Sunday, August 24, 2008

Post 66~ BlackBerry Merlot

Yum!! I am enjoying my first glass of our home brewed blackberry Merlot and it is gooood. A little on the sweet side but much better then I was expecting. We bought the wine kit on sale a few months ago and we ended up with 30 bottles @ $0.60 each!!...well with the cost of the bottles and corks it's probably closer to $1.25 each but still we are saving a bunch of money. These 30 bottles will last me for over a year .... unless my FIL comes to visit :-D

So this is the week we are going to Vancouver, Anna's appointments start Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to the actually travel but I can't wait to hold my new little niece. I briefly held the neighbours grandson (2 months) and my heart melted, I almost (ALMOST!!! but not quite) wanted to have another baby, I bet that feeling will be even more stronger after seeing Bella.

Mike got an e-mail from Dell, My Laptop is on it's way!!! Yahoo!!! I feel like a kid waiting for my birthday... well OK I still feel that way for my birthdays! Hee hee hee!! I can't wait to be able to post pictures again and arrange stuff how I want them!! But I'll still have to fight Mike for Internet access as we'll have to share the modem until he can set up a wireless system for me, hopefully that won't take too long!

After Vancouver we will drive the Cariboo and visit my Dad, Brother and Step Mom ( the girls are fighting with Dad, so I might not be able to see them) for the weekend and then it's home to get Ivy ready for KINDERGARTEN!!! We (Ivy and I) are both excited and scared, she hasn't been sleeping very well and tonight she said she was "sad" about school, I think she meant nervous. I'm sure she will do alright once there, it's just the wait that's reeking havoc


Andrew Clarke said...

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Anonymous said...

I want to taste the wine! smiling here... Hope you have a good time, and am keeping my fingers crossed for Ivy...