Monday, December 15, 2008

Post 85~ life is busy

I have been the Queen of multi-tasking lately, way too busy this past month. Most often my only days home are Sundays and Mondays. my house work is suffering (the average eye couldn't tell thou :-S but I can) and the pets are being ignored too. I try to take Rupert for a walk with me to get Ivy from the bus but between him and Anna, Anna wins out, I can't handle all 3 "kids" on the road.

Anyhow, that's my excuse for not blogging lately, I have been making entries into the imaginary blog, in my head but it never gets forwarded to this one.

Enjoy these recent pics of the girls

Ivy woke up Oscar so he could watch her be silly, I think Oscar would rather still be asleep.
Last Friday (over aweek ago) The girls And I made sugar cookies, same recipie my Mom and I made when I was Ivy's age!

Anna was ticked off Ivy hogged her photo, they both played with the cookies instead of eating them.

Ivy's friends came over Saturday for a party, we had Ivy's birthday early cuz her friends will all be on holiday for her real B-day.
Sunday was the annual Santa's helpers lunch, Santa insisted I sit too (he's an old family friend)

Ivy was once again scared to sit with Santa but gathered enough courage to sit for a few photos

Anna wasn't nervous at all, she marched right up (budged infront of a few kids) and climbed right up!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

#84 ~ Mom, you have to do this....

Mommmy! Mom, MOM!!!

I'm getting so sick of hearing this. All day long one of the two girls are whinny about something, be it help me get dressed, Sis is bugging, she stole my toy, I can't find it, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm full.....NON STOP!! I'm soarly tempted to run away for awhile, maybe to my mommy so I can complain and whine (hee hee hee)

We are starting to make plans for the holidays, we'll be travelling to the cariboo to visit my dad C and my younger siblings, hopefully we'll also stop and stay over night on the way home at my Mom's too.

I'm also trying to make plans for Ivy's 5th birthday party, it will be her first party with just friends, I need Ideas for games for them to play, if anyone has any please send them my way!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

#83 ~ Not Nits?

Now I am totally confused, the nits that I thought I had are not really nits.....the friend(who does all the lice checks at the schools) said that the nits I saved as a sample don't look like anything she's seen before. They are too small and the wrong colour but they are attached to the hair shaft like a nit and are the same shape. She actually never found any on my head, she was just going by my sample, there was no sign of anything on my head besides dandruff.

She thinks my so called nits could be dead ones that didn't mature but if that is true then where is the louse that laid them???

Thankfully the girls have no more signs of nits or lice! And hopefully it will stay that way. I have volunteered to help with the lice checks at Ivy's school on Thursday. I'm also on my way there today to run the snack cart, so Anna & I will have lunch at GR.P's

Went the the PAC meeting Monday night, learned some, volunteered a bunch. I feel like I have a say! Yea! They better watch out thou cuz in 2 years, when Anna is in school) there will be changes!

Monday, November 24, 2008

#82 ~ Nits!


Doing the girls hair this morning, I did my usually quick inspection for nits/lice. I did not find anything on Ivy and Anna so I leaned back and relaxed and just gave my own hair a quick and lazy swipe with the nit comb what I found shocked the hell out of me! Several nits! WTF! How the heck did I get them?!? I frantically started combing my hair and sure enough more nits were loosened from my hair. I saved some in a plastic baggie to share with A (play group instructor) as a teaching aid for other parents. I then doused my head with the lice shampoo and waited the 10-15 mins then rinsed. Afterwards I found no more nits, and tonight I found no more nits.....If it wasn't for the proof in the baggie I would start to suspect I was hallucinating earlier!

Once again I have washed and dried ALL our bedding and clothes and I also bought a bottle of R&C lice spray for the furniture and mattresses. I cut and doused Mikes head, just to be sure and later this week the girls will get another dose, just to be sure, and I'll get my head checked by a friend and do another dose this weekend, Just to be SURE! This will be the end to these horrible blood sucking F***KERS!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Post 81 ~ New Hair!

Oh ya I got my hair done!
Went to Kelowna to start Christmas shopping and while visiting Jen I mentioned I need to get my hair and before I know it she made me an appointment with her hair stylist.
I feel fabulous!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post 80 ~ Pictures

Lots has been happening this week but I've fairly sick and haven't had the energy to blog anything. So here is what's been going on with my family these past 2 weeks, Enjoy!

Introducing James's baby Bella, 3 months. Mom took these pics while visiting last weekend. Bella is so cute and she always looks surprised ;-)

Here is the proud Papa James and his daughter Bella!

