Saturday, May 31, 2008

Post #49 ~ Trouble with Anna

I feel like a horrible Mom right now. I sent Anna to my in-laws for the weekend as I just can't handle her right now and I need a break from her. That sounds so terrible, I know I shouldn't be beating myself up for this but I can't stand not being able to cope with my own child.

All week Anna and I have been butting heads. Ever time I tell her something or try to discipline her: she talks back, yells NO, keeps doing what she is not supposed to, starts throwing things or hits her big sis. Shes only 2 for gosh sakes!! I know it's most likely just a stage she is going though but I can't help but think it has to with Galactosemia, it's like she doesn't learn or understand when she is being naughty.

It's nice and quite around here but I'm in pain (not just emotionally either) I have a fat lip from being head butted by Anna, the cat bite I got at the SPCA seems to be infected (not too bad, red and pussy on two holes) and my back still hurts, most likely from our mattress. I just want to go back to bed. Hopefully I'll feel better by the time Anna comes home and we can get back on track. Is it wrong of me to hope she gives some attitude to her grandparents so I know it's just not me she fights with...???

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Post 48 ~ Oscar

Introducing Lord Oscar Fuzzy Bottom!!!

I decided it was time to start looking for a new cat, I've been lost without my Missy (died Aug '07 at 17yrs) So I surprised the girls by taking them to the SPCA just to look.....well one thing led to another and we brought this adorable little guy home. He isn't what I wanted, far from it! I was dead against a kitten, I wanted a female that was at least one year old, but the one I really wanted was already spoken for. Then my second choice bit the hell out of my arm when I tried to get it out of her cage (they said it was fairly wild but oh, so gorgeous) The girls were scared after that of the bigger cats and kept saying over and over that they wanted a little kitty.

I still didn't want a kitty but to amuse the girls we looked at them, all were black or black and white, Mike hates black cats, so I thought that was that......but then this little fellow pushed aside his siblings and my heart melted. I only held him for 5 seconds and knew that I could not put him back. He is 8 weeks old.

Mike was shocked when he came home from work, a little up set that he wasn't involved but I think he has fallen in love (or at least in like) with him. On the car ride home the girls and I thought of calling him Fuzzy bottom and Fuzzy for short but I knew that I had to let Mike have the final say. After some tossing of names, Oscar stuck and Mike liked the "Lord" so he is officially, Lord Oscar Fuzzy Bottom. Oh and he loves Rupert, which is a big bonus! Oscar probably thinks Rupert is brother or something because he's black like Oscars mom and siblings.

Little guy is tuckered out from exploring his new home, he just curled up on my lap to have a nap. I hope tonight goes well, he already mews very loudly when left by himself and we are planning on keeping him in the laundry room overnight so he doesn't get into too much trouble....we shall see!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Post 47 ~ Vaca on hold

Wouldn't ya know it, Just when we finally have things set up so we can leave for a week, Mike gets a call from the Boss. He is working today and possible for the rest of the week and we don't know what the near future will hold either. We were all set to travel to visit my Dad and his family later this week and come back mid next week, good thing I hadn't called Him to tell him that we were coming cuz I hate cancelling things. Hopefully I will know more tonight when Mike comes home as to how much work he has.

Mike is almost finished the south wall, one more layer of blocks and then the house can be set down on it. This was supposed to happen today but.....oh well, one layer shouldn't take very long to do.

Mike and I also got the yellow spiral slide (neighbour Ed gave us last year) up and mounted for the girls yesterday. Just as we finished it started to pour so the girls didn't get to try it out last night, they were too chicken of the rain. First thing this morning, after breakfast, they raced out there and have been playing on it since, only taking short breaks for lunch and freezies.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Post 46~ basement pic

Thursday.....yup it's Thursday.....a blah day today I think....

I sewed some more the other night, top pattern of Ivy's quilt mostly done, just have to figure out the borders and how to make it a bit longer to fit her twin bed. Might make a pattern for the pillow area, it will look good when the bed is made up but will look funny if I enter it into the fall fair, not sure what I'm going to do.

Mom told me the other night that my brother Rob and girlfriend are expecting this fall. I have mixed feelings: Happy there will be another baby, Worried that they aren't ready for the responsibility, Scared that Rob won't be able to handle it emotionally. I have yet to call and Congratulate them. I also should call my other brother Jamie and check the status of his girlfriends pregnancy. Doesn't anybody get married anymore?? Mike's Mom said I should sew baby quilts for both of the boy's babies, it's a good idea but not sure if I have enough of the proper material....I'll have to go though my stash.

Mike and his uncle F have been working hard on the basement for weeks now, the south wall is almost complete then they will work on the water lines and sewer pipe. The old cast iron sewer pipe coming off the toilet is leaking, YUCK! I hope we have enough funds to replace everything.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Post #45 ~ Long Weekend

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot! Whew, what a heat wave. I was totally not prepared for +30C weather. The girls are loving it though, we set up their tent in the backyard and Mike made a mock campfire, I gave them some marshmallows on a stick, they are having a blast. Mike promised to take them camping this summer so they can do it for real. On a sad note, I found Lopsy the rabbit dead in her box/bed this morning. She was about 7 or 8 years old, looks like she died in her sleep. I think the heat got to her, she didn't do well in the summers either but she will live on though her many children out there. Bye Lopsy.
I'm been feeling a bit off lately, I'm not into the sewing right now and I don't want to do anything but play games and chat on the computer (And I'm kinda board with that too) Not sure if it's the heat or stress about money or I keep forgetting if I took a pill in the mornings and I don't want to double up on them....Ug I'm a mess.

