Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter baking

My Mother in law (MIL) didn't know how much fun the girls and I would have when she asked for me to bring dessert for Easter. My copy of Kraft Kitchens arrived in the mail a few weeks ago and since I have been dieing to make the ooey gooey treats!

Today was the day for sugar madness!

The girls enjoyed helping and loved licking clean all the bowls and spoons after each recipe was finished.But I got stuck with the dishes afterward.... not fair!

I made Jello Marshmallows. So easy, but will be messy to unmold and eat! We made fruity fiesta and strawberry banana.
I made a small pan of Blondies for MIL since she can't have chocolate.

And for the chocolate fans...dang just erased my photo of it but here is the magazine shot. I can't wait to try these!

While all the baking was cooling the girls and I dye some eggs,

and even shrink wrapped some!Tomorrow is dinner/lunch at the in laws, I hope these treats last till then...

(PS, I hate blogger! I lost 2 photos and if I wanted to insert them the whole post would be wonky and I don't have the patience to deal with it right now! Arrg!)

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Wendy (Elliott) Loose said...

I gave you an award for being such an inspiration!