Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pre-Olympic stuff

Life has been busy as the host country and province for the Olympics this year. Our Town has been a buzz of activities leading up to the Torch relay that passed through on Sunday. The schools got a money grant to help them celebrate. They put on a Mock Olympics, The kids were put into groups of 7 and each one represented different countries. Participating in an opening ceremony and sharing in unique chants and songs, learning information on their countries. Ivy was Finland! Then there was a day of sledding(luge), down hill skiing, cross country skiing and snow shoeing, then another day of curling and ice skating. To finish up there was also a closing ceremony, including the Gold/Silver/Bronze podium. Winners were chosen by each groups co-operation and participation and guess which group won gold over all? Ivy's Finland!!!

These two shots of Finland sharing their chant and information of former Olympians from Finland.

This Ivy's group Finland on the Gold Podium!

Sunday afternoon the Olympic Torch came through town. Hear it comes...

.... And there it goes... and about that exciting too, I felt disappointed.

The girls and I going home afterward. Girls wanted to know why the runner didn't stop.
When we got home Ivy and I got dressed for the Soiree, the city put on the celebration.
Don't I look nice! I wore black heal boots too.
The girl across the table took this picture of Ivy and I, I don't know why the quality is so poor...
Ivy and Jacob did a wonderful job singing "Oh Canada" our country's anthem. Everyone thought they were sooooo cute!
The rest are some highlights that I could see from my table, Did I mention that we were 3 feet from the stage and the MC was right beside Ivy the whole night. We got that table so Ivy didn't have to fight her way through the VERY crowded hall to do her part.
Ivy loved the Irish Dancers.

This is Taki, the Japanese dance instructor, doing her solo
It was a lovely evening, Ivy was a great date! We missed the last few performances as it was running late and Ivy had school the next morning. We are all so proud of Ivy, I think I have a future star on my hands!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mid Jan update

Went to the doctor last Friday, got the Merina IUD put in. Hurt a bunch afterward, I don't think the Gyno doc is very gentle, I wish I had a woman Gyno! Anyhoo, I was crampy for a few days but yesterday I felt great, did a whole bunch of housework and was fairly calm towards the girls. I'm liking this progesterone, I hope this feeling/mood lasts!

Also got in a small visit with my parents on Friday evening. They spoiled the girls with new backpacks and clothes and stuff. Wish we were closer so the girls could spend more time with them, Kinda sad about that. Anna spent that night and Saturday at Mike's Parents. It was S's B-day on Sunday so the family gathered for lunch, K 's meal was lacking but she made sure it was dairy free. Ben brought his newest girlfriend over as well, means he is getting serious with her. They took the girls out horseback riding after lunch. Anna loved it, Ivy was too cold and kept slipping on the icy snow when waiting for her turn.

Today has started out fairly bad.... Well it actually started out on Sunday, Ivy had a fever and a soar throat but was fine Monday morning. Then after school she complained of her jaw hurting, then before bed her ear hurt....she didn't seem in too much pain and had a slight fever so I gave her Tylenol and sent her to bed but she was up a few times crying. Then this morning (Tuesday) she's crying about her ear but didn't have a fever, she really wanted to go to school.... I was going to send her off but thought otherwise and took to the hospital 30 mins away. Turns out she has tonsillitis and her ear is filled with puss meaning she had an infection that most likely burst through the ear drum. Thanks goodness for Motherly instincts, She is on amoxicillian for a week and misses school today. I have to take her to our regular Doctor in a few weeks to make sure her ear has healed up

You wouldn't know she was ill, she's bouncing around all hyper and causing problems with her sister, a big headache for me!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feeling rested

Ahhhh, so nice to sleep for more than 6 hours for two nights in a row! Feeling back to normal, or at least as close to normal as I can get! *grins*

Ivy and I went to practice last night for the Olympic ceremony on Jan 24 when the Torch comes through town. Ivy will be singing Oh Canada with her friend Jacob, she is nervous but did really good at the practice. We got to watch some of the acts but had to leave at 8pm to get Ivy to bed. There will be an Indian singer, a folk band, a country band, a rock/drum group, Japanese dance (Taki my dance instructor), Judo demonstration, Stand up comedian, bag pipes, Irish dances and a slid show of our town. It will be a sit down, semi formal dinner as well.