Introducing Robert's son Cameron, 3 weeks and the same weight as his cousin Bella! He's a BIG boy, but he is healthy and that's what counts!

Popa Harry (my Dad) is so happy to have so many grand babies, and Cameron seems quite content in his arms!

My Goofy girl Ivy, she loves dressing up in blankets and pretending she is a fairy or princess or just about anything. I think this time she was a movie star.

Oscar went to the Vet, on Thursday, to get neutered and because he is from the SPCA he also had to get numbers tattooed in his ear. Notice the lovely green/blue in his ear, the ink will wear off leaving behind his Tat.

I love this shot of Anna, she's playing "movie star" and blew me a kiss!

Then she asked me if I got the kiss! LOL

The other morning, Mike discovered Oscar sleeping in the Bathroom sink, LOL Crazy Cat!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post 79 ~ Little Sneak

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Anna has been having difficulties sleeping. She doesn't like to fall asleep or stay asleep, she says it's monsters and nightmares. We (mike and I) thought it was her bed, so we removed her crib, and that didn't work. Then we switched the girls so Anna had the big bed and that worked for a little while. Now I have to lie in bed with her till she falls asleep and then sneak out, but I usually get visits from her during the night and have to lay down with her some more. Most nights she ends up sleeping on the sofa, I have no idea why she prefers the sofa to her bed.

So Last night was like most nights lately, I didn't lie down with her so soon after going to bed she wonders out to the living room complaining of not being able to sleep. I allowed her to sit on the sofa quietly for 20 mins then I took her back to bed and lied down till she was almost asleep then I ducked out and went back to the living room, this was 8pm. After watching some TV and playing games on at 11pm Mike and I went to bed...but when we entered our room, I noticed something off about the bed... it was lumpy... it was Anna. I looked at Mike and asked when did he put Anna in there (we have come to the agreement not to let the girls sleep in our bed anymore since the Lice episode) he looked at me and said he thought I did it... How the heck did she get in our bed without us knowing?? It was cute and we laughed, she is such a little sneak!

So once again I carried her to bed and lied with her till she was sound asleep, this is turning into a Bad Habit!

I ordered a nice Wooden bunk bed from Sears and it should be here after the 19th, I hope the girls will like it and actually stay the whole night in their beds then. If not then it will have been a huge waste of money.

I getting sick. I'm all phlegmy, hot then cold, and now I'm getting a headache..... ug, I hate colds.

Monday, November 3, 2008

post 78 ~ No more Nits!!

Yae!! We got the all clear from Julie the health nurse today!! She couldn't find any nits nor lice!!

I drove Ivy to school today so I could talk with Mrs S. and make sure Ivy was allowed back. She said the other little girl came to school this morning but was still covered in alot of lice and she was sent home. So as a precaution Mrs.S. sent us to Julie to have her search but she didn't see anything! I did a happy dance in my head! Ivy was so happy to go back, she ran all the back to school. We'll still comb and check everyday and do another treatment shampoo within the week.

Oh I'm so happy! I hope we won't have to deal with this again!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post # 77 ~ Halloween

Well, Halloween has come and gone and it was too fast. The girls and I carved these Pumpkins, they drew the faces and I cut, mine is in the middle. I also roasted the seeds. While the girls were horking out on candy I bought out the seeds and they actually dropped the candy and went wild eating the seeds!!

The Girls had a blast, Ivy said it her "best-est day ever". Ivy was a Princess and Anna was a Frog (we put a tutu on her and called her a Frog Princess)

Even though we all had a blast this Halloween there was a few things that put a damper on my and Mike's fun. It started on Thursday soon after Ivy got picked up by the bus, I got a call from the school saying they found nits(lice eggs) on Ivy's hair. One of her classmates got the lice and her Mom called the school and the school did an inspection and Ivy was the only other kid to have them. I was so embarrassed and upset, I was crying when I picked Ivy up from school. Luckily Michelle was there and calmed me down and told me what to do and showed me what I was to look for. She also looked through Anna's hair and thankfully nothing was to be found on her. So I washed Ivy's hair with special shampoo and combed it with a nit comb (a long tiring job) and found about 6 lice and a bunch of eggs. I also washed every blanket and pillow that she has contact with (everyone in the house) and stuffies and clothes, it took me Thursday afternoon/evening, Friday all day, and most of Saturday. I haven't folded everything yet, most is piled up in my bedroom waiting. I did another inspection of Ivy's hair today with the nit comb (took us 1 1/2 hours) and only found 1 immature louse and about 2 doz nits, mostly dead. So now we only have to wash her hair with the shampoo on Wednesday and hope they don't come back. Michelle also said that a drop on tea tree oil once a week will help prevent lice, I've put some on hair and after Ivy is finished I'll do it with her too.
The other sad thing that happened was that Pinky had her batch of bunnies but being that this was her first she didn't seem to take care of them and I found them dead all over the her cage. She had 6 nice and big grey and black babes. The good part in all of this, we now know our stud (Baby Bear) still is studly and Pinky carries young to full term! Hopefully she'll figure out how to care for bunnies the next time we breed her.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Post 76 ~ New arrival!

