Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer has begun!

And so has the summer break from school, this is my first summer break as a Mother and I would like to formally apologise to my parents.

I am truly sorry for all the screaming, rough housing, fighting, crying, destroying, complaining, headaches, bickering, back talking and snivelling that you had to endure from my siblings and me.

This has only been the first week! How and why has things changed from last year? One year of Ivy being away from the family for just a few hours a day has changed me, her and her sister! Those few hours gave me a break, sure Anna had her moments of brattyiness but those moments were few between. This week and breaks between those moments are few between...almost non-existing! Ivy is behaving herself for the most part but she/we just have to look at Anna sideways and the screeching, bellowing, tears start! AARRRGGG!

Is it her age/stage? Is she jealous? Is Ivy doing thing without me knowing? Is she not getting enough sleep/food/attention? or is all of those things combined?

Whatever the answer is, I hope to find it soon or Miss Anna will be soon moving to Timbuktu!

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Anonymous said...

LOL... I have always said that summer break was teacher's revange...