Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring break over

I sit in an eerily quiet house... the kids are back to school. Not sure if I'm very excited to have them going back, I was enjoying our time off together. Sure I complained some, the long trips weren't the greatest but I did like having them home. Many thoughts creep into my head when I'm alone, some I am not ready to deal with... I feel upset with the way my Nana passed away...

Spring has sprung a leak, it's been drizzling for a few days now. The rain has melted the snow away, it tries to come back but the rain stomps it out. The birds have come back, a bit late this year and not so many but they are here none-the-less. Now, if only the sun would shine a bit more then it would be lovely spring.

I'm frustrated with the slow Canadian postal service. I'm waiting for 3 parcels, one for me, one for Anna and one for us all (movies!) And they are taking their sweet time! It's been almost a month since I ordered my stuff and it will probably be the last to arrive which aggravates me to no end. My blog isn't very exciting lately, I haven't been taking many pictures... half the time I can't find the camera and sometimes I just forget to take it along with us...Maybe once it warms up I'll take some garden pictures.

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