Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vote about my hair!

I want/need to do something with my hair. It's at that awkward stage. We're planning on going to K-town this Sunday and I'm hoping to get my hair done too.My hair grows so fast that I like to change it up. So I'm giving my public the option of input! Lucky you! You can vote on the side bar <-- or/and you can leave me a comment.

Mondays and Tuesdays have been way too busy lately, I'm glad it's only for a week or two more.

We have a date for Anna's Surgery! April 23 is the day she is going under the knife to have her Lump removed, we are all excited but anxious.... I hope she isn't put in too much pain. While at Children's Hospital, during the week before the surgery, we will have all of Anna's yearly appointments/tests for Galactosemia.

I think we are all finally over our colds, a few sniffles here and there but nothing to worry about. Since Mike and I have been taking the "No body's Perfect" course our family has been more peacefully, even the girls seem to be fighting less...but that could be cuz they have been spending less time together, that might change in March during spring break.

That's it for now, VOTE! I'll post pic of the new do on Monday (if I get anything done)

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Anonymous said...

I wish I would have come and read this post... I would have voted for you to cute it... Looks like I just said... Compliments your face... You are a pretty young lady to start with anyway...