Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anna Update

Anna's surgery area did fill up with more fluid but we did not take her to the hospital, Mike wanted to see what would happen a day or 2 more. It seems to have peaked Tuesday night and is slowly reducing in size! Maybe the Doc's were right this time around....Hopefully it will continue to decrease and that will be the end to the Lump issue! Fingers crossed!

Ivy had a Softball game Tuesday in Midway and another one tonight in RC. The kids are getting better at the game but the heat/sun is killing them while out in the field. When we play home games the sun is already behind the mountain and they love it! I think Ivy will play ball next year too. we have one more home game then a tournament in RC in early June.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Anna's Complication

Well, the Lump issues are not done with yet...

The incision has healed very well, looks good, stitches came out nicely on their own. But... (I was kinda expecting a but, weren't you?) the area the lump was removed from is filling will fluid. The week after the surgery was fine but 6 days after I noticed the area looked swollen. 8 days after, Mike was giving Anna her first bath since the surgery and took off all the bandages and sterie strips and was shocked that the area was bigger than the original Lump. The next morning, Wednesday, Mike took her to the GF hospital. Dr said it was Post Surgery Trauma and that sometimes the body re-absorbs the fluid other times it needs to be drained, they opted to drain it. 3 fat syringes of clear fluid later and everything looked good again. Anna didn't fuss nor cry!

It's almost been a week and the area is once again filling up. Dr said it may continue. We are getting worried, how long will this continue, how many times will Anna get stuck with needles, why is this happening, how can we stop it, will it get worse, will it get better. No one gives us any answers, they say wait and see.....It's been two weeks since surgery.

So to say the least, we are stressed and worried.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random stuff

Just want to share some random stuff, some pictures, some thoughts....
Not sure if I have a case of the blahs or if I'm hormonal. I've been staying up way too late, sleeping in/trying to ignore the girls, lounging around, yelling my head off, almost bursting into tears.....And yet it's nice and sunny out, I should be out planting or something...
Anna had a nap on Saturday, a rare thing indeed! She was just so grumpy, I told her to go to bed, she ended up in my bed fast asleep 10 mins later. She hasn't been sleep very well since the operation, but she doesn't complain about the stitches....

Found a dead Humming bird by the girls slide on Sunday, fairly certain Oscar got it. Every few days we will find a partial bird, brought down by our young hunter. Second hummer we have found dead in our yard though, I thought they'd be too fast for Oscar.
This a typical sight most evenings when the girls are in bed, Rupert and Oscar are buddies, they sleep together, play together, eat together and patrol the neighbourhood together. So weird and yet so cute.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Anna's Surgery

All is well!
We got to Vancouver safely Sunday evening, had a bit of a visit with Rob and JL before bed.

Monday morning Anna fasted for her surgery, she didn't want to eat the jello nor apple juice so she was fairly hungry by the time we got to the hospital. The doctor was running an hour late, which we expected, but the surgery only took 45mins, which was fast.

There was no complications: Anna went under nicely, the lump came out intact, the incision was a bit larger then Doc first stated, Anna came out of anesthetic wonderfully (she acts like a drunk'n sailor but with no cussing) and she seems to be healing nicely too!

Monday night she awoke every few hours, I think it was bugging her but she didn't complain, just needed hugs. The drive home on Tuesday was good, once around Princeton she cried out in pain, mostly because the pain meds had worn off and she needed to walk around. Tuesday night she was up a bit. Wednesday night she took some Tylenol but was in and out of bed most of the night, just needed cuddles, no complaints from her, and Thursday night she was fine.

This a video of Anna after the operation, coming out of the anesthetic.

And this is Anna sleeping off a dose of Tylenol with codeine before we left the hospital.