My younger brother Rob and his Girlfriend Jamie welcomed their baby boy into the world late Monday night!! Cameron Stewart is a Hefty 10lbs 10oz and after 2 days of labour had to make his entrance via C-section, (poor Jamie, I could not imagine trying to push him out!) Rob is a Proud Papa!

On a sad note though, little Cameron had to under go some genetic testing. The Doctors are concerned about his small facial feature that are squished together. I haven't seen pictures yet but I highly doubt it's anything to be concerned with. Rob says Mom and Babe should come home from hospital this weekend

I'm making a baby Quilt for them but now that I know they had a boy, I'm gonna change it up a bit and make it more masculine. The material I originally bought for the back was pastel green, blue, pink and yellow with flowers and butterflies, I think I will save it for a quilt I want to make for Anna.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Post 75 ~ Anna hates to sleep!

Yet again I am frustrated! This time with my daughter Anna. We've been having issues with her sleep schedules from most of a year now. Lately she hates her bed. First it was monsters in the bed, so she spent most of a week sleeping on my bedroom floor, then she spent a week on her bedroom floor when she still refused to sleep in her own bed.

So this weekend I got Mike to dismantle her bed and put her mattress on the floor, the way she has been sleeping for 2 weeks but now refuses to. Currently she is in her room crying and screaming making lots of excuses (my blanket fell off, the door is too closed, the cat came in, I need more blankets, too many blankets etc. etc.) And she is begging to sleep in my bed or the sofa. It's Flippin ridiculous! Mike is so upset, I can't even talk to him without having him snap at me.

Most nights when she does go to bed nicely she ends up getting up several times during the night or up at 6 am (which doesn't jive with us morning haters) On days that she does get up early, like today, she has a small nap which makes her even less tired at bedtime. Which in turn, makes her GRUMPY!!

Oh why can't she be like her sister, Ivy loves to sleep and can't function without 12 hours of sleep. Hmmm I can't hear anything from their room at the moment... only took her an hour to fall asleep hopefully she stay in bed till Mike leaves for work at 7:30am.

Uh oh, was that a whimper......maybe not.... I can't wait till the girls are Teens and they will want/need to sleep in till noon hee hee hee

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Post #74 ~ VOTE!

But for whom?? Today we Canadians go to the polls and decide our future Prime Minister, ug, what a decision. I know I won't be voting for Dion and liberals, he's too wussie. I like the Green Party's ideals but highly doubt they will get the needed votes. Conservatives or NDP.......I don't know! I don't even know who our local reps are, the media has been mainly focusing on the party leaders not their underlings......Oh well I have until this evening when Mike comes home to decide.

We had an alright Thanksgiving weekend. Saturday we went to M&T's for cousin David's 1st birthday, he is cute, so small. Troy says David has lost a bunch of weight these past few months and has to go for a bunch of test, poor little guy.

Sunday was Turkey Dinner as Gramma P's, Mike family was all there. It was nice, Ivy and I were bashing heads again so that kinda spoilt the day. Not much for leftovers, Gramma gave most away to Ben, bah-humbug!

Monday was spent doing housework and cleaning up the yard (which mike mainly did) Mike also spent the day trying to rid Ben's computer of a virus that keeps trying to send it's self to everyone on his MSN list, Very annoying. So that meant that Ben spent most of the afternoon here and bugging me....since he was too stubborn to go outside and help his brother. Arg he makes me so mad! Mike helps him with whatever and whenever Ben wants him but do you think he would help Mike! No that would mean he actually has feels and thinks about someone other then himself! BAH!

Today I went to my Wellness group which ended up being the last for awhile, the lady wants me to come back when she starts it up again as she will be tweaking the program and she thinks I can help co-felicitate. Not to sure about that but I will attend again. Also found out that my councilor is moving on so I get a new case worker.....Yikes, Now I have to open up to someone new and share my story all over again! Maybe I should just show her my blog and she can find out about me that way :D

Time for play group, so that's it for today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post #73~RANT!

