Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow!

It was a little late this year, the girls were anxious for the cold white stuff and they weren't disappointed when it finally snowed.
I actually pulled a joke on the girls:
Early Saturday, I stomped into their room (they were awake and talking) and I sternly said "Who did it?"
Both girls were shocked and asked "Did what? I didn't!"
"Get into the living room and tell me who did it!" I yelled, trying not to smile.
Ivy whined "What is it? Maybe it was the cat..."
We entered the living room and the girls couldn't see anything wrong, they look at me very nervously. I marched over the window and through open the curtains and laughingly said "Who put all this white stuff outside?"
Anna laughs and screams "It's Snow!! Silly Mommy, it's snow! It fell from the sky, I didn't do it!"
A good memory for this first snow!

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