Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome 2012

It's been awhile since I posted, life has been BUSY to say the least!  My dear Mother misses my posts, so Hi Mom!  Here are some pictures from recent months, Enjoy.
Snow arrived in November

And with snow came to lazy sofa days...
...along with silly girls!

I went with the girls on a school outing, Ivy at GF Museum.

Anna waiting outside museum for school bus.

Samuel in early Nov, home for a few weeks.

Sam at home after a month, DOUBLED in size!
Such a silly puppy, sleeps in strange positions.
4 months old and 37 pounds! Vet says he'll be over 100lbs when fully grown... not the medium size like we wanted...
Sammy's outgrown his bed after 2 months of use.

I snuck this shot of Ivy at breakfast one day.

Micheal grew a mustache for "Movember", the girls were fascinated by his new hair and wanted to grow some too. Ivy came up with these fake 'staches instead.

Anna's birthday party, my friend Drisana stayed and helped.

Anna opening gifts

A rare shot of me, taken by Ivy.

Girls are showing off masks from New Orleans, given to them by Aunt Jen.

Ivy took this photo of Anna, Aunt Jen, and Grandma Cindy (hi Mom)

My friend Andrea in Australia sent the girls these cute Koala purses and Joey pencil cases.
Christmas morning, Grandma Rocky gave them new dresses!

My Silly Husband and reindeer Anna.
 And that just about finishes 2011, I haven't downloaded Ivy's birthday pictures yet, so you'll just have to wait with baited breath!
Happy New Year everyone, all the best to you and your family!


german in pdx said...

Your girls are so gorgeous, Leslie.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot of you young lady... the girls are sure growing up...