I'm getting so frustrated with the financial situation of our world. And it's all the USA governments fault. Well maybe not all their fault but at least 95.78% is their wrong doing! (lol)

It makes me so mad that Canada relies so heavily on the US, I wish our country could be more self-sufficient. Who/what gave the right to them to be so powerful? oh ya, they did.....stupid nuclear bombs.

I don't have anything against the American public just their government and all the billionaire CEO's and Bigwigs. If they would just share half their wealth then this world wouldn't be starving, wasting away to toxic dust.

I am also frustrated that Mike and I can not buy the lot behind us without totally going into debt. 10 years ago that lot would have sold for $10,000 or less, today it's listed at $39,000. It's just a bare lot, no house, no shed, no plumbing - nothing - just a picked fence. We've been wanting to buy since we bought our house, it would be so nice to build a huge shop on it for all mikes tools and toys (and junk) and then my yard would nice and tidy. We could even tear down this house and build our dream home on all 3 lots, a dream come true! But no, not now, not with the unknown financial situation of our nation and the one next door.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Post 72 ~ spilt (soy) milk

On Saturday, Mike put a kerchief on Anna's head to protect her ears (ear infection) while outside. I wanted to take her picture because she looked so cute..... but I should have waited till after she finished her milk! LOL
I can't believe I got a picture of the milk in mid stream!
She is such a doll, she wanted to clean it up herself!
Then within 1/2 an hour Ivy was crying, she turned around and hit her cheek on the back door knob, poor dear. We put the freezie on her cheek instead of an icepack, put it was soon eaten after this picture was taken.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

post 71~ Fall

Fall has officially begun, first real frost hit Tuesday morn. Walking on crunchy grass while feeding rabbits was comforting, I'm not sure why but it was. My hand sure didn't like the cold though, time to find all the mittens. I'm enjoying the cooler weather and longer nights, The heat was zapping all my energy and nothing was getting done around here. The girls are sleeping better with the fall temps too, much better then sweating at night. I just wish I could walk round bare foot still, oh well next year!

Poor Anna has an ear infection, her first. Yesterday afternoon, Anna would complain about her ear hurting, I thought maybe the cat scratched her but didn't see anything. After the 4th complaint in an hour I took her temperature and it was 100*. I quickly called the doc at 3:15pm and was told he leaves at 3:30, so I threw Anna in the van and yelled at M&I (neighbours) to pick up Ivy off the bus and we flew to Midway. Sure enough my suspicion was correct, thank goodness I didn't hold off calling for 20 mins. She is now on Amoxcillin and doesn't seem to be in any pain, well, she's not complaining at least.

I am not surprised she got the infection, I've been wondering when one of my girl would have one. I was plagued as child with ear infections and had tubes put in, my mother also had them bad too. Actually Galactosemics are supposed to be prone to ear infections, for whatever reason.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Post 70~Sick

Not only am I not feeling well but I'm sick of my Internet provider!! ARRGGG

For months off and on our connection has been hit or miss but this weekend it's the worse ever! It gets so frustrating, I just want to come on-line and chk email and blog but it won't let me! Wahhh (my big baby imitation)

Bil (Bro-in-law) Ben is home for the weekend, he called Mike on Friday and they spent 2 hours on the phone! Thank goodness the call isn't on our phone bill, yikes! We went over to his place Saturday evening to help him skin a raccoon's tail....a road kill raccoon...sounds gross but it was actually fairly cool. Thankfully it wasn't bloody or gross it was whole but stiff. It had long feet and toes, so weird.

This weekend has also been rough for Ivy, she had a fever on Friday and asked to go to bed at 6pm. She's also been boogery and coughing and now this afternoon she is starting to lose her voice, which is nice for my ears but not good for her, She'll probably stay home tomorrow from kindergarten.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

#69 ~ Routine

Oh how I love having a routine once again!

The summer seemed to be chaos when there was no scheduled activities for us, I could have made a schedule but I wouldn't have followed it, I need to work with someone else's. With Ivy in Kindergarten 4 days a week and Anna and I attending playgroup twice a week it is enough to help make me stable and happy!

My councilor knows how much I like/need routines, so she tried to get me to write out what I was going to do a day by the hour (8am-wake and dress, 9am-feed and dress girls, 10am-feed animals etc etc) but that was way more then I could do. If I didn't get something done in it allotted hour then I felt like a failure and I didn't want to continue with the schedule.

Also to add to my weekly routine, today I will be attending a Wellness group here in town. The program with be for an hour every Tuesday morn for 8 weeks. The neighbours E&D will be looking after the girls, I should be back in time to put Ivy on the bus for kindergarten.

