Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Who are you?
Guess who is raising backyard chickens?... ME!!  I've wanted chickens for as many years we've had rabbits but Mike always said no, mainly because of the smell, but somehow I finally convinced him to say yes!  I think my friend D had a lot to do with changing Mike's mind as she has a flock of 40+ and her place isn't stinky unless it's raining, and since I only want a small flock, there really was no contest! Long story short my Friend D and I bought some day old chicks from a hatchery and she raised them till they big enough for my to bring home my 6. The chicks are ISA Browns, (a good layer hen) and are currently one month old. They are in the awkward teen stage, growing their feathers but still have some fuzzy down and funny as heck! Anna really likes them and will disappear for an hour at time playing and feeding them.

Yum chick grower crumbles
Peep! bright light!
I'll try to keep this blog more up to date but you know life is, busy, busy, busy!
PS Don't tell anyone in my town that I have chickens, Currently there is no law saying yea or nay for keeping these marvelous birds and I really don't want to call attention to them in case council votes no.

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