Saturday, July 25, 2009

stressful, sicky week

Oh my, has it been a few stress filled weeks. First Ivy , Anna and I came down with another cold. My menstruating cycles are so out of wack, Health nurse started me back on birth control pill and I'm having a hard time adjusting. My Parents house was threatened from 2 sides by two separate forest fires. My sisters wedding is in 2 weeks, and I'm no where done making the wedding present. My garden is full of weeds, More weeds then veggies. Hubby is working late most days and this is his first full weekend off in ages. Anna Had a Doctors with the Genetic councilors, she has to have more blood work.

It all seem to come at once....Humph....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Japanese Dance

Phew! The weekend is over!

I am positively exhausted after the week of babysitting, walking in the parade and dancing in the polyester Kimono, and helping with In-law's party. It was a fun weekend but I'm so glad it only happens once a year!

Mike only took pictures of the parade and I'm hoping K (MIL) will e-mail some of the pics she took. And of course everyone forgot to take pictures at the party.

Anyhoo, here is our part of the parade, and yup that's me, the big blue with red sash, not very flattering but who cares, it was fun! Ivy is wearing blue with pink sash.

Here are some shots of the cousins:
Ivy and Danny, absorbed in the TV
These two love to pose! I said to turn around so I can take their picture and Bam, out came the models!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Why am I so nice? How do I get scammed into things I really do not want to do?

Well, maybe that is being too much of a Drama Queen! lol

I am babysitting my young niece, Sylvia, and nephew, Danny, this week during the day, 5am till 3:30pm! Their little Brother David(18 months) is in the hospital with the Mom (M) because he is underweight and the Doc wants to observe him, run tests and force feed him via a feeding tube through the nose. The Dad (T) is working in GF, so I get the joy/pain of babysitting the 3 & 5 year olds.

The kids are fairly good, they do fall asleep on the sofas when they first get here and only wake up when my girls get up. But after 3 days of being here and it raining mostly, all 4 kids are getting bored and the novelty of "Auntie's house" is wearing off. They are starting to push each other's buttons, bickering, complaining, tattling etc. etc.

Today is almost over, then we just have to get through tomorrow....which will be a loooong day as T will be going to Trail to pick up M and David after work, well into the evening.... Luckily Mike will be home at diner time to help!

Well that's enough complaining for now, I wonder how much fussing they'll do when I tell them to start cleaning up.... :S

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer has begun!

And so has the summer break from school, this is my first summer break as a Mother and I would like to formally apologise to my parents.

I am truly sorry for all the screaming, rough housing, fighting, crying, destroying, complaining, headaches, bickering, back talking and snivelling that you had to endure from my siblings and me.

This has only been the first week! How and why has things changed from last year? One year of Ivy being away from the family for just a few hours a day has changed me, her and her sister! Those few hours gave me a break, sure Anna had her moments of brattyiness but those moments were few between. This week and breaks between those moments are few between...almost non-existing! Ivy is behaving herself for the most part but she/we just have to look at Anna sideways and the screeching, bellowing, tears start! AARRRGGG!

Is it her age/stage? Is she jealous? Is Ivy doing thing without me knowing? Is she not getting enough sleep/food/attention? or is all of those things combined?

Whatever the answer is, I hope to find it soon or Miss Anna will be soon moving to Timbuktu!