On a other note, the girls have not been feeling well lately. I've been sending Ivy to school with a cough and this past weekend Anna came down with a sinus cold which this morning I can feel is trying to attack me as well. I blame school for these new germs. I truly hope the whole school year doesn't end up with us getting sick one after another. that would suck!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Post #68~Anna's Haircut

Anna is 2 3/4 years old and has had her very first haircut!

Its been a fight everyday to comb out the knots in her baby fine hair so I just cut it off and now we are left with beautiful bouncy, knot free, locks!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Post 67 ~ New Laptop!!

Oh Yay! I'm special now! Bloggin with my Laptop!

I'm still learning the ins and outs of this Dell Laptop, specially with Windows Vista but I'm getting there. I had a hard time keeping Mike away from it the first few days, he was helping with window up grades etc. but now he just looks over my shoulder and asks hows it going. I bet he thinks I'm gonna crash it any minute! HA I'm better then that!....I hope! :D

Trip to Vancouver went well, Anna's doing well. her nest appointment in 6 months will involve lots of tests: x-rays, physio, ears and eyes etc. Saw a surgeon for Anna's lump and he wants to remove it which we were expecting, so now we are just waiting for a date for the surgery, Hopefully it won't be for awhile as we are all tired of traveling.

While in Vancouver we stayed with my Brother Robert and his Girlfriend Jamie Lee (sorry forgot to take pics)

We went to the Stanley park Aquarium Girls loved it, as did Mike and I once we got over the $25 admission prices (per adult!!)

We also got to see my Bro James and his Partner Lisa and new baby Bella! She is soooo cute, she has James's Dimple!

After Vancouver we drove to the Cariboo via the Fraser Canyon, Girls loved the tunnels (all 7 of them) When the first one approached I pretended we were going to hit the mountain and Mike played along saying "brace yourselves" and we started to fake scream! The girls were afraid and started screaming too but soon started to laugh as we went into the tunnel and thus we started the tradiction of screaming in tunnels! Thanks goodness there are no tunnels around us or the fun would soon turn into a headache!

Spent 2 nights at my Dad's, only got to visit with him and Cody as the girls are fighting with Dad and Sharon was in Vancouver with her Mom.

While at the Ranch on Saturday we rode the Quads around the hay fields and it was so cold that the girls and I were wearing 2 coats each and winter toques but that didn't last long. When we got to the lake the sun came out and the girls stripped down to their panties and diaper and had a blast playing in the water and sand. (forgot to take pictures again)

Ivy has started Kindergarten! and of course loves it even though she was nervous and wanted me to go with her. She got on the bus fine and sits with her friend Owen who is even more nervous of school then she.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Post 66~ BlackBerry Merlot

Yum!! I am enjoying my first glass of our home brewed blackberry Merlot and it is gooood. A little on the sweet side but much better then I was expecting. We bought the wine kit on sale a few months ago and we ended up with 30 bottles @ $0.60 each!!...well with the cost of the bottles and corks it's probably closer to $1.25 each but still we are saving a bunch of money. These 30 bottles will last me for over a year .... unless my FIL comes to visit :-D

So this is the week we are going to Vancouver, Anna's appointments start Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to the actually travel but I can't wait to hold my new little niece. I briefly held the neighbours grandson (2 months) and my heart melted, I almost (ALMOST!!! but not quite) wanted to have another baby, I bet that feeling will be even more stronger after seeing Bella.

Mike got an e-mail from Dell, My Laptop is on it's way!!! Yahoo!!! I feel like a kid waiting for my birthday... well OK I still feel that way for my birthdays! Hee hee hee!! I can't wait to be able to post pictures again and arrange stuff how I want them!! But I'll still have to fight Mike for Internet access as we'll have to share the modem until he can set up a wireless system for me, hopefully that won't take too long!

After Vancouver we will drive the Cariboo and visit my Dad, Brother and Step Mom ( the girls are fighting with Dad, so I might not be able to see them) for the weekend and then it's home to get Ivy ready for KINDERGARTEN!!! We (Ivy and I) are both excited and scared, she hasn't been sleeping very well and tonight she said she was "sad" about school, I think she meant nervous. I'm sure she will do alright once there, it's just the wait that's reeking havoc

Friday, August 15, 2008

Post 65 ~ CRASH!!

It's been so frustrating this week, Monday night our computer crashed! Mike has lost a bunch of his stuff, all the e-mail addys, bookmarks, pictures (thankfully he copied most to disk before summer) games etc. He has a new hard drive coming in so hopefully he can save some stuff. Mike of course blames all my game demos I download and there is no way his stuff could have contributed {sarcasm} ;) But he is now buying me my very own LAPTOP! And he says he wants to get a customized one and because I have no clue about the ram or video cards etc I'm leaving that up to Mike and I get to pick the colour: either Plum or Blue

There has been so much I've want to blog about but haven't been able too:

I took pictures of my canning I've done last weekend but I can't share them till later.

