Saturday, June 28, 2008

Post 55~ results are in

We got the results yesterday and they are good! Doc is almost certain that Anna's lump is just Lipoma measuring 5cm x 5cm which is quiet large. Mike talked with the Dr.O when he called so I don't have all the details. Doc did say that there are "fingers" of ... something(Mike forgot the name) but no Cancer! Dr.O will consulting with BCCH (Children's Hospital) to see if does have anything to do with Anna's Galactosemia, I'm fairly certain it's not as I have seen/read nothing about the two being connected. We are supposed to go to BCCH in August, so I'm sure nothing will be done about the lump till after then.

Here are some not so good shots of the Lump, not much to see, just a bulge on her side, feels like a water balloon.

And here's the lil' goofball!! I'm glad she has good sense of humour!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Post 54 ~Anna's CT scan

Anna's visit to the hospital last Thursday was.....lets just say we hope we don't have to go through it again!

The first bit was fine, Anna loved wearing the hospital gown and giggled when the wires were stuck to her chest and tummy. She had the playroom all to herself and loved the big truck but after that it was miserable.

They had to give her a sedative to make her more complacent, it made her drunk. She could not hold herself up, she was cranky and she would not fall asleep like they hoped she would. Then we took her for the CT scan and the tech asked where the IV was, nurse said that Doc said Anna didn't need one, Tech said "yes she does I should know" so back up to peds to get an IV. They put some numbing cream on her hands but she kept taking it off so the nurse wrapped her hands up in this blue absorbent plastic cloth stuff and gave her another dose of sedative hoping she'd fall asleep...which she didn't. Anna FREAKED having her hands covered, she kept saying "I have no hands" over and over, poor little girl was stoned out of her tree. Finally the IV was put in and down to CT we went again but we had to wait for an hour till we could squeeze in between other patients. Then the tech and the nurse had a hard time getting the liquid dye in the IV as it kept shifting in the vein, poor Anna cried and cried. Anna loved have the actually scan, kept saying " cheese, look mommy I have my picture taken....Cheese!" Hummm, funny girl!

On the way back to peds Anna ripped out her IV and there was blood everywhere, Luckily there was no damage done, to make her happy the nurse gave her a Popsicle. After waiting another hour for the Doc to come and check on Anna one last time we were able to go home but the misery kept on coming. Because she was so doped up she couldn't walk on her own but she wanted to so she screamed all the way from the hospital to the van (of course we had to park 1/2 km away) then she didn't want me to sit next to her (doc said to, to make she kept breathing all the way home) so she screamed all the way to Grandma Scott's. I was able to calm her down there but since grandma wasn't home we decided to set off for home but as soon as Mike put her in the van the screaming started again....and so did the puking. 4 times she threw up in the 1 1/2 hours, not fun! By the time we came home Anna was better, I gave her a bath and she played some with Ivy (who spent the day having fun with her friend Jacob at his house) and then finally at 8:30pm she went to bed and slept all night long!!

The next day... she remembered nothing! She keeps asking when we will be going to the Doctors, Aaugg! We will be getting the results of the scan by the end of this week (hopfully) Doctor should be calling us with them.

Anna lovin the gown
Anna playing in the playroom, loved the truck
First trip to the CT scan room, before IV
hands wrapped up in blue cloth to keep numbing cream on
after scan, enjoying popsicle looking at bandaid covering the IV hole

Monday, June 16, 2008

Post 53~Opps! :(

OPPS!! I feel like a real crummy daughter, I forgot Fathers day. I didn't call either of my Dads, I didn't get them cards or nothing. But at least I wasn't the only one that forgot, Mike forgot his Dad too....and that also means I forgot to get Mike anything too, shoot! What a pair we are!

Happy belated Father's Day!! Sorry!

We met with Dr.O, the surgeon from Trail, in GF on Friday. He seems concerned about Anna's lump, he feels it is not Lipoma. Lipoma is very rare for children and the size is VERY large for the size of person it is on. He wants to run more tests, make sure there is nothing else hiding in the lump that we can't feel, like cancer. Ideally a MRI would be performed but because Anna is so young there is no way for her to stay still enough for one without going under a full anaesthetic (sp?) which the Doc does not want to do. So the next option is a CT scan, we have to go to Trail on Thursday for that. We have to arrive a few hours early so that Anna can have a dose of some kind of sleep aid so she will be more willing to lay down. We still have no clue if this lump is connected to Anna's Galactosemia but Dr.O is calling Children's Hospital to talk with the Metabolic Unit to find out more info. Mike and I are very pleased with this surgeon, we were so worried he'd cut and ask questions later but thankfully he is looking at all options and answers before cutting!

I'm kinda sad right now, an older man in town has lost his battle with cancer, his memorial was today but I didn't go. Ken (aka Whiskers) always gave the impression of a grumpy, dirty old man but once you talked with him you'd realize that was all wrong. He was very nice, always had a kind word and helped everyone he could! He will be missed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Post #52~thoughts of the day

Mike is coming home!!! He's been gone for 3 days and 2 nights, working out of town(4 hours away) Its been weird around here without him, having him home a month solid then all of a sudden he's back to work full time then he's working out of town for a week, I can't adjust! well I have been adjusting ... very slowly!

