Friday, March 27, 2009

Woman Issues! TMI!

I have 2 kids and they are enough for me! Before Kids I was on the pill and it worked very well for me but after having kids, the pill sent my hormones on a wild ride and I could not handle it! So I decided to go the hormone free way and had a copper IUD put in and it was great!

It's been 3 years now and lately I've been having some issues with my period. My cycles are normally very long, 1 & 1/2 month between periods and a heavy flow lasting 4-6 days, but recently the flow has been light and long. Febs lasted 2 weeks and then I only had 2 weeks free and then I got another period that has lasted for 3 weeks now!

I went to the Doctor today and he took out the IUD out, they are only supposed to last 3-5 years anyway. And he sent me for blood work to see if I am/was pregnant, my body might be having issues getting rid of anything... So if the blood work comes back positive then I have to have an ultrasound to see what is going on!

Yikes, I'm trying not to be scared or nervous but....Aaarrrggg!

Jen you might be right when you told me I was pregnant a month ago! Now it's a waiting game, 1 week. I also have to decide what I want to do for birth control, I can't have another IUD inserted till I have 2-3 normal cycles. Do I get another copper IUD or the Merina IUD that has a low dose of hormones or try the pill again or try to convince Mike to get that vasectomy.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Growing bunnies

How can life be so busy and yet nothing happens....
I've been trying to get out everyday for a walk, to get out of the house and find joy in the earth waking up to spring. It's funny watching Oscar hunt the birds, he never gets close to them, and he puts on the airs of a lion!
We had a scare with Anna today, while I was making dinner Anna screams and Ivy runs to be saying Anna is bleeding! WHAT!! She comes to me with a bleeding nose and crying, as I'm examining her I see blood running down the back of her throat. I make her bend forward, the blood falls to the floor and I scream to Mike to wake up (he was napping) since he is the one with first aid! Ivy finally stops screaming "she has a bloody nose" and I'm able to coax out of them what had happened. Anna was sucking on the end of a flag and it jabbed the hanging do-hickey thing at the back of her mouth, the blood soon stopped and everyone calmed down. The flag is now hiding and I think Anna has learned a lesson, Don't put sticks in your mouth!
Ivy and Anna wanted their pictures taken so I obliged

The bunnies are 2 weeks old now, starting to explore their surroundings, I let them wonder around the cage while I cleaned it and their nest box, I think I'll be taking the box out in a few days and give them a normal box... Actually I have to get Mike to make they a new one, Pinky's was fairly tattered.

This one shows the runt up front, it's doing good, small but keeping up with the bigger ones.

While at a new woman's group today a mom said she is interested in buy 4 females for Easter, I hope they are ready to leave Pinky by then....they will be 4 & 1/2 weeks by then, I usually like to wait till they are 5 weeks....we shall see...

On a sad note, Mike's cousin Clayton died yesterday. He was out snowmobiling and was caught in an avalanche, they found him under 11 feet of snow, crushed by the sled. I did not know him very much, only met him about 6 times in 10 years. His parents are devastated, his brother Kursten is in NY city with his wife and kids, His Mom said not to rush back, finish the course and take the kids to the zoo, not much he can do back at home. I feel soo bad for they family, Clay was only in his mid 20's. He has travel around the world, learned how to weld underwater, and loved all outdoor sports.
May you find rest Clay.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Left or Right Brain

A friend posted this cool site that can help determine weather your left of right side of the brain is more dominant. Left is supposed to be the mathematical, science, forward thinking type and Right is more artsy, creative, out side of the box type.

Here is the site:

And here are my results:

Auditory : 64% Visual : 35% Left : 52% Right : 47%

Leslie, your hemispheric dominance is equally divided between left and right brain, while you show a moderate preference for auditory versus visual learning, signs of a balanced and flexible person.

Your balance gives you the enviable capacity to be verbal and literate while retaining a certain "flair" and individuality. You are logical and compliant but only to a degree. You are organized without being compulsive, goal-directed without being driven, and a "thinking" individual without being excessively so.

The one problem you might have is that your learning might not be as efficient as you would like. At times you will work from the specific to the general, while at other times you'll work from the general to the specific. Sometimes you will be logical in your approach while at other times random. Since you cannot always control the choice, you may experience frustrations not normally felt by persons with a more defined and directed learning style.

You may also minimally experience conflicts associated with auditory processing. You will be systematic and sequential in your processing of information, you will most often focus on a single dimension of the problem or material, and you will be more reflective, i.e., "taking the data in" as opposed to "devouring" it.

