Monday, February 14, 2011

Still sick

When will we be healthy!?

Another round of flu/colds has made it through the house. The girls seem to be on the mend but I think I still have awhile to go and I'm not sure about Mike, he hides how he is feeling too well.

Anna has had a fever off and on for over a week, it's hard to tell if it is a symptom of her illness or if it's her teeth bugging her. I've made an appointment for her with the dentist to see what we can do about her abscess... not she if it's just food caught deep or something worse.

I'm surprised how fast Ivy rebounds back from her illness, but sometimes I think she is acting. She looks bad, has a fever and is coughing up a storm but is bouncing off the walls all hyper... I think she takes after her Father...

Today is Valentines but I have a "who cares" attitude towards it this year. I have no plans, Mike asked if I wanted to do anything but I gave him a pass, it's just another day. We can make plans when we are all feeling better.

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