I'm an Aunt! James and Lisa had their Baby Girl Bella on Tuesday Morning via emergency C-section, Mom and Bella are doing wonderful. I can't wait to see them in 2 weeks!!

My Uncle T is now home without a big toe nor the tops of the next few toes, he can't walk nor work either. His Wife and kids are back from Ethiopia as well and came back to a disaster area in the new house, Uncle T left a huge mess before he went to the hospital. I helped clean it and I've also taken my young cousins for little while to give M a break.

Oscar is growing like a weed and eating grasshoppers daily.

Anna is trying to assert her Independence which is a huge headache and a half! but I think we have come to an understanding that I'm the Mom and that's not going to change and she has to deal with it! Some days it's hard to believe she's only 2 1/2 and not 16.

After 3 months I finally got a period, something is messed with my body!

Mikes boss and foreman are fighting over him. Boss wants Mike to work in the shop as a mechanic, foreman wants him in the woods on the buncher, Mike doesn't care either way as long as he gets a paycheck.

I guess thats it for now, I will hopefully be able to post pictures and more soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Post 64 ~ HOT!

It's way too hot, too too hot for me. 40*C!

I don't like summer, I wish it was spring and fall all year round!

I'm currently reading a series by Dennis L. McKiernan (Once Upon a Winter's Night, Once Upon a Summer's Day etc etc..) and in the world of fairy there is 4 woods separated by a twilight boarder and each of these woods has a certain season: Springwood, Winterwood, Autumnwood and Summerwood. I with these woods were true to step from one season to another in a matter of minutes....tired of summer spend a few days in winter, tired of the cold go warm up in warm spring. that would be heaven for me!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Post #63 ~ Summer blues??

I'm not feeling well these past few days.....I feel very sluggish, kinda feel like a head cold coming on but I have a feeling it might be something more. My hair is falling out like crazy, Feel like a shedding dog!

My dang period is late again, I forgot to write on the calendar when my last one was but I think it was over 2 months ago. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative...I kinda think Maybe I'm going though Peri menopause or POF (Premature Ovarian Failier). POF is very common for Galactosemics (what Anna has) and I'm wondering how common it is for carriers like me....

But I also feel PMS symptoms: crampy, grumpy, don't want to be touched... but no spotting or anything. I'M a Big ol' MESS!!!!

Here I was thinking I was doing better, thinking the depression might be easing up but then I get hit with all this and I feel like crawling into bed and not getting up till October.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Post #62 ~ Music influence

I have always loved music, all music, all genres. I find if I'm getting really low, I haven't been listening to much. The radio is always on in the Van whether it's the Rock station or the Sesame Street Gang.

I've been tempted to add one of those music players to my blog but I find they are annoying when you are trying to read plus it makes a blog slow to load. BUT if I did have a player the song that would be playing is Katy Perry ~ I kissed a Girl. First heard it on So You think You Can Dance totally related to it. Yes I have kissed girls before and Yes I liked it, doesn't make me gay but it did make me wonder if maybe I was bi, nothing ever went beyond kissing and Mike doesn't have to worry about me running off and leaving him for a Girl. Wish this song was out when I was a teen, would have helped ALOT!

This morning I watched some music videos on MUCH but was very disappointed, the channel has changed so much these past few years, more talk and not enough videos. I find myself watching MUCHMOREMUSIC (MMM) more as the years go on, it is geared toward more mature audience but I never really considered myself part of that genre but I guess I am. Love they retro breaks it has, some of the videos are from my preteen years which is slightly depressing to think the music I grew up to is Retro! I'm only 28!!

Everyday the girls and I sing nursery rhymes and some of the girls favorite kid shows are the ones based around music (Hi-5, Dora). I catch Ivy dancing to music in commercials or nodding along to rock songs in the van, I think she has my (and Mike's) love for tune-age!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Post #61~ Rain! Yahoo

It's Raining, it's pouring and I'm doing a happy dance!!

This is just what we needed after all that Sunshine and heat. I don't have to water the garden nor lawn, the Rabbits are all happy and hopping around instead on stretched out and panting. The woods will get the moisture it needs so fire restriction are lowered and Hubby doesn't have to worry about work!! Yahoo!!!!!