Overall, you should feel content with your life and yourself. You are, perhaps, a little too critical of yourself - and of others - while maintaining an "openness" which is redeeming. Indecisiveness is a problem and your creativity is not in keeping with your potential. Being a pragmatist, you downplay this aspect of yourself and focus on the more immediate, the more obvious and the more functional.

Sounds like me all summed up! It's cool, try it for yourself!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family walk with pictures

Even though our family walk cased some strife between Mike and I, the girls did have fun and it was a beautiful day and I took some wonderful pictures! Enjoy!

Rupert playing in the snow, chewing on a 5gal bucket lid (we have to use the lid instead of a Frisbee)

The girls found lots of thing to look at and play with, here Ivy is showing me some twisted branches.

Anna loves jumping in puddles, she is just landing in this shot, notice the water still in mid air (click on picture for larger view)

Here is Mike and Ivy waiting for Anna and I, don't they look happy....

And this is Mike way off in the distance....
The following 3 pictures don't show how amazing our surroundings are: the warm gentle breeze, the twilling of birds in song,

the babbling of the creek, the distance bark of a dog,

the snow melting and dripping running steadily down the layers of rocks.
Everything was filled with sounds and noise but ever so peaceful. Spring is here!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family walk....

The family went for a walk today....didn't go as I had hoped it would...

With hubby and DD's not feeling well all week and with it being so nice outside, it seemed to be the best time for a walk, we could bond, let off some energy and steam, and get fresh air too. Knowing our path would be muddy and snowy I wanted the girls to dress warmly and in their older jackets, Ivy blew a fit because she wanted to wear her new jacket. I got mad cause hubby sides with her and makes me feel like a child....not off to a good start.... So he head out the door and down the road, hubby keeps sighing with inpatients because Anna wants to jump in every puddle, look threw all the holes in the bridge and I keep pointing our funny clumps of snow.... he leaves us behind.... Ivy runs screaming and crying off to find her dad, Anna and I take our time.

They waited oh so not patiently till we caught up then hubby starts quickly walking down the snowy path. Girls can't keep up so he stops every 10 meters to wait, sighing the whole time.... after the 4th time of this I tell him this walk is not to go from point A to point B but to have fun and enjoy nature, He states back that he is outside everyday! I tell him fine go on ahead! He goes never once looking over his shoulder to see how we are fairing, a third of the way along the path I see him across the creek heading for home, I try to wave but he doesn't see....I have no clue why he is so mad at me/us.

45 mins later the girls and I arrive home and Hubby is no where in the house....I find him a few mins later locked in his work shop. He comes in the house and lays down in bed for a nap.....I'm so frustrated at him! He wouldn't even tell me why he is upset, which makes me even more Frustrated and mad!

Now he sleeps, the girls are sacked out on the sofa watching TV, I went out for another walk to get some groceries and movies and now I'm making dinner.....he sleeps! what a great weekend!

Sorry for the rant!

Friday, March 20, 2009

1st day of Spring!

Spring has sprung !

While I was out feeding rabbits (a little past 11am) the air was filled with the song of birds and there was a flock of Robins under my neighbour's front tree! They were going between their yard and our bird feeder in the apple tree.


There was also a black headed, yellow beaked finchy type bird..... and some brown stripy birds too..... I'll have to get a book about birds so I can put names to all those wonderful spring birds! I love watching them now but come summer, when I'm putting in the garden and hanging wash on the the line, I'll be cursing them all!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Surgery date pushed back

I'm on the verge of tears, Anna's surgery date for her lump has been rescheduled.

I know her lump isn't life threatening and it's not an issue to her but I just want to get it over and done with! I already asked the Metabolic clinic to set up appointments for all her other yearly tests for the few days before the surgery and now that the date has changed it means rescheduling all those appointments or make 2 trips to Vancouver! Arrrgg, which is the lesser evil of the 2.....I hate all this!
I can't stand going to Vancouver, I hate having my daughter poked and prodded and made to feel like a lab rat, hate this disorder that there are no definite answers for, hate that Lump!

So the new tentative date for the surgery is May 11, Monday, day after Mother's day.....I hope it doesn't get changed again!

I just want to curl up in bed.....the girls are yelling at me from their room, I put them in there for quiet time, cuz Ivy is sick and needs rest....and to give me some space....
I hate this feeling of frustration, being out of control, it feels like depression all over again, I won't let it take me over, I want Mike here, NOW!

