Friday, April 30, 2010

Somewhat Blahh

Yup, I'm still not healthy.
I felt almost better after our Vancouver trip but on Saturday I started feeling worse.
Monday evening, after Ivy's baseball practice, my ear started to hurt. It was popping, aching and then stabbing pain. I had a Hot neo-citron and some Tylenol and went to bed. In the morning I could barely hear out of my right ear but the pain was minimal. I suffered thought that day and night and first thing Wednesday I went to the Doc.
He gave me a script for antibiotics and said it was real bad, if it doesn't clear up after the meds then I have to go back to him and he'll set up an appointment for tubes. Momma!! Waahhh, I don't want more surgery!

I have been riding a nice high from the Great appointment Anna had at Children's but it was shattered yesterday. The Dietitian called to say she was looking more closely at Anna's height records and noticed that she didn't grow enough for this visit.... Say Wha?? ... She wanted to know why... ?
How I'm I supposed to know why Anna didn't grow!! She could have a growth spurt next week for all I know! Most of the women on Mike's side are petite!
The Doctors have never been concerned with her height, they have wanted to know her weight more than anything else, geesh! This has me so frustrated!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Vancouver Part 1

It was time again for Anna's Galactosmia check-up at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, we go every 6 months. This time was a little bit different as we left home late in the morning instead of the normal 4 am. Because of that late start, the girls were awake for the whole trip and we got to do some sight seeing along the way. Sadly the camera was left in the car for most of it but we did capture some pictures of the girls at Hope slide.

Ivy asking what the sign says, Anna checking out the hole in the post.
Ivy reading what the sign said and Anna still checking out the hole in the post.

Ivy posing and Anna yelling "wait for me!"
Ivy climbing back into the van, she loves posing for the camera.
We stayed at my Brother Rob's place, we had a wonderful visit with his fiance Jamie and son Cam but we didn't see much of Rob as he was working afternoons. Once again the camera wasn't brought out till it was time to go home. Cam grew attached to Mike during our visit, Cam burst into tears when Mike put on his shoes to take our luggage to the van. We all trying to cheer him up but as you see from the picture... it wasn't working!
A kiss from Anna didn't make things better either...Jamie and Rob were shocked Cam was so attached to Mike.
Finally Cam settled down and blew a kiss to his Auntie...
And there were smiles all around!While we loaded up the van, Mike and Rob spotted a raccoon, Mike tracked it down for this shot.
Rob and Jamie's Landlord had a beautiful tulip garden.
We loved the Cherry Blossom trees that lined every street in East Van, so wonderful seeing it rain pink petals!
Anna's appointments went well, as usually. She tested above her age (again) during the Occupational Therapy and will no longer need to followed by OT. The therapist did suggest we find Anna some shoes with a high arch as she has her daddy's flat feet. Her diet is good and her G1P levels are coming back down!! March's blood work isn't back from the lab in Manitoba yet, but we are all hoping they will show a downward trend too. Anna is still on the 10% curve for her age in height and weight and she is finally over 30lbs!! So it's all good, we continue with blood work every 2 months till her levels steady out and come back in the fall. And that's that!
I'll post some more pictures of our jaunt up to Bridal Falls in a few days.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Belated Easter post

This post it late but our actually Easter was celebrated on the correct weekend.
Anna says "Thanks you Gramma Cindy" for the nice card and stickers. Ivy says thanks too but I forgot to take her picture. They both loved receiving mail with their own name on it!
While I was getting dressed for Easter, Ivy grabbed my glasses and tried them on. We thought she looked silly and cute! A glimpse into her future if she takes after Mike and I...

Easter dinner was at the In-laws, the usual Hungarian Easter fare, Big pot of ham, sausage and eggs all boiled together. Afterwards the Easter bunny made a quick run threw the yard and left behind some eggs for the girls to find.
Rupert helping Anna search a flower bed.
That tricky Bunny hides eggs everywhere!
Ivy was quite pleased with the eggs she found
Grandma K taking Anna's picture
"No Ivy! This is my spot!!"
Uncle Ben even had his own basket! How cute!
The Easter Bunny was thoughtful enough to fill the eggs with Jelly Beans, Gummi Rabbits and Gummi fruit slices. The girls loved them all, only I missed the chocolate eggs/bunnies.
For dessert the girls and I made Jello ice cream squares but with So Good vanilla Frozen treat so that Anna could enjoy them as well. And we made peanut butter Rice Krispies eggs dipped in Dairy free Chocolate, they were a huge hit! Not sure if I'd make them again though, hard to shape into eggs, messy!
On Good Friday we dyed eggs with Ashley (Mike's friend Corey's teen daughter) All 3 girls had a blast. Actually the whole weekend was a blast, even with the colds the girls had, it didn't stop them for enjoying themselves!

Friday, April 16, 2010

still Blahh

Yep, still sick! This sinus cold will be the death of me yet! I should have went to the doctor yesterday but got stuck with the cousins and my Doc is only open Wednesday and Thursdays. I think I have a sinus infection but Mike says it could be an abscessed tooth (he only says that cuz that;s what he had a few years ago) I hope this will be over by Monday.

Anna has appointments at Children's in Vancouver next Wednesday. Not sure what we are doing with travelling, weather we leave Tues or early Weds... not sure how long we stay down there, Mike kinda wants to sight see but we are not sure if Ivy will be coming with us or not. I'm not well enough to make up my mind and Mike just doesn't like to decide... Blahh!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm sick...again

This seems to be the year for colds in this household. The girls were sick for the Easter long weekend then i got it mid week and it fully hit this Saturday. It sucks being all drippy, achy, stuffed up, and having a brain that's muffled... feel like a zombie minus the hunger for brains....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Frustrating times

Life seems to be attacking me these past few weeks...

No time to do much of anything I want to do...

Finding new sides to people that I didn't want to see or know, such pettiness...

My strength and assertiveness is being put to the test...

I want to scream...

I want to hide...

I want to be 8 again...

Why can't I make and keep friends...

Does anyone truly see me?