Monday, June 22, 2009

Middle of June?!

When the heck did that happen? and it's officially Summer too? Geesh, this year is going way to fast.
This post is jam packed with photos from the past few weeks, so Enjoy!

One goofy Saturday, I asked everyone to make mean faces. Third place goes to Ivy for a subtle pouty lip:
Anna's "who you looking at?" pose puts her in second:

And First place goes to Mike's "What the heck is on my Head?". He does grump so well!

Here is a shot of the girls one morning while we were waiting for Ivy's bus.

Two pretty girls hamming it up before we went to Lanna's Grad party!

A picture of Anna taking a picture of me.... I'll have to down load her camera to see how the picture turned out...

Oscar Fast sleep in the girls recliner.

Ivy had a Baseball Tournament last Sunday, it was fun, luckily the clouds settled in for the last 2 games. The next 3 photos are in the wrong order and I'm not going to fix them, lol. First is Ivy on third base, she was a little nervous to be surrounded by the other team.

Ivy up to bat, Go #3!! Her t-shirt is way too big, lol.

And here is Ivy with her friends waiting for their turn up to bat.

Two little Cowgirls or "Cowboy-Girls" as Ivy says.

Mike and the girls were watching TV, the girls were fussing and fighting, Mike was getting frustrated and then all of a sudden it got quiet...and when I came in the room to check of them I was shocked to see them all sacked out!

Taki (Japanese Dance teacher) using Ivy as a model to show the other girls how the Kimono looks, love the colours! Ivy and I will be preforming at our City's Founder's Day Celebration in 2 1/2 weeks. So be prepared for more pictures of that!

So there you have it, a few snapshots of our crazy, busy but fun life! Maybe later this week I'll write some more of what is going on, like the phone call from Anna's Surgeon but It will have to wait, I have to prepare for a lunch I putting on for Ivy's school, and have more dance practice, and take care of the house, girls, husband, animals and myself! LOL!


Brenda Jean said...

What great pictures! The girls are so pretty and I love the one sleeping with their dad--guess they all just tired each other out!

I can't wait to see the dance pictures!

Anonymous said...

I did indeed enjoy...