Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Not sure if I mentioned in previous posts that I am back at quilting again, after making that little one with Ivy, the creative juices started pumping through my veins once again. Just the feel of the fabric lifts my spirits. I have decided to make a quilt for Miss Ivy's bed and I'm about half way done the top pattern. So far I only sew when Anna is sleeping or when Mike is distracting the girls (mainly on weekends)I can't sew all day for days on end like I used to, the girls, appointments, and tending house will not allow for it, plus I can't sit still for that long anymore. I have enough fabric for the top and borders, and I have lots of batting but I don't have material for the back, I will have to run to Kelowna when I'm done and find something nice. So far I haven't had to put any money out either, all the fabric was given to me by Mike's Gr.S and his Mom K.

I really wish my friend Marilyn was still around here to help me when I have a problem but instead of running to her I sit down draw out what I want, do some calculating and talk it out with Mike. He's been helpful, he likes to show me how handy he can be with sewing and figuring things out. Sometimes he goes overboard but he means well. He went to Kelowna with his friend Derek last week and I asked him to pick up a new blade for my wheel cutter. They went all over looking for one but finally found out they aren't being produced anymore, so Mike was actually thoughtful enough to buy me a whole new wheel cutter with bonus scissors. Speaking of Mike being thoughtful, Last Thursday when he and Ivy were shopping after gymnastics, they bought me some flowers! And he actually remembered that I like potted plant instead of cut flowers! he's so sweet.... He's probably hoping to get lucky..... or maybe he's finally maturing and realizing I need some gifts once in awhile too.

The girls and I went to Play group today and had a blast but when I came home I felt like crap, low energy, felt like crawling back into bed. Then while making lunch I realized I hadn't taken my anti-depressant yet. After I took it I started to feel abit better, makes me glad I am on them. during the first few weeks of taking them I forgot to take them for 2 days and I had a hard time getting out of bed let alone look after the girls, Thank Goodness Mike was home to help. But I have been wonder how long I'm going to need them and what will happen when it's time to come off them.....I really, truly hope I will feel normal then.

I have a Changeways meeting tomorrow, it will be nice to see the ladies again, I can't believe it's been 2 months since the meetings ended, I hope we all vote to meet on a regular basis, like once a month or something, It was a good group

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Post #40 ~ Sleeping Angel or....

How can one sweet little girl cause so much chaos? I think she loves to make everyone around her upset, that way she can sleep peaceful. I'm joking of course but some days I have to wonder....

Monday was such a night.

I had just tucked Anna in bed and Mike and I had settled on the sofa to watch a movie (Dan in real life, a wonderful movie!) after a few minutes Anna was talking to herself as she usually does then when she realized no one was listening she started to call out for me, this I ignored. After a couple more mins the calling has turned into crying "Mooommmmmy" still I ignored her hoping she'd just cry herself to sleep....then the shrieking began. I gritted my teeth paused the movie and then realized that both girls were screaming, I stomped to their room ready to give Anna heck for waking her big sister. Then worry hit me when I opened the door and saw Ivy standing on her bed, then the weight of the world came crashing down on me with 4 little words: "I Peed my bed"

Aarrrggg!!! I didn't get mad. I was screaming in my head but I didn't let the girls know that. I called for Mike to take Anna out of the room while I stripped Ivy and her bed, Then I washed her down and Mike dried and dressed her. I'm so thankful we have a plastic mattress protector on her bed! Actually we've been lucky with Ivy, I can count the number of times she has wet the bed on 1 hand, not bad for only being potty trained for a year. I don't know how she managed to get every piece of her bedding wet but she did, luckily I have tons of sheets for her bed and tones of extra blankets in my room. Ivy was so exited to crawl back in bed under "Mommy's blankie". While I made the bed Mike and girls snuggled on our bed and the whole time Anna was still fussing and trying to pick a fight with her sis. We knew that both girls would not be able to fall asleep in the same room while bickering so I tucked Ivy in her bed and Mike tucked Anna in our bed. They both settled down nicely and Mike and I went back to our movie. Aaaahhh, quiet finally!

After the Movie, I went to move Anna back to her bed and I was met by this angelic face, hard to believe that only 2 hours before she was screaming her head off, scaring the pee out of her Sis and picking a fight with everyone.

She better be thankful she so dang cute. ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Post#39 ~ Brewery

I have a headache. My house smells of beer. Can you get drunk off beer fumes?

Mike has a new hobby....or maybe obsession would be more accurate....He is making beer at home. I'm not too excited by this as I hate beer. Overwaitea had the kits and stuff on sale so he thought it was a nice time to try his hand at this finicky task. All week long a batch of yeast, water and hops (plus whatever) has been brewing, at first it didn't smell, then after a few days it smelt like fresh bread but yesterday and today it definitely smells like beer. *yuck* Today S&K came over to help bottle his brew, my kitchen was turned upside down: dishwasher was filled with empty bottles, sink filled with "sani brew", siphoning hoses and bottle capper on the floor and counters.....confusion abound! We ended up with 60 bottles and the total est. cost was $60 so that's good, (cheaper then buying form the liquor store) and future batches will only cost $12 or less now that Mike has all this equipment. And as a bonus we can use this equipment to make wine at home too, I saw a kit for Blackberry Merlot (my fav !) and mike says he'll experiment with a wine kit after he does another batch of beer.

