Thursday, September 25, 2008

post 71~ Fall

Fall has officially begun, first real frost hit Tuesday morn. Walking on crunchy grass while feeding rabbits was comforting, I'm not sure why but it was. My hand sure didn't like the cold though, time to find all the mittens. I'm enjoying the cooler weather and longer nights, The heat was zapping all my energy and nothing was getting done around here. The girls are sleeping better with the fall temps too, much better then sweating at night. I just wish I could walk round bare foot still, oh well next year!

Poor Anna has an ear infection, her first. Yesterday afternoon, Anna would complain about her ear hurting, I thought maybe the cat scratched her but didn't see anything. After the 4th complaint in an hour I took her temperature and it was 100*. I quickly called the doc at 3:15pm and was told he leaves at 3:30, so I threw Anna in the van and yelled at M&I (neighbours) to pick up Ivy off the bus and we flew to Midway. Sure enough my suspicion was correct, thank goodness I didn't hold off calling for 20 mins. She is now on Amoxcillin and doesn't seem to be in any pain, well, she's not complaining at least.

I am not surprised she got the infection, I've been wondering when one of my girl would have one. I was plagued as child with ear infections and had tubes put in, my mother also had them bad too. Actually Galactosemics are supposed to be prone to ear infections, for whatever reason.

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Anonymous said...

Hugs to Anna, hope it's gone by now... Autumn is my favorite... They say snow for us today, hope it's in the highest mountains and not here... not looking forward to snow...