Monday, July 13, 2009

Japanese Dance

Phew! The weekend is over!

I am positively exhausted after the week of babysitting, walking in the parade and dancing in the polyester Kimono, and helping with In-law's party. It was a fun weekend but I'm so glad it only happens once a year!

Mike only took pictures of the parade and I'm hoping K (MIL) will e-mail some of the pics she took. And of course everyone forgot to take pictures at the party.

Anyhoo, here is our part of the parade, and yup that's me, the big blue with red sash, not very flattering but who cares, it was fun! Ivy is wearing blue with pink sash.

Here are some shots of the cousins:
Ivy and Danny, absorbed in the TV
These two love to pose! I said to turn around so I can take their picture and Bam, out came the models!


Brenda Jean said...

You both are lovely! What pretty outfits:) Be sure to post if you get more pictures!

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful... sounds like you had a wonderful time...