My headache is easing off now, thank goodness. So I will blog about how well the beer turns out in 3-5 weeks. My guess is it will still taste like yucky beer, but I will be dreaming of that Merlot!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Post#38 ~ Week of Torment

I haven't had the best week, it was a fairly average week but in my own head it was hell. It started late last week when I realized my period was late... hadn't had one since mid February. F***!!!! Most of my family and friends know that I have a copper IUD in (for almost 2 years now) but it is only around 85% effective. So I was beating myself up about that and I didn't tell Mike cuz I didn't want him to be upset as well.

Now don't get me wrong, I would love to have another baby and I love being pregnant BUT I know that we can not afford another child, our house is way too small for a fifth occupant and there is no way I would chance bringing another child into this world with Galactosemia.

So All week I've been in my own private hell trying to sort things out and without meaning to I was turning back into a snappish nag towards my family. Finally on Monday while I wanted to tear Mike a new one instead I blurted out "I'm Late" and broke down in a heap of tears. Mike was shocked but he was understanding, he gave me a little heck for keeping it to myself. Finally on Wednesday my period came, along with a huge *sigh* of relief!

This length of a cycle may seem strange but looking back at my last few years of cycles, it is becoming normal (which frustrates me to no end) When we first wanted to get pregnant with Ivy, I came off the pill and my cycles were all over the place, my doc said my body just need to get adjusted after coming off the pill. And for the time between pregnancies I was on the pill briefly but didn't like what it did to my moods. So then my periods were wacky again and then I got pregnant and didn't worry about it. After Anna I had the IUD inserted and my periods seemed to have found a rhythm but a very slow and long beat. We have all been told and taught that women's cycles are 28 days but what we are not told is that is just an estimate, and only around 25% of the population has this "regular" cycle. Most cycles are between 20 and 35 days long. Mine seem to run at 35-45 days but this last one was 60!!! that is crazy!!! I have asked my doctor (last year) why that is, and she said it's probably because I'm overweight. Fat=long cycle. But then I read somewhere that long cycles are caused by low levels of hormones which leads to be overweight(oh and depression).... long cycles=fat. Either way it's not good for me and 60 days is a long time and I hope it's not going to get any longer cuz I can't take the stress.

In conclusion, I'm Not pregnant. I'm Happy but am still feeling like crap but at least that is because of a different reason! PS I am going to kill the person who invented the slogan "Have a happy period"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Post #37 Rob's B-day

It was my Brother Robert's birthday this weekend and since I didn't have his mailing address I could not send him a card. So I got the girls to paint a poster and I wrote "Happy Birthday Uncle Robert" on it got them to pose with it (Mike too) and e-mailed it to Rob. I haven't heard back from him yet but that's typical of our family, no one (siblings) likes to return e-mails or calls.
We are Babysitting Jacob(4) today and he will be joining Mike and Ivy at Tumble Tots (gymnastics), Mike is a little apprehensive weather he can handle both kids, Anna and I might have to go with them to make sure he survives....Mike that is.
I had a check up with Dr.W yesterday, she thinks it would be a good idea if I got a part time job to get me out of the house specially since Mike is home now. I'm not sure I want to work yet, I like to be able to do things on my schedule and not have to fit appointments/travel around someone else's schedule. I know Mike would be happy I was working but I know he would give me grief cuz HE would be looking after the girls. I haven't mentioned it to him yet, I'm not ready for that conversation.
I also discussed Ivy and Anna with Dr.W. Ivy is still complaining about her leg but we are both pretty sure it's just muscle ache, Dr.W told Ivy she has to be more active....when we got home all she did was watch TV....so much for doctors orders. Anna's lump hasn't changed much, might be a little longer but since she wasn't at the Doc's she could not check Anna for herself. Both girls have a follow up on Monday the 28th.
My parents C&H stopped in for awhile on Tuesday on their way home from a weekend in Spokane. Didn't sound like it was very fun, the slots where not paying out but at least they got away for a few days.
I've been having difficulties with blogger these past few posts, it won't let me put spaces between paragraphs. it's so frustrating!!! I know it's a small detail but I think it looks better that way and easier to read and no matter what I do it won't co-operate!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Post 36~Moth or Butterfly?

The other day Mike found this creature almost dead lying on the frosty ground, he brought it into the house for Ivy. She loved looking at it but was too scared to touch it, she said she didn't like the fuzzy hair on its body. Mike thinks it is a butterfly but I think it is a moth, the wing structure was moth like. It just barely twitched its legs and antenna, it died soon afterwards but it still resides on our dinning table as Ivy doesn't want to get rid if it.....I'll have to get mike to make it a box with a glass lid so she can keep it.
We are still waiting for the radiology reports on Anna's lump, Dr.W says it's probably Lipoma (fatty tissue) and she thinks it is related to Galactosemia but I've never heard the Doctors or the PGC forum discuss it before. I put a post on the forum asking about CG and Lipoma, no response yet.
Ivy is still complaining about her leg, mostly in the mornings. Dr.W sent her in for a X-ray but there was nothing obvious, the office will call us back in if anything shows up on it. I still think it's just muscle strain. Mike took Ivy to gymnastics today so we'll see how she does at that. It's quite around here with only Anna and I, it will be nice to look forward to this quite time in the next 5 weeks!