Off to the Doctors again tomorrow, getting a Merina IUD put in. Hopefully it will solve all my "lady issues" and hopefully I won't have to go so far for the doctor for a looooong time.

Monday, January 11, 2010

No sleep at all

Arrrg, just when I blog about not sleeping properly, I have the worst night yet! The stress caught up to me last night and I just bawled my eyes out and told Mike everything that has been going through my head, he couldn't sleep either, and he told me he's been stressed to the max as well. We laid in bed talking till 1am and then just stared at the walls till 2ish, Mike ended up going to the sofa to fall asleep while watching TV. Very restless sleep, tossing and turning till that dang alarm went off at 6:30am.

Life just sucks sometimes, too many people depend on you, too much stuff to do, too many places to go and no time to do any of it let alone time to ourselves. When will life be easy?!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So, so tired!

We are all back on schedule, Finally!! With Mike back to work and Ivy back in school and Anna and I doing are things it finally feels normal!.....but..... I'm soooooo tired.

I guess not everything is back to normal. I can't sleep! I can get to sleep but can't STAY asleep. If anything wakes me up, be it Mike getting into bed or Anna calling for me or the dog grumbling in his sleep or snow falling off the roof or a bad dream, I have a very hard time getting back to sleep. So frustrating and it ruins me for the next day. Doesn't matter if I go to bed early or stay up late, have a night cap or a warm shower, nothing seems to work.

I know there is stress going on with my life even though it is back on schedule. Takes awhile to deal with all the little things that add up, I won't get into "the things" as most has to do with people in town and I don't need things leaking out and causing waaaay more stress.

Deep breaths, let it flow off. Take time for me, don't worry about other people/things. Me, me, me! blah blah blaaaaahhhh. Sounds good but hard to do!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 09

Happy New Years everyone, welcome to a new decade!

Finally the Holidays are over and things can get back to normal once again! December is always a busy month with School activities, both the girls birthdays, Christmas and New years. It's crazy!

A few days before the big day, the City's Fire crew goes door to door spreading holiday cheer by giving everyone candy canes. The girls were excited to see the fire truck. Christmas morning, the girls have already opened their stockings and ate some candy, now they are enjoying some cream of wheat before they really get down to business of opening gifts!
Anna opens a gift from Ivy, a monkey with adjustable arms and legs.
Ivy showing off a shirt from Uncle Rob and Aunt Jamie
Anna with her new Tinkerbell outfit from Mom&Dad
A new Tag book from Aunt Jen.
Winnie the Pooh characters from Uncle Rob and Aunt Jamie
Mike (grumpy that I'm taking his pic) showing off the bottle of Hungarian wine from Uncle F
Toys and colouring from...?? I can't remember
Anna loving the stuffie from Gr. Cindy & Popa Harry
Mike (being silly) with a Wii game from Rob and Jamie
The girls loved their new Christmas Dresses from Gr. K (I picked them out )
Anna with a big book and stamps from Uncle F
Ivy won a draw at school, a present from the teachers to a lucky girl and boy. She got a box full of books, markers, crayons, pencils, little games, cup and kinder egg.
Mike busy putting batteries in some toys/games
A few family members gave us $$$ for us to buy ourselves gifts, we decided to put it all together and buy a Wii system!! Mike is hooking it all up here.
A little while later Mike is Boxing! The whole family loves to bowl, my fav is tennis.
We all got dressed up and went to Mike's Grandma's for Christmas lunch, the girls got to open more presents! Mike's mom K want some family pictures, she took this one with our camera... I'm not happy with it but it's the only shot with all of us! Here's a shot with all the women (L-R) Ivy, K, Gr.P, Anna and me. (I'm the tallest at 5'3"!)
Anna soon got tired and grumpy....
But Grandma soon made her happy!

We then went home and vegged all day, played some Wii and ate leftovers! Pretty much a relaxing day, not too stressful.