Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

What a busy day! Lots of fun at school today: Hot lunch, costume parade, games, haunted house, prizes and treats! And then a few hours at home before the girls went Trick-or-treating, I maned the door while Mike, Klara and Ben's G-Friend took the 4 girls around the neighbourhood, then we filled up on candy and chips for a bit and then (Lots of "and then"... lol) and then we loaded up the van and off to the ball park for bonfire, hotdogs, and Fireworks!! And then we came home and scrubbed off the makeup and the girls crashed in bed! The end! Whew, what a day!

Anna "The spooky old witch"

The pumpkins we grew! Anna carved the top one at school.

Anna's pumpkin she carved at home, Klara grew it.

Ivy carved this pumpkin, then it was modified by my Samuel... Another pumpkin from our patch.

Devilish Ivy!  Between trick-or-treating and Bonfire, half the make-up is wore off.

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Aunt B said...

Looks like you had good fun at Halloween. I loved carving pumpkins as a kid. Nice that you were able to grow some of your own.