The coolness of the day has jump started my domestic-ness, I organized the girls toys in the living room, threw some out, others went outside where they belong. The girls found a bunch of missing toys, so they are quite happily playing and not minding that it's raining. I also made cookies for Mikes lunches and Krispie squares for the girls and I have hodge podged a Lazy mans Cabbage Casserole, Yum!

Rupert has spent most of the afternoon outside on the chair, he hid outside when we began cleaning the living room, poor guy didn't have anywhere to lay down. Just before I took this picture he was curled up in a ball but he had to sit up for the shot!

I also just realized I forgot to take my anti-depressant today and am feeling pretty darn good, yea I'm on my way to being better! I'll still take them for a few months to make sure but this is a good sign of things to come!

Silly Oscar is so much like ol' Missy it's unbelievable, he has taken over Ivy's chair at the table just like his predecessor. I really like this guy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Post #60~Life is busy!

Oh so very busy! but nothing ever seems to get done.... Where do I start...

Ivy has been going to VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week. Yes I know, I, the atheist let me kid get relig-i-fied (my own word) I have said right from the start that I'd let my children choose their own way through life, I will guide but not force them, I want them to be open to everything and if for them that means the church, temple or even a cult then that is their right! OK, back to the topic at hand: VBS, Ivy loves it, she comes home with tales of singing and playing, puppet shows and crafts and yummy snacks, so it's all good. It runs from Tuesday to Saturday of this week, all morning long, our neighbour and friend Ardena is taking her son Jacob, Ivy and friends Luke and Olivia, they are all 4 years old. How she can handle all those kids is beyond me! Yaa for her!

Mike and I took Oscar to the vet yesterday (again). For a few weeks he's had a bone sticking out by his stomach, I thought maybe Anna had broken something while carrying him. Turns out he has a wonky Zyphiod that isn't uncommon but not much we can to about it unless he has surgery to remove it, which is not going to happen. As a bonus the Vet de-wormed Oscar and didn't charge us at all for the visit, very cool! We will be taking Oscar back there is 3 months to get his nuts chopped.

Mikes been working off and on lately, mostly working at the shop helping to fix his buncher, it's getting an overhaul. He was working in woods on an excavator but he cracked the Boom while trying to put a track back on someones machine so that has to go get welded on too. We never know when he'll be working or not though, it makes it tough to try to plan to get away for a vacation/trip to visit friends and family.

Children's Hospital (BCCH) called to set up appointments for Anna, so we are going to the coast the last week of August. So far she will be seeing: Biochemical Disease unit (such a horrible name), the Dietitian, Social worker and a surgeon for a consult on her Lipoma. Hopefully we can arrange time to visit the Cariboo before or after Vancouver. And hopefully J&L's baby will be born so we can visit the newest family member!

My parents are moving tomorrow, Whaaaa. This will the farthest I've ever been away from my Mother. I know I don't visit them often but I still feel sorry for myself that they are gonna be more then 10 hours away. That means to visit ANY of my parents I'll have to travel at least 7 hours. That sucks! At least there is the Internet and phone!

I've finished sewing the main tops for J&L's baby quilt and Ivy's quilt. I just now have to figure out borders and put them together. Ivy's will be on hold for awhile though, I don't have all the material needed/wanted to finish it.

This past weekend was Founders day for our little city, it's 111 years old. At the festivities there was a petting zoo and at the end of everything the rabbits were given away. Mike scooped up the last of them, we now have 3 new rabbits, 2 males and 1 female. they are completely white with pink/red eyes, YUCK, I truly do not like that but I will get used to it. The female is named Pinky and the males are Freddy and Joe: named after my saying "Ready Freddy? Lets go Joe" The girls love it when I say that when we go anywhere in the car. We have already breed Baby Bear(all Black) with Pinky in hopes of having some mixed colours in the babies.

There is probably more I should blog about (like the pesky Deer) but it will have to wait for another day. Anna just realized her sister is gone (for over an hour) and she is demanding my attention

Friday, July 11, 2008

Post 59 ~ Wind storm

We had one heck of a wind storm yesterday. The north wind hasn't blown this hard for 6 years but luckily didn't do too much damage as that last time!

One of our Rabbit hutches was blown over, it was flipped right on to it's roof, luckily all 3 rabbits seem to be alright. There is a bunch of Spruce branches and cones all over the yard, spent all morning raking and cleaning up. I had my laundry on the line when the wind first started and some of Ivy's shorts are missing. Luckily that's all that happened to us.

The neighbours tree is half uprooted, Mike will help Ed cut it done for him this weekend. Irene's phone line was disconnected by the wind and the repair man won't be out to fix it till Tuesday, she's very upset. We were also lucky at this end of town, we didn't lose power(just flicked on and off a few times), north end of town did without for +6 hours. We did lose our TV and Internet cable from yesterday afternoon till just before noon, that was frustrating, I missed the result show for So you Think you can Dance.

