Saturday, October 31, 2009


All Hallow's eve! My favorite time of the year! We didn't have much time to decorate and prepare for Halloween this year, but on our way home from Vancouver we stopped and found some pumpkins in Keremos.
(Click on pictures for a closer view.)
Girls posing with the pumpkins, 2 orange, 2 white and 2 white/green gourds.
Ivy Loves her "Ghost" pumpkin, Anna and Ashley (Friend's daughter) are in the background.
A mini jack-o-lantern that we grew in our garden and the front bush covered with mini ghosts.
Our front yard with Ashley, Ivy, Anna and Rupert.
Anna all set for Trick-or-Treating, dressed as a Unicorn.
Ivy as Snow White and wearing make-up.
Anna's pumpkin all lit up.
3 more Mini pumpkins that we grew.
Ashley's and my Jack-o-lanterns
The infamous Jacob as Superman.
Ashley and her Dad Corey at the bonfire the City puts on at the ballpark.
Mike, dress as a logger, roasting a wiener at the bonfire.
The girls, high on candy and having a blast watching the fireworks and running with friends.
This year the girls went to more houses and I was surprised how many gave out safe candy for Anna's Galactosemia Diet. It's nice that there is a lots of variety out there these days. Anna had no qualms with giving up the chocolate bars and cheesies and she didn't even want to trade for safe candy, "that's ok Mommy, you have it" Wow, how did I get such a great, smart Girl!!

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