Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy with Excitment!

We're going to the Chapel and My lil' sister is gonna get married, Going to the Chapel of loooooove!

Yup, the weekend is here that my Sister Jen and her fiance Murad will be getting Married!!! It won't be in a chapel but I do love that song. The ceremony will be outside in the hotel's garden And I (along with most of my extended family) will be spending the night! Whooo Woooooo!!

My Girls are flower girls, they are tickled pink! Ivy says she want to be the bride and was quite offended when I told her Aunty Jen is the bride, she is the one getting married but Ivy was soon happy when I told her she gets to throw flowers at everyone! LOL

Besides the wedding, we have been hiding from the heat, barely going outside during the day, we played in the creek a few days:

Mike spent most of the time moving rocks, trying to make a swimming hole but mostly just made some nice rapids, LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos... All my best to your sister...