Tuesday, February 22, 2011

almost healthy

Who knew that after I wrote that last post that I would suffer through a hellish 36 hours of fever, chills, sweat and delusions. Thankfully once the fever broke I was almost back to my normal. I still have a cough but am good otherwise.

Because I was unexpectedly ill, Mike had to step up and be "Mom" for a day and he did a very good job... not perfectly like me but a close second :) Mike took Tuesday off work so he could take Anna to the Dentist and Rupert to the Vet.

Anna had an abscessed molar and the dentist opted to pull it instead of doing a root canal. She seems happy without the tooth, no more pain, but I feel bad she will be toothless for several years till the adult tooth comes up.

Rupert hasn't been himself all winter, doing strange things and not doing his regular comfort stuff. I thought maybe he hurt his paw but Mike said the vet said Rupert has arthritis in the back end. Both legs and hips are inflamed and stiff. But other then that he is wonderful for his almost 12 years, good teeth, eyes OK, good weight and fitness. Vet gave us some arthritis meds to give Rupert when he is having a bad day, in the last week he has had 2 doses and has shown big improvements (barking at strangers on the road again, lol)

I had a PAC meeting yesterday and I actually felt good about it, I was in control! Things are finally changing!

I can't wait for spring! I want to camp!

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