Monday, November 9, 2009

Gyno appointment

Had an office visit with a new (to me) Doctor in K-Town last week. He gave me a few options to thing about and booked me for a Histeroscopy, which is a fancy term for: check out my uterus with a camera. If that procedure finds no problems then the Doc highly recommends Endometrial Ablation and tubal sterilization(tubes tied) because to have the ablation it is very dangerous to get pregnant.

As those who know me know, I am a big scaredy cat. The thought of have surgery is terrifying for me and I hate making decisions. I do not like being on hormones to control my heavy periods, I can not be off them though and be constantly bleeding and in pain. Mike and I do not want any more children but I (and Mike) do not want to permanently close that door.

Arrrgg, what to do! I don't know!

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