Thursday, March 21, 2013

A March day outside

Ivy and Samuel

Anna in the tree fort.

Ivy pushing Anna on tire swing under the fort.

Beautiful Ivy in fort.
Phoenix and Doris looking regal.


Clucking at the watering hole.

Doris scratching for seeds

Farm labour, Hens scratching up the garden.

Pretty hen.

Samuel is upset he has to be tied up while hens are out of the coop.

Hens at the garden gate, waiting for me to lead them back to the coop.


german in pdx said...

Hi Leslie -
it's Bea from The Not So Cheesy Kitchen {Galactoemia in PDX}. I would like to get in touch w/u but do not see yr email. germanpdx (at) gmail (dot) com

swim4urlifex3 said...

So I accidentally hit "Next Blog" and yours popped up. And I just happen to be kinda obsessed with chickens!! I actually just got 3 hens a few months ago that look almost identical to yours!! The original owners told me they were told the hens were pure Rhody Reds but they didn't think that was true because of how much white was on them. I've never really seen any that were so light, especially with cream/white on the tails and wings. Mine also have a bit more cream mixed in on there necks too, your seem to have a bit of that. Are yours Rhody Reds?

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