Monday, December 15, 2008

Post 85~ life is busy

I have been the Queen of multi-tasking lately, way too busy this past month. Most often my only days home are Sundays and Mondays. my house work is suffering (the average eye couldn't tell thou :-S but I can) and the pets are being ignored too. I try to take Rupert for a walk with me to get Ivy from the bus but between him and Anna, Anna wins out, I can't handle all 3 "kids" on the road.

Anyhow, that's my excuse for not blogging lately, I have been making entries into the imaginary blog, in my head but it never gets forwarded to this one.

Enjoy these recent pics of the girls

Ivy woke up Oscar so he could watch her be silly, I think Oscar would rather still be asleep.
Last Friday (over aweek ago) The girls And I made sugar cookies, same recipie my Mom and I made when I was Ivy's age!

Anna was ticked off Ivy hogged her photo, they both played with the cookies instead of eating them.

Ivy's friends came over Saturday for a party, we had Ivy's birthday early cuz her friends will all be on holiday for her real B-day.
Sunday was the annual Santa's helpers lunch, Santa insisted I sit too (he's an old family friend)

Ivy was once again scared to sit with Santa but gathered enough courage to sit for a few photos

Anna wasn't nervous at all, she marched right up (budged infront of a few kids) and climbed right up!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

#84 ~ Mom, you have to do this....

Mommmy! Mom, MOM!!!

I'm getting so sick of hearing this. All day long one of the two girls are whinny about something, be it help me get dressed, Sis is bugging, she stole my toy, I can't find it, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm full.....NON STOP!! I'm soarly tempted to run away for awhile, maybe to my mommy so I can complain and whine (hee hee hee)

We are starting to make plans for the holidays, we'll be travelling to the cariboo to visit my dad C and my younger siblings, hopefully we'll also stop and stay over night on the way home at my Mom's too.

I'm also trying to make plans for Ivy's 5th birthday party, it will be her first party with just friends, I need Ideas for games for them to play, if anyone has any please send them my way!