Thursday, December 9, 2010

misc. moments

It happened, I couldn't stop it....
The girls and I cleaned up and sorted through their toys in the living room. Garbage and broken toys were tossed, papers/art got recycled, the little kitchen was moved to the shed and everything was moved to their proper bins. Phew, took several hours but when we were done we had room for the Christmas tree!
But before the tree could be brought in and decorated, Ivy decided to decorated herself with ALL the new found jewelery
Anna wanted to share her dolly that's been missing for awhile, it was in the bottom of the toy box.

Earlier this week I was asked out for coffee by the school trustee, I never go out for coffee so I was a little nervous. But Cathy was very nice and she wanted to see how things were with PAC and if I had any Q's, I asked a bunch! She gave lots of advise and insight. I had a nice time, I should have coffee more often.

Who is in the box?

The highlight of coffee was when a young lady came into the cafe and told us she has a box of kittens she is taking to the pound in GF. Cathy and I knew the pound had been shut down, so then the lady said she'll take the kittens to the woods. I could not see that happen! I said I would take one for my Bro-in-law.

So I took this little guy.
He is very feisty! He attacked Rupert, was hissing at Oscar and wouldn't stay in the box! But he was nice and cuddly with me. I rushed him to BIL's before my pets revolted on me! BIL was so happy and kitty seemed happy with his new home and I was very proud of myself too!
And the other kittens did not get left in the woods, they were taken to the vets and then transferred to Trail's SPCA.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of November

It can't be... How is it possible?
The last day of November? When did that happen?
Just one more month till the new year, one more month till my big girl is 7 and 2 1/2 weeks till by baby girl is 5!
I'm not ready for December.
It's going to be a very busy month, besides the birthdays and x-mas we have family coming to visit, school concerts, other school activities, dentist, babysitting, and many unexpected things. Phew, I'm tired just thinking about it.
I've been having issues with Anna lately. We've been managing her diet, the school has been helping some but I'm wondering if the few slips she has had these past few months has effected her somewhat. This has to be the worst part of Galactosemia, not knowing if it's the disorder causing problems/issues or if Anna is going through a phase and it's a typical 4/5 year old thing or second child thing. It's hard to be a Mom and wonder why your child is acting up. The issues have to do with her hearing, she is always saying "huh?" I have to repeat myself several times, usually Mike has to relay what I say to her. Mike thinks its because of our noisy furnace but she still can't hear me outside. And don't get me started on her and rules, She doesn't follow them at home nor at school! Very different then her sister, Ivy.
Stupid Blogger is acting up again, spacing is off again.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow!

It was a little late this year, the girls were anxious for the cold white stuff and they weren't disappointed when it finally snowed.
I actually pulled a joke on the girls:
Early Saturday, I stomped into their room (they were awake and talking) and I sternly said "Who did it?"
Both girls were shocked and asked "Did what? I didn't!"
"Get into the living room and tell me who did it!" I yelled, trying not to smile.
Ivy whined "What is it? Maybe it was the cat..."
We entered the living room and the girls couldn't see anything wrong, they look at me very nervously. I marched over the window and through open the curtains and laughingly said "Who put all this white stuff outside?"
Anna laughs and screams "It's Snow!! Silly Mommy, it's snow! It fell from the sky, I didn't do it!"
A good memory for this first snow!

Monday, November 8, 2010

School Photos

My beautiful girls!
They both had wonderful shots to choose from, we had a hard time picking a pose. Luckily the photos came with a picture CD with all the poses and B/W and sepia.

I got lucky with two gorgeous girls!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Fall is officially here.
Goodbye warm sunny afternoons,
Hello rain and dreary days...
Please stay away snow, at least for another month!
At least I can make thick, warm comfort soups again!
And not worry about tan lines and shaving!
New shows are on TV again.
Oscar and Rupert aren't wondering as far these days either.
The girls will go to bed on time now that it's dark earlier.
The car won't be scorching and Rupert can come for drives again.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


AARRRRGGG! Why do people make such a big deal out of something that should be so easy!

Being PAC Chair is getting frustrating. Why do people jump to conclusions, why do they insist their way is the best, why is there no room for compromise, why can't they sort things out between themselves....?

Why did I agree to this position? oh ya... for the children.... then why do Parents act worse then their children???

Sunday, October 3, 2010

R & J's wedding

Lightening, Thunder, Pouring Rain...
All things a bride would hate to have the day of her wedding, specially an hour before the ceremony!
But it was true Albertain weather and the sky cleared 30 mins later and left us with this spectacular rainbow.
The Justice of the Peace, my handsome brother Rob and his Best Man and childhood friend Steven.
Little Cam and Bride's Mom, "Hey you forgot the pillow!)

Take two! Little Cam didn't want the pillow.
My girls, the beautiful flower girls.
Anna was very nervous but did a good job.
The bride's sister and Maid of Honor.
The Bride Jamie and her father.
The Kiss!!
Giving of roses, a unique and lovely ceremony, brought a tear to my eye.

Signing of documents! It's official now!

Where did Anna go?!
The Groom, Bride and their son, Happily together forever!
Girls being too cool
Aunt Kelly, baby Julia and Grandma. Julia loved Grandma's gold purse!
The Bride and her flower girls.
Just after the sunset

My silly Ivy.
Cutting of the cake, Bride's Step mom made it, she did awesome!
The first dance!
Rob dancing with our Mother.
Rob dancing with his little sister Jen, Mom dancing with her son James.
My Father dancing with his daughter Ruth.
Grandpa Hardy dancing with Anna, which surprised everyone as he has the rep of hating children but Anna seems to have turned him into a teddy bear!
Gr. Hardy and Grandma dancing.
Uncle Rob and Niece Anna!

The next morning we had to rush back home, 10 hour drive + stops.
Ivy took this shot of "a really cool tower mountain". I think she picked up my love of nature.
Every mountain is unique.
This one looked strange with the low cloud/fog.
I think this is the same one from a different angle.
One of many pit stops.
Anna and Mike looking for cool rocks in the glacier river.
Hoodoo Cliffs near Kimberly BC
I've been to 9 (I think) weddings in the last 8 eight years and every one has been different but each was special and I enjoyed being apart of each.
Congrats Rob and Jamie!!