I need a hug

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bunnies, 5days

The mornings are so nice and sunny, chilly but sunny. Then the afternoons are chilly, dark and miserable. *sigh* It's been a long winter.

The bunnies are now 5 days old, they haven't changed much. They are half again bigger and have a little bit more fur. Their eyes should open in a few days and then the fun begins I love playing with new bunnies. I let the girls hold and pet them but they were too squirmy for Anna, she only wanted to pet. This is Ivy holding a bunny, she did good, not to loose, not too tight!

Our visit on Sunday to my Mom's was very nice. Good to see everyone again, Cam is getting cute! Even though he is a big boy, he's not that heavy! I think I offended my future SIL, in joking I said Cam's ears stuck out....I know never say anything wrong about a mother's child....She said that Cam takes after her....I felt so bad! I hope she doesn't hold it against me.....

Mom also gave us the (like new) Carpet from their living room, they put down laminate wood flooring. Also I spied a bird feeder in Mom's yard that she said was heading to the dump, so I claimed it along with some cool metal hanging baskets. I can't wait for spring!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Post 100!

Wow, my 100 post!
Time to celebrate, what would make my blog's 100th post special?

I know New Bunnies!!

Thursday morning while feeding the rabbits I noticed Pinky's nest box had fur in it! and so I gently moved the fur and sure enough there was some warm, wiggling, naked little bodies in there!

Baby Bear and Pinky are proud parents to 9 bunnies, half are solid gray and half are black. Thankfully they are not albino like Pinky, I'm glad Bear's genes are dominate, the pink/red eyes are freaky on the albino rabbits. They are less then 1 day old! I'll be posting more pictures as they grow and change.

Tonight we are going to Mike's friend's surprise party for his 40th B-day. I don't really want to go, as I don't really know what to expect but I shall work past my nervousness and be happy for Mike.

Sunday we are going to my Mom's, Robert and his little family are out for a visit! Mom is planning a big dinner for everyone: Rob, Jamie, Baby Cam, Jen, Murad, Me, Mike, Ivy, Anna and Dad. It will go nice!

Argg, I just looked outside and it is SNOWING! The weather was calling for rain, I was looking forward to rain washing away all this ugly, dirty snow....maybe it'll change in a bit

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

99 ~ Ivy's weekend

Ivy and I haven't been getting along lately, constatly argueing and making faces at each other...not good. usually when things get this bad I send her to S&K's for the weekend but it doesn't do any good. So I thought it would be better to send Anna off to Grandma's and Ivy and I could have bonding time.

Mike had to work on Saturday (logging truck broke down in the woods) so Ivy and I lazed around for awhile then went for a walk uptown, rented some movies, got some candy from the ol'candy Shoppe, checked the mail and took the long way home. It was nice, not too cold or windy. When we came home we sewed some on her pillowcase quilt and watched her barbie movie.

Later that evening when Mike came home we planned on going to dinner before picking up Anna, but when I called K to let her know, she said no! NO? K wanted to keep Anna another night! Cool! So we went uptown to the new restaurant an paid an arm and leg for a nice but small meal.

Sunday we lazed some more, went and visited the neighbours A&J and borrowed his skates for Ivy to use today at her class trip. I didn't feel like cooking (again) so on the way to get Anna we stopped at the Cafe and had dinner, which was our original plan for Saturday, had a nice big meal for little amount $$. When we reached S&K's, S had called all over the country trying to find us as he and Anna were not getting along, Anna wouldn't listen to him, *surprise, surprise* K said S was grumpy cuz he missed his nap and Anna was just tired and wanted to go home. S makes me soooo mad!

So it was a bit of a grumpy end to a good weekend!

Anna and I off for playgroup, pickup some friends along the way!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

98 ~ Excited!

OMG, I am excited to come across this blog/site: One frugal Foodie

I haven't read too much yet but I have bookmarked it for later, She wrote a Dairy Free cookbook!! and has tons of links and info! Eeeeee, I feel like a school girl. I can't wait to get some recipies and products for Anna and to pass along to other CG families!

Check out the site, she also is doing a contest for Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods and it's dairy free and organic! Yea!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Post 97 ~ In like a....

Everyone keeps saying " March-in like a Lion out like a Lamb " Well March is 2 days old now and so far it's been like a lazy, drooling, slobbering ol' Lion.

It's been melting and drizzling and sunny and it feels like spring!! Lion in sight