Elsewhere in town, trees are down and temporary tarp Garages were blown away and a few older sheds have been knocked down. The Mayor's house had a tree fall on it but she is out of town right now and doesn't know about it. Hardy's store lost some tin roofing as did Gramma's I think. The Fire Department was called out 5 times during the storm, mostly about trees falling but one person's fuse box was smoldering, no clue why. I'll probably hear more as the day goes on....

Also this morning the temp was hovering around 1-2C, I was worried I'd lose my veggies in the garden but everything seems OK. Mike said that he heard the Big White pass had snow yesterday evening.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Post 58~ Ivy and the beasts

Last Sunday (a week and half ago) coming home from Osoyoos over the Anarchist mountains we only had Ivy with us as Anna was being babysat by S&K. So we decide, or more like Ivy and I convinced Mike, to stop at all the statues to have Ivy's photo taken with them. All the new/future developments on the mountain have put up statues at the start of their roads. So here they are:

Ivy at Blacktail Road

Bull Moose Drive, I also have a photo of Ivy picking Moose's nose hee hee

I think this one was Eagle Ridge

Cougar Drive, this one was on a steep hill so Mike took Ivy up. He tried to get her to sit on it's back but it was too hot.

I think this was Red Hawk something or other....

Ivy was very nervous about this Sasquatch

When we picked up Anna and Rupert from S&K's, Anna did not want to go home with us, she wanted to stay with Gramma. So in the car she cried and cried till I whipped out the camera and told her to *smile* then everyone was full of giggles.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Post 57~ Quiz

I saw this quiz on another blog and thought I'd take it, I'd like to believe that its right on the button but am not too sure....What do you think? Does it sound like me?

You Have A Type B+ Personality

You're a pro at going with the flow

You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer

A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.

Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done

You're passionate - just selective about your passions

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Post 56~ Randomness

Ugg, it's July. And its HOT!

I've been soo tired lately but I still stay up late, the quiet at night is so wonderful. The girls have been better behaved lately, playing nicely but they seem to be fighting for my attention all day long, even when we are visiting the neighbours they climb all over me and try to make me yell, like they know that I won't yell outside of our home. And why don't I yell outside of my comfort zone? Why don't I show more of the real me to the rest of the world? Why do I have to project an Idyllic Leslie? It's weird that even though I know lots of people read this blog, I don't hide the real me here, why is it so easy so type out my thoughts instead of talking to someone about it? This is making me feel down....

One the upside, Mike and I haven't been arguing lately. I have even done stupid things that has provoked him, unintentional, and we have been talking them out instead of holding it inside and blowing up. Yaa for us!

My parents came over on Saturday, they are moving to the Cariboo later this month, HUGE change for them! I'm sad they are moving so far away but we hardly see each other right now anyway. We mainly talk on the phone or chat online, so that will not change. This X-mas we are supposed to visit with my Dad in the Cariboo so I guess will just take the extra time and visit my parents too....whats another 3 hour drive in the middle of winter past my Dad's....
So we had a good visit, Mom loved my cooking (:D) My Uncle T also came for dinner, he is temporary batching it as his wife and kids(3) are visiting her family in Ethiopia till this fall. That in itself is a crazy story which I won't get into!

I keep trying to get a hold of my Bro J but he doesn't like to return my calls, I'm getting despite to know how his girlfriend is doing being pregnant. I'll have to ask my Mom for L's e-mail.... About a month left till I'll be an Aunt! if it's a girl they better be prepared for tons of toys and clothes!! Nah, by the time most of it it past though both my girls not much is worthy of another child!

It's almost I stay up and watch the evening news or do I go to bed and read.....? Either way I'll be reading sooooo I will.......

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Post 55~ results are in

We got the results yesterday and they are good! Doc is almost certain that Anna's lump is just Lipoma measuring 5cm x 5cm which is quiet large. Mike talked with the Dr.O when he called so I don't have all the details. Doc did say that there are "fingers" of ... something(Mike forgot the name) but no Cancer! Dr.O will consulting with BCCH (Children's Hospital) to see if does have anything to do with Anna's Galactosemia, I'm fairly certain it's not as I have seen/read nothing about the two being connected. We are supposed to go to BCCH in August, so I'm sure nothing will be done about the lump till after then.

Here are some not so good shots of the Lump, not much to see, just a bulge on her side, feels like a water balloon.

And here's the lil' goofball!! I'm glad she has good sense of humour!!