Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home again

We are home, Finally! I love visiting with family but to go to Vancouver then the Cariboo then home in 4 days was waaaay to much for this lady!

Came home to find our Kitchen is disarray, at first we thought the cat was bored and decide to trash the place trying to find away out but upon closer inspection found the water shut off and quite a mess around the outside tap. Mike called Neighbour Ed and he said that on Friday, Lanna (his Granddaughter that was feeding our pets) found the tap leaking and quickly got Neighbour Ed to help stop it. Turns out the pipe leading outside had split due to the hose being attached, the tap on full blast and it freezing during the night. We had 3 inch of water in our basement, thank goodness it is still being dug out, the water drained on it's own and did no damage. Mike has spent most of today fixing it: Replacing tap, removing insulation, cleaning and drying wall. He still needs to get a new shut off valve.

A big Thank you to Lanna and Neighbour Ed! Without their help we would have came home to an indoor swimming pool and a HUGE mess!

I'll post pictures and about our trip later, right now I want to relax and clean up (an oxymoron!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vancouver bound

Yup, that time of year again... actually it's past due by 2 months... Off to Vancouver for Anna's Galactosemia appointments at Children's Hospital.

We will be leaving at 4am tomorrow (Wednesday) first appointment is at 11am. We'll visit my brothers and their families in the afternoon and evening and, depending on how tired we are, we'll make for Hope and spend the night at our favorite cheap hotel. Then Thursday we'll travel up the Fraser Canyon to the Cariboo and spend 2 nights at my Dad's, hopefully we can visit my younger siblings too. We'll leave there early Saturday and stop in Kamloops for the annual Gun Show (Mike Really, REALLLY wants to go) a quick visit with my Nana and then straight home!!

*sigh* I'm tired just thinking about it....

Ivy will not be joining this hectic 4 day trip, we thought it would be better if she stayed at Gramma P's and went to school. I feel bad she will miss out visiting everyone but traveling with both girls has become a hassle.... Ivy is way too moody! I promised Ivy we (Daddy and I) will go out and see a movie without Anna. I hope I have made the right decision.... Mike changed his mind and wants to take her.... *sigh* I'm the bad guy, again....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter has come and gone but I got some cool shots of the family!

Here's Ivy with the Bunny cake we made thanks to Kraft Kitchens, girls loved it!

This is a cute shot of a toy chick, it peeps when held.

Ivy is so happy in the shot and that's before she had any candy!
Girls during the Egg Hunt at Grandma K's

Gr Grandma P helping Anna get eggs out of the tree.
Gr Grandma P and Anna looking on the hill.
Ivy checking out what is inside an egg...Yum, Jelly Beans!
After the Egg hunt, stuffing their mouths with marshmallow bunnies.
Anna and Grandma K's dancing with the sugar high!

Anna petting Spock, Grandpa's cat
Grandpa S and his girls.

And Sunday afternoon with my parents, I cooked a Big Chicken dinner with all the trimmings, Grandma C spoiled the girls with Easter toys.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Roles switched

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go..... and Mikes staying home looking after girls

It's been busy and confusing around here this week, Mike is off work for awhile, not sure how long. Could be a week, could be a month, could be longer we never know when it's spring break up. My cooking class starts tomorrow, 3 weekly sessions. I'm nervous and hyped up for it, hope it goes smoothly.

The other lady, Deb, is supposed to do the teaching of diabetes and she is flaking out and says I know more about it then she, and she is trying to pile more work on me and the way she acts bugs the heck out of me. I hope I can keep my temper and hope she steps up to the plate!

I think I'm getting sick but it may be stress getting to me, I have been outside lots without a coat.....I hope I feel better in the morn.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Test Results


I almost cried with relief when the nurse told me and the Doctor office! Oh Wow, I have been a nervous wreak all week. I for sure did not want to be pregnant but if I was I didn't know what we were to do, I'm all for woman's choices but for me......not sure what I would have done!

So Negative means I was not pregnant and Nor was my body trying t miscarry. Phew!

But the Nurse did say one of my levels was high and that she couldn't tell me what that means but if the Doc finds that it is important then I'll be called in for an appointment. The Doc hadn't seen the results yet, and I had only stopped in at the office as no one had called me yet. I was anxious for the results!

We are off to Kimberley for the Funeral, In-laws are travelling with us-not our idea! We'll be spending the night in a hotel, visit with Uncle Richie and Aunt Dar before the funeral, then drive home afterwards... going to be a loooong 2 days!