I'm starting to make baby quilts for my brothers new arrivals. James and Lisa's babe will be here in August and Rob and Jamie Lee's will be here in mid October! Hopefully another Scorpio!! Chatted briefly with Rob on MSN today ans he sounds very excited and happy that he's gonna be a Daddy! I hope he's ready for the change though!

We take Anna to the surgeon on Friday to see if her Lipoma (lump on her side) warrants surgery or not.....I'm so nervous! AAAHHHH MY BABY! (I'm screaming in my head, if I actually do it the girls will think it's a game and scream too) As aunt Kory has been telling Mike this week "Positive Thoughts" I'm thinking and hoping for the best!! AARRRRHHHHH!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Post 51 ~ Oscar's week in review

What a long week it has been, I thought for sure my new little kitty was a goner.

As I posted before, Oscar hadn't been eating very much and by Wednesday he had lost alot of muscle tone and was very listless, just sleeping all the time. So I called the vet and took him in on Thursday. Turns out Oscar had a virus from the SPCA and the vet said that he should not have been adopted out. Vet gave Oscar an antibiotic shot and some liquid vitamins (that I have to give him twice a day) and said that is he doesn't start eating by Friday I was to bring him back.

Well Friday comes and Oscar has only eaten a few crumbles. Mike was due home early so I was going to wait for him to come home So I wouldn't have to take both girls to the vets....but Mike never showed up till after the vet was closed. By then I was stressed and feeling very depressed and just couldn't cope. Mike came home to find me hiding under all the blankets on the sofa crying with the girls piling toys on top of me. He grabs the kitten and a syringe and starts pumping him full of milk, we took turns force feeding Oscar every hour that night and every two hours on Saturday. I also mixed some canned food with the milk on Sat.

Sunday morning I gave him a dose then we went to Gr.P's for a BBQ lunch for K's birthday (had a blast, made Mike and his bro Ben help a bunch, usually they just sit and chat but not this time! hee hee) When we came home at 4pm Oscar was meowing like crazy, I didn't have time to force feed him so I just threw a partial can of food from the fridge on the floor while I put everything we brought home away. By the time I was done the can was almost gone! HE ate on his own!! I was completely shocked and so very happy! That night I put another can down and by morning it was gone. He has eaten 3 medium size cans of food in 2 days! Crazy! And he is still demanding more but I am not going to give him more till dinner. He can eat his crumbles if he is so hungry.

He looks so funny right now, all skin and bones and this huge round belly! Like he swallowed a baseball! I'm so happy he is better, he also back to exploring the house and causing mischief. I like having a cat back in the house, but I never realized how stinky they can be. This time around I'm poop scooping and flushing the poop so it doesn't smell too bad, I never did it for Missy, I was too disgusted by it! But I guess I'm growing up and finally realizing that if I don't do it then no one else will.......

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Post # 50

Holy Crap, 50 posts, who'd a thunk it?! 50 posts and 6 months. WOW, I'm truly amazed at myself, I usually stick with nothing or I take looong breaks: 3 year break from quilting, don't draw anymore...currently on a break from X-stitching, beading lasted all of 2 weeks....

Well we picked up Anna from Mike's parents on Sunday afternoon and she soon made us regret picking her up. The car ride home she screamed, we had taken the kitty in the car and he didn't want to go to her and Anna let us all know how she felt about that! Mike was ready to turn around and take her back to grammas! Anna has had a few "bad" moments but I have the patience to deal with her now, at least for awhile.

But see she can be nice and happy when she feels like it! Such a ham!

I'm worried about Oscar, he doesn't seem to eat much. Only about a tablespoon of crumbles and a lick or two of can food per day but he does drink lots. He has stretched out abit and sleeps alot, it's been so long since I've had a kitten I'm not sure what to do. I'll have to do some research.

Last night while making supper, a huge fuzzy spider jumped out of the broccoli bag, EEEKKKK. I hate spiders! I quickly grabbed a jar and lid from the dishwasher and caught the bugger. It's a bit bigger then a quarter, black with white markings and metallic blue fangs (looks like a mini tranchala) I did some research on the net and I think it is a jumping spider from California. Now how the heck did it survive the trip from CA?

I did a parcel swap on the forum (theme-Paper) I attend and I received my parcel today !! So cool getting packages, specially when you have no clue whats inside! The stuff is mainly for my girls but I'm gonna love playing with it too! Some pretty printer paper, Iron on transfer paper, coloured construction paper and glitter, glitter paint pens, and fuzzy pompoms. The girls had fun making artwork! There is glitter everywhere, all over the table, in the girls hair and faces...I even see some on this keyboard....uh oh, Mikes not going to like that!