Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Why am I so nice? How do I get scammed into things I really do not want to do?

Well, maybe that is being too much of a Drama Queen! lol

I am babysitting my young niece, Sylvia, and nephew, Danny, this week during the day, 5am till 3:30pm! Their little Brother David(18 months) is in the hospital with the Mom (M) because he is underweight and the Doc wants to observe him, run tests and force feed him via a feeding tube through the nose. The Dad (T) is working in GF, so I get the joy/pain of babysitting the 3 & 5 year olds.

The kids are fairly good, they do fall asleep on the sofas when they first get here and only wake up when my girls get up. But after 3 days of being here and it raining mostly, all 4 kids are getting bored and the novelty of "Auntie's house" is wearing off. They are starting to push each other's buttons, bickering, complaining, tattling etc. etc.

Today is almost over, then we just have to get through tomorrow....which will be a loooong day as T will be going to Trail to pick up M and David after work, well into the evening.... Luckily Mike will be home at diner time to help!

Well that's enough complaining for now, I wonder how much fussing they'll do when I tell them to start cleaning up.... :S

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Anonymous said...

Better you than me... cracking up here... you are so much nicer than I, I NEVER would baby sit anyone...