Monday, June 29, 2009

Ivy's Awards Day

Thursday, June 25 2009, Ivy finished kindergarten. It was a fun filled day but also bittersweet.
This was also Mrs S's (Ivy's teacher) last day of teaching, she has retired. Mrs.S had nice things to say about each child as they were handed their kindergarten certificate, when it was Ivy's turn Mrs.S recalled that she was glad to have been able to have Ivy in her last class as she had Micheal in her very first class (30+ years ago) and it felt like she had come full circle!

Ivy was also given the privilege in presenting Mrs.S with a poster signed by everyone in the school.

This is the whole school (less then 40 kids) K-3 singing a fun song about summer finally being here.

This Ivy sitting with 2 of her friends, Quinn and Owen.

Here is a cool shot of the class before the Awards, Mrs.S was handing out trinkets, old costumes and everything else she didn't need anymore. You can see Ivy wearing a pair of rabbit ears, lol

I was also called to the front on the Gym for an award, I was presented with a gift certificate for all my volunteering in the school! I was shocked and honored, it was nice to be recognized for all the lice checks, hot lunches and Snack cart duty.

All in all a wonderful day!


Brenda Jean said...

She is SO adorable in the picture with her friends:) Congrats on the award too!!! Were you all weepy the entire time?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl...