Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Post #62 ~ Music influence

I have always loved music, all music, all genres. I find if I'm getting really low, I haven't been listening to much. The radio is always on in the Van whether it's the Rock station or the Sesame Street Gang.

I've been tempted to add one of those music players to my blog but I find they are annoying when you are trying to read plus it makes a blog slow to load. BUT if I did have a player the song that would be playing is Katy Perry ~ I kissed a Girl. First heard it on So You think You Can Dance http://www.popcrunch.com/katy-perry-so-you-think-you-can-dance-video-i-kissed-a-girl/and totally related to it. Yes I have kissed girls before and Yes I liked it, doesn't make me gay but it did make me wonder if maybe I was bi, nothing ever went beyond kissing and Mike doesn't have to worry about me running off and leaving him for a Girl. Wish this song was out when I was a teen, would have helped ALOT!

This morning I watched some music videos on MUCH but was very disappointed, the channel has changed so much these past few years, more talk and not enough videos. I find myself watching MUCHMOREMUSIC (MMM) more as the years go on, it is geared toward more mature audience but I never really considered myself part of that genre but I guess I am. Love they retro breaks it has, some of the videos are from my preteen years which is slightly depressing to think the music I grew up to is Retro! I'm only 28!!

Everyday the girls and I sing nursery rhymes and some of the girls favorite kid shows are the ones based around music (Hi-5, Dora). I catch Ivy dancing to music in commercials or nodding along to rock songs in the van, I think she has my (and Mike's) love for tune-age!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Post #61~ Rain! Yahoo

It's Raining, it's pouring and I'm doing a happy dance!!

This is just what we needed after all that Sunshine and heat. I don't have to water the garden nor lawn, the Rabbits are all happy and hopping around instead on stretched out and panting. The woods will get the moisture it needs so fire restriction are lowered and Hubby doesn't have to worry about work!! Yahoo!!!!!

The coolness of the day has jump started my domestic-ness, I organized the girls toys in the living room, threw some out, others went outside where they belong. The girls found a bunch of missing toys, so they are quite happily playing and not minding that it's raining. I also made cookies for Mikes lunches and Krispie squares for the girls and I have hodge podged a Lazy mans Cabbage Casserole, Yum!

Rupert has spent most of the afternoon outside on the chair, he hid outside when we began cleaning the living room, poor guy didn't have anywhere to lay down. Just before I took this picture he was curled up in a ball but he had to sit up for the shot!

I also just realized I forgot to take my anti-depressant today and am feeling pretty darn good, yea I'm on my way to being better! I'll still take them for a few months to make sure but this is a good sign of things to come!

Silly Oscar is so much like ol' Missy it's unbelievable, he has taken over Ivy's chair at the table just like his predecessor. I really like this guy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Post #60~Life is busy!

Oh so very busy! but nothing ever seems to get done.... Where do I start...

Ivy has been going to VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week. Yes I know, I, the atheist let me kid get relig-i-fied (my own word) I have said right from the start that I'd let my children choose their own way through life, I will guide but not force them, I want them to be open to everything and if for them that means the church, temple or even a cult then that is their right! OK, back to the topic at hand: VBS, Ivy loves it, she comes home with tales of singing and playing, puppet shows and crafts and yummy snacks, so it's all good. It runs from Tuesday to Saturday of this week, all morning long, our neighbour and friend Ardena is taking her son Jacob, Ivy and friends Luke and Olivia, they are all 4 years old. How she can handle all those kids is beyond me! Yaa for her!

Mike and I took Oscar to the vet yesterday (again). For a few weeks he's had a bone sticking out by his stomach, I thought maybe Anna had broken something while carrying him. Turns out he has a wonky Zyphiod that isn't uncommon but not much we can to about it unless he has surgery to remove it, which is not going to happen. As a bonus the Vet de-wormed Oscar and didn't charge us at all for the visit, very cool! We will be taking Oscar back there is 3 months to get his nuts chopped.

Mikes been working off and on lately, mostly working at the shop helping to fix his buncher, it's getting an overhaul. He was working in woods on an excavator but he cracked the Boom while trying to put a track back on someones machine so that has to go get welded on too. We never know when he'll be working or not though, it makes it tough to try to plan to get away for a vacation/trip to visit friends and family.

Children's Hospital (BCCH) called to set up appointments for Anna, so we are going to the coast the last week of August. So far she will be seeing: Biochemical Disease unit (such a horrible name), the Dietitian, Social worker and a surgeon for a consult on her Lipoma. Hopefully we can arrange time to visit the Cariboo before or after Vancouver. And hopefully J&L's baby will be born so we can visit the newest family member!

My parents are moving tomorrow, Whaaaa. This will the farthest I've ever been away from my Mother. I know I don't visit them often but I still feel sorry for myself that they are gonna be more then 10 hours away. That means to visit ANY of my parents I'll have to travel at least 7 hours. That sucks! At least there is the Internet and phone!

I've finished sewing the main tops for J&L's baby quilt and Ivy's quilt. I just now have to figure out borders and put them together. Ivy's will be on hold for awhile though, I don't have all the material needed/wanted to finish it.

This past weekend was Founders day for our little city, it's 111 years old. At the festivities there was a petting zoo and at the end of everything the rabbits were given away. Mike scooped up the last of them, we now have 3 new rabbits, 2 males and 1 female. they are completely white with pink/red eyes, YUCK, I truly do not like that but I will get used to it. The female is named Pinky and the males are Freddy and Joe: named after my saying "Ready Freddy? Lets go Joe" The girls love it when I say that when we go anywhere in the car. We have already breed Baby Bear(all Black) with Pinky in hopes of having some mixed colours in the babies.

There is probably more I should blog about (like the pesky Deer) but it will have to wait for another day. Anna just realized her sister is gone (for over an hour) and she is demanding my attention

Friday, July 11, 2008

Post 59 ~ Wind storm

We had one heck of a wind storm yesterday. The north wind hasn't blown this hard for 6 years but luckily didn't do too much damage as that last time!

One of our Rabbit hutches was blown over, it was flipped right on to it's roof, luckily all 3 rabbits seem to be alright. There is a bunch of Spruce branches and cones all over the yard, spent all morning raking and cleaning up. I had my laundry on the line when the wind first started and some of Ivy's shorts are missing. Luckily that's all that happened to us.

The neighbours tree is half uprooted, Mike will help Ed cut it done for him this weekend. Irene's phone line was disconnected by the wind and the repair man won't be out to fix it till Tuesday, she's very upset. We were also lucky at this end of town, we didn't lose power(just flicked on and off a few times), north end of town did without for +6 hours. We did lose our TV and Internet cable from yesterday afternoon till just before noon, that was frustrating, I missed the result show for So you Think you can Dance.

Elsewhere in town, trees are down and temporary tarp Garages were blown away and a few older sheds have been knocked down. The Mayor's house had a tree fall on it but she is out of town right now and doesn't know about it. Hardy's store lost some tin roofing as did Gramma's I think. The Fire Department was called out 5 times during the storm, mostly about trees falling but one person's fuse box was smoldering, no clue why. I'll probably hear more as the day goes on....

Also this morning the temp was hovering around 1-2C, I was worried I'd lose my veggies in the garden but everything seems OK. Mike said that he heard the Big White pass had snow yesterday evening.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Post 58~ Ivy and the beasts

Last Sunday (a week and half ago) coming home from Osoyoos over the Anarchist mountains we only had Ivy with us as Anna was being babysat by S&K. So we decide, or more like Ivy and I convinced Mike, to stop at all the statues to have Ivy's photo taken with them. All the new/future developments on the mountain have put up statues at the start of their roads. So here they are:

Ivy at Blacktail Road

Bull Moose Drive, I also have a photo of Ivy picking Moose's nose hee hee

I think this one was Eagle Ridge

Cougar Drive, this one was on a steep hill so Mike took Ivy up. He tried to get her to sit on it's back but it was too hot.

I think this was Red Hawk something or other....

Ivy was very nervous about this Sasquatch

When we picked up Anna and Rupert from S&K's, Anna did not want to go home with us, she wanted to stay with Gramma. So in the car she cried and cried till I whipped out the camera and told her to *smile* then everyone was full of giggles.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Post 57~ Quiz

I saw this quiz on another blog and thought I'd take it, I'd like to believe that its right on the button but am not too sure....What do you think? Does it sound like me?

You Have A Type B+ Personality

You're a pro at going with the flow

You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer

A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.

Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done

You're passionate - just selective about your passions

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Post 56~ Randomness

Ugg, it's July. And its HOT!

I've been soo tired lately but I still stay up late, the quiet at night is so wonderful. The girls have been better behaved lately, playing nicely but they seem to be fighting for my attention all day long, even when we are visiting the neighbours they climb all over me and try to make me yell, like they know that I won't yell outside of our home. And why don't I yell outside of my comfort zone? Why don't I show more of the real me to the rest of the world? Why do I have to project an Idyllic Leslie? It's weird that even though I know lots of people read this blog, I don't hide the real me here, why is it so easy so type out my thoughts instead of talking to someone about it? This is making me feel down....

One the upside, Mike and I haven't been arguing lately. I have even done stupid things that has provoked him, unintentional, and we have been talking them out instead of holding it inside and blowing up. Yaa for us!

My parents came over on Saturday, they are moving to the Cariboo later this month, HUGE change for them! I'm sad they are moving so far away but we hardly see each other right now anyway. We mainly talk on the phone or chat online, so that will not change. This X-mas we are supposed to visit with my Dad in the Cariboo so I guess will just take the extra time and visit my parents too....whats another 3 hour drive in the middle of winter past my Dad's....
So we had a good visit, Mom loved my cooking (:D) My Uncle T also came for dinner, he is temporary batching it as his wife and kids(3) are visiting her family in Ethiopia till this fall. That in itself is a crazy story which I won't get into!

I keep trying to get a hold of my Bro J but he doesn't like to return my calls, I'm getting despite to know how his girlfriend is doing being pregnant. I'll have to ask my Mom for L's e-mail.... About a month left till I'll be an Aunt! if it's a girl they better be prepared for tons of toys and clothes!! Nah, by the time most of it it past though both my girls not much is worthy of another child!

It's almost 11pm.....do I stay up and watch the evening news or do I go to bed and read.....? Either way I'll be reading sooooo I will.......