Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arrg and more Arrgs!

Talk about ruining a beautiful day! Arrgg!

The stupid Commissionaire that the city hired to enforce by-laws just took a picture of my front yard! He actually left the street and stood in Mike's parking spot and took a picture of the stuff that is hidden by the RV. We've dealt with this before, if it's not seen from the road it's alright and now he leaves the road to look at it!! F*cking A$$hole! If this means we get fined, I'm going to blow!

If one of my neighbours has been complaining I'm going to lose it completely! The only Neighbours that have a right to complain are directly across from us and I've asked them if it offends them and they look at me with a confused look and say "what stuff?". The people next door can't see it through the trees and their tarp garage.

We have had 2 verbal warnings 2 years ago, nothing last year. I'm fairly certain the warning have to be in writing to be enforced. I did notice a messy house on the next street had to put up an 8 foot fence.... I really don't want to fence the yard... even though it would be good if we get a puppy.

Arrrggg, I don't want to tell Mike, I had him convinced to do a dump run soon and now he won't just to spite the commissionaire. I don't want to deceive Mike either and not tell him... Dilemma!

On a positive note, the new guy behind us (who is shifty...) was driving by (on his crappy lawnmower that doesn't mow...) and saw it happen and he quickly stopped and raced to the door to let me know. Now that is neighbourly! I thanked him and he said that our yard isn't that bad, that was nice of him.

I was so mad when it happened, I had noone to vent to so I went outside and hung the laundry and shoveled Rabbit poop into the wheelbarrow and dumped it all into the garden. I did about 8 barrow loads. I was huffing and puffing but still angry! I've calmed down a lot typing it all here.

Deep breathes, Let it go.... Breathe.....is too early for a glass of wine? *grins*

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rupert update

My poor puppy is going down hill fast. The cancer in his shoulder is growing fast and is restricting movement in his left leg. Rupert is not as active as he was a few months ago, he still wants to play and go for walks but he doesn't run around exploring and if I stop so does he and lies down. We are now giving him a pain killer every evening so he can sleep better, he mainly grumbles at night.

Neighbours and friends keep asking how much time Rupert has left.... I don't know how to answer this, I just say we'll know when it's time to let him go and he seems to have few months yet.... But will we know? I don't want to make him suffer and right now he doesn't seem to be in horrible pain. He is still mobile, still eats and his body functions are fine. I'm not sure how much he can take though... or rather how much Mike and I can watch Rupert go through.

On a side note, I've been noticing more puppies around. I feel a little guilty about it but I think I am preparing to let Rupert go and move on to a new dog. It will still take awhile but I know emotionally I can deal with it, I will not slide down into depression. This is one of life's moments/lessons to make us stronger!