Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sad news

My Nana has passed away, I knew she was getting older but I kinda didn't expect it to happen. I'm not sure how I am supposed to feel. I feel some regret, a bit of sadness but there is also a bunch of relief ... I mostly feel sorry for my Dad, his Mom was a huge part of his life. Mike said it's very hard for a man to lose his Mom. So we are going to visit my Dad this weekend, hopefully we can remind him he still has alot to be happy about and that we love him. Grandkids can heal lots of wounds.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

200 Posts!

Oh my goodness! 200 posts!

Who would have thought 3 years ago that I would still be blogging. Not I! I will be the first to admit that I don't stick with much, many hobbies get set aside for months and years...

A lot has happened since I wrote my first post. Way back in Jan of 2008, I had recently hurt my hand, had several surgeries and was fighting a bout of depression AND running after a 2 and 4 year old! I hardly remember those days, I've changed so much. My girls have grown, I have grown, my marriage has evolved, Mike is more involved.

I like where I am. It's not perfect but I am happy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mondays are....

... back to routines.

It's a little lonely here with the kids at school and Mike at work. We had a good weekend: lazy mornings, productive afternoons and relaxing evenings. But now it's Monday and that dang alarm has to wake us up, forcing us out of warm comfy beds and back to the hum drum work week... Blahhh

2 more weeks till Spring break and hopefully Mike will take some time off work!

I think I've grown used to our new bed, I'm sleeping for longer stretches and have no more back pain... my hip is bugging me some but that might be from more activities during the day. I did have to steal the step stool from the RV to use beside the bed, a bit easier to climb into bed now.

On Tuesday there is assembly at the school in the morning then Teacher interviews in the afternoon... bunch of back and forth driving tomorrow.

Wednesday is the school's 100 day celebration, they are off to GF for Bowling and swimming. Mike will be going with them, I was asked to come along but I do not function well with all those kids and in new environments. So I am very happy Mike will be taking my position. The teachers like it when Mike volunteers, the male children show him more respect then to the women staff and volunteers.

Thursday and Friday will be normal days. I wonder what next weekend will hold for my family...

Happy, Blahh, lonely Monday...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's March!

Spring is almost here!

Can you believe it!

In 2 1/2 weeks it will be school's March break and I hope we can thaw out the trailer and visit our friends in Clearwater who have bought their very first home! I'm happy for them, no more renting!

Rupert is doing much better with the arthritis meds, three days in a row he has been able to climb onto the sofa! It's nice to have a happy dog again.

We bought a new mattress, but not just any mattress. It's got all the bells and whistles: Do not disturb pocket coils, memory foam, plush top and leak proof/non staining cover! The down fall of this mattress is it's 18 inches thick! On top of our platform bed with drawers, it's incredible tall! Our bed now comes over my belly button, I have to CLIMB into bed... I will be searching for foot stools next time I go to down. Mike is sleeping well now, the first night was difficult for me and last night was better but I'm not 100% sure yet, thank goodness we have the 90 day trial period.

Until next time,
yours truly,
Princess and the pea ;p