Monday, February 23, 2009

post 95 ~ New Cut

Voter turn out was low, but no matter. I used the gift card my Parents gave me to get my hair done, nothing too dramatic. I'm likin it! The streak that Mike helped put in really compliment the cut...or the cut compliments the streaks either way it works!

I miss my long hair but at this stage in my life, I can't take care of it like it needs. Maybe in a few years when the girls are more capable taking care of them selves...and their own hair, lol!

Man, my appetite has been in high gear for a week now, I've been eating everything in sight! Mike says he's the same way...maybe it's the weather or time of year or stress or ..... that we are hungry! We are trying to be more active too....maybe thats what it is.

No cooking Peer Mentor thing today, the parenting group tomorrow is pot luck, still means I have to cook but at least it's in my own kitchen. Think I'll make herb baking powder biscuits (with soy milk) and let the other parents make the main courses.

After getting my hair done and after we had done all our running around in K-town we went to visit my Parents. We had a nice visit, the Girls were a bit grumpy but Mike and I worked together and got them calmed down. After dinner we adults were talking and joking about several topics, when we were talking about relationships, my Dad said that Mike is good for me, every time he is around me I am smiling, Mike makes me happy, Dad knew that when we first started to date, but didn't let it show. That was a big thing for me to hear, my Dad and Mike didn't have the best relationship the first few years of our dating so it was good to know that after 12 years My Dad actually likes Mike...he may have liked him long before this but it was good for me to finally know for sure!

I'm Happy Happy!!


Anonymous said...

I like your hair like that young lady... looks very uptown...

That was so nice of your father to let you know that he likes Mike, a daddy's little girl always like to hear that... Hugs

Brenda Jean said...

I like it! Are you going to share that herb biscuit recipe? I would love to have it!

It's funny, but I had more hair short for years while the kids were small like yours, and now I'm growing it out again:)