This a cropped photo of her big bandage, Mike took it in front of the mirror and didn't realize he captured "all of her". Notice the Doc's initials (ES) so they would operate on the wrong side nor on the wrong kid :S

This Anna's side tonight, the bandage is off and the stitches are covered with the sterie strips (until Monday/Tuesday) the bandage left lots of sticky gunk and I'm afraid to scrub too hard to remove it, we can't bath her till the strips come off.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back to Vancouver

We are on the eve of another trip to Vancouver, three weeks after Anna's last visit to Children's Hospital. On Monday at 12:30pm Anna is to have surgery to remove her lump. I'm anxious but I'm glad it's it finally getting done, it's been over a year since we first discovered it. I have been trying to get Anna ready for the procedure but I don't think she understands, she keeps saying it will grow back.... does she know something we don't....

And finally after 3 weeks, I have the pictures downloads of our trip to Vancouver in April!

My brother Robert and his son Cameron (6 months) Cam looks huge in this picture but as you can tell by the next photo, he is not, just a funny camera angle.

Robert's Girlfriend and Cam's Mother, Jamie lee with a sleeping Cam.And here is my Brother James and his Daughter Bella! (8 months)

Anna and Bella playing in Bella's bouncy pen.
The following pictures are from Fort Langley, we went there as a side trip before we went to Children's. We want to go back with Ivy and when it's more tourist season, there will be more actors in costume then.

This is the Blacksmith working away, he made us a cool little candle holder but I can't find it...

Here is Anna and I up on the palasade (the walkway on the fort wall)
Mike is hamming it up with this display, fake person and saw...I forgot what's it called...

Hopefully I'll get more pictures of my brothers and their families during this trip. Wish my Anna good luck and hope for little pain!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

my Garden

Spring has sprung in my little valley! Being in the mountains in a narrow north/south valley spring is usually later then the rest of my province. The trees are just starting to bud, blossoms should be here next week or so.

Mike has rota tilled the garden, it's now my turn to weed/rake/clean and PLANT! but most of planting will take place later in May. Hoping to get the peas and potatoes in by the end of this week.

I usually start my tomatoes in the house in March but I forgot and was too busy so this year I planted the seeds straight into the pots in the greenhouse. I hope they will take and survive, it is still frosty at night, thou just mild. also in the Greenhouse, the chives came back! a surprise, I had forgotten about them. The cucumber and lettuce have popped up, as well as Some sunflowers the girls planted in egg cartons. I bought some Parsley seedlings and am thinking of keeping some int he house and the rest I'll transfer to the greenhouse, but the card with them says 32*F and up.... so that's 0*C... hopefully the frost will end soon!

I am planning on planting: Green Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, Potatoes, Carrots, Beets, Radishes, Zucchini, and Onions

And So far I have planted: Tomatoes(5 kinds), Cucumbers, Lettuce, Parsley, Pansies, and sunflowers.

I'm also going to experiment growing potatoes in car tires, as the plants grow you add a tire and fill with dirt. supposed to get a higher yield from each plant. Have to scavenge some tires form the dump. I'll still plant potatoes in the garden, I'm thinking these tires will be good outside of the garden fence... might have to made a wire dome over the top of each stack to keep deer out.... I'll post pictures if/when I do it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I had a break through this morning, a realization about the problems/fight that I am having with my Bro-in-law(BIL) While I was making lunch, I remembered that I have to contact my Brother and his Girlfriend (JL) to see if we left a knife and avocado behind and that made me think of the nice visit I had with them. JL and I have the same sense of humour - sarcastic and cynical - and we get a long great. JL commented that she might of offended my Sis Jen during their last visit when she (JL) was talking about my other Brother and his GF because Jen didn't get her humour. And that's when it hit me, BIL doesn't understand my humour, he doesn't know ME! No wonder he thinks I'm judgemental, it's because I'm sarcastic and come across that way when someone doesn't know that about me! It explains a lot, but he is still a Prick! :D

I promised pictures of our Vancouver trip but they will be delayed for a little longer, I had the camera but no cord, then I had the cord but no camera and now I have neither. Oh well!