Saturday, June 28, 2008

Post 55~ results are in

We got the results yesterday and they are good! Doc is almost certain that Anna's lump is just Lipoma measuring 5cm x 5cm which is quiet large. Mike talked with the Dr.O when he called so I don't have all the details. Doc did say that there are "fingers" of ... something(Mike forgot the name) but no Cancer! Dr.O will consulting with BCCH (Children's Hospital) to see if does have anything to do with Anna's Galactosemia, I'm fairly certain it's not as I have seen/read nothing about the two being connected. We are supposed to go to BCCH in August, so I'm sure nothing will be done about the lump till after then.

Here are some not so good shots of the Lump, not much to see, just a bulge on her side, feels like a water balloon.

And here's the lil' goofball!! I'm glad she has good sense of humour!!

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STELLA said...

Good to read things are better than thought... always sending good thoughts...