Anna has a meeting with a surgeon in GF about her lump on June 13 (Friday the 13th, eek!) The Lipoma seems to be growing, so DR.W wants the surgeon to look at it and see if it needs removing. Mike and I don't want her to go under the knife and would rather wait to see if it will stop growing on it's own. Lipoma is not life threatening, it's just a fatty mass. But then again if it was to be removed while she is young the healing time will be short and less likely to scar....We shall see what the surgeon says.

Mike has made another batch of home brew, this one is called Indian Pale Ale (IPA). We bottled is yesterday evening, 57 bottles at $0.20 each plus labour, not bad eh! Once I can find enough wine bottles (30-ish) then we can start on my blackberry Merlot. Yaa!

That's it for now, gotta bring in the laundry from the line and start on dinner, BBQ Ribs! Yum!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Post #44 ~ No internet!

Aaarrrgg, We've been without cable and Internet for 2 days now!! and I've been wanting to blog so much and now that I can, I have lost what I wanted to type. This is so frustrating, plus now that I can sit and type, I have a 2 year old girl who is all hyped up on candy necklace crying at my feet because I won't let her sit on my lap while typing. Hopefully I can get back on here tonight and remember what I wanted to blog about.....dang I hate that....

Friday, May 9, 2008

Post #43 ~ Day Off

Yesterday seems so far away......

Let it be on record that on Thursday May 8, 2008, I had the day off. Well most of the day anyway. Mike and his Mom K took both girls to GF yesterday for Ivy's final gymnastics class and then they all went to the pool and had lunch at A&W and then went shopping. I had from 10:30am till 4pm all to myself, 5 1/2 hours of husband and kid free time to do what I wanted to do without interruption!! It did seem odd at the beginning, so quiet and calm but I got used to it in a hurry! And let me tell you, it went fast! I made a loaf of bread (bread Machine), made an angel food cake, cleaned the kitchen, picked up toys in the living room, played on the computer, checked out some blogs and forums, AND did some sewing on the quilt! I need more days off, this house would be sparkling clean then.

Today.....calm and quiet is just a fond memory. The girls are having screaming wars (who can scream longest and loudest) and fighting over toys. Mike is complaining that my laundry loads aren't level and the machine is vibrating too much and that was all before lunch. Hopefully they will all lay off me this afternoon.

I have started to plant in my garden, Mike helped me plant seed potatoes earlier in the week and today Ivy helped me plant the peas while Anna played in the dirt. Now that lunch is over, I'm going to plant some radishes and carrots and map out where the rest of veggies will go.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Post#42 ~ Week in Review

I haven't had much time to write lately, we have been busy outside this past month (when it hasn't been snowing) The yard has never looked better in the 9 years we have owned it. Mike cut down some of the over grown choke Cherry trees on the south property line and hacked back the apple trees there as well. The grass is nice and thick and as long as we keep it watered it should stay that way all year. Mike is helping me with the flower beds and garden so they don't look so overrun by grass. Over all it's shaping up fairly fast without too mush fuss!

Hee hee hee, the girls were hamming it up for the camera!! They really know how to make me laugh some days!

Took the girls to the doctors for their follow up appointments on Monday. Ivy's leg hasn't been bugging her at all lately, but she has eczema on her hands so we have to use lots of hand cream on her and use perfume/alcohol free products. She might also have it on her scalp too as she always complains of it itching, which is no surprise since mine is the same, and I have to use medicated shampoo.

Dr.W thinks Anna's lipoma has grown, so she has written a letter to the traveling surgeon in Trail to come out and have a look at it. On Thursday I got a call from Dr.O's office to set up an appointment but I wasn't home and when I called back the office was closed til Monday. Mike and I are anxious and nervous, not sure if we want Anna to have surgery to have it removed. The Lump doesn't seem to bother Anna, you can poke and prod it and she doesn't complain. So we shall see....

Also found out lately that my Uncle Troy and his young family has bought a house in town here....not too excited about that. I like Troy but his wife and kids are quite the handful to say the least. I'm not looking forward to Martha coming to playgroup. She likes to compare her kids everyone else's and it gets really annoying fast. But it will be nice to have some family close by, at least my girls will get to know their cousins specially when they are all the same age: Daniel is 1 1/2 months younger the Ivy, Sylvia is 2 weeks older than Anna, and the baby (name??) is about 6 months.

My Sister Jenn came for a visit today, it was nice to see her again. She's been living a busy life. Her boyfriend Murad went back to Jordon for the summer and she is really missing him. Jenn plans on visiting him in August for a month, even though Murad says it will be quite the culture shock. They say they are planning a future together which makes me excited but nervous too, I just want the best for my little sis. Now don't get me wrong, I really like Murad and I think I'd feel this way no matter who Jenn was seeing....and that goes for my other sisters too, the boys I'm not too worried about but the girls I do....maybe it's just a sister thing.

Not sure if there is much else to write about at the moment... mmmm I smell fresh cut grass, smells like SPRING!!!