess and Anna was a Frog (we put a tutu on her and called her a Frog Princess)

Even though we all had a blast this Halloween there was a few things that put a damper on my and Mike's fun. It started on Thursday soon after Ivy got picked up by the bus, I got a call from the school saying they found nits(lice eggs) on Ivy's hair. One of her classmates got the lice and her Mom called the school and the school did an inspection and Ivy was the only other kid to have them. I was so embarrassed and upset, I was crying when I picked Ivy up from school. Luckily Michelle was there and calmed me down and told me what to do and showed me what I was to look for. She also looked through Anna's hair and thankfully nothing was to be found on her. So I washed Ivy's hair with special shampoo and combed it with a nit comb (a long tiring job) and found about 6 lice and a bunch of eggs. I also washed every blanket and pillow that she has contact with (everyone in the house) and stuffies and clothes, it took me Thursday afternoon/evening, Friday all day, and most of Saturday. I haven't folded everything yet, most is piled up in my bedroom waiting. I did another inspection of Ivy's hair today with the nit comb (took us 1 1/2 hours) and only found 1 immature louse and about 2 doz nits, mostly dead. So now we only have to wash her hair with the shampoo on Wednesday and hope they don't come back. Michelle also said that a drop on tea tree oil once a week will help prevent lice, I've put some on hair and after Ivy is finished I'll do it with her too.
The other sad thing that happened was that Pinky had her batch of bunnies but being that this was her first she didn't seem to take care of them and I found them dead all over the her cage. She had 6 nice and big grey and black babes. The good part in all of this, we now know our stud (Baby Bear) still is studly and Pinky carries young to full term! Hopefully she'll figure out how to care for bunnies the next time we breed her.