Sunday, September 21, 2008

Post 70~Sick

Not only am I not feeling well but I'm sick of my Internet provider!! ARRGGG

For months off and on our connection has been hit or miss but this weekend it's the worse ever! It gets so frustrating, I just want to come on-line and chk email and blog but it won't let me! Wahhh (my big baby imitation)

Bil (Bro-in-law) Ben is home for the weekend, he called Mike on Friday and they spent 2 hours on the phone! Thank goodness the call isn't on our phone bill, yikes! We went over to his place Saturday evening to help him skin a raccoon's tail....a road kill raccoon...sounds gross but it was actually fairly cool. Thankfully it wasn't bloody or gross it was whole but stiff. It had long feet and toes, so weird.

This weekend has also been rough for Ivy, she had a fever on Friday and asked to go to bed at 6pm. She's also been boogery and coughing and now this afternoon she is starting to lose her voice, which is nice for my ears but not good for her, She'll probably stay home tomorrow from kindergarten.

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This post made me smile...