Thursday, December 9, 2010

misc. moments

It happened, I couldn't stop it....
The girls and I cleaned up and sorted through their toys in the living room. Garbage and broken toys were tossed, papers/art got recycled, the little kitchen was moved to the shed and everything was moved to their proper bins. Phew, took several hours but when we were done we had room for the Christmas tree!
But before the tree could be brought in and decorated, Ivy decided to decorated herself with ALL the new found jewelery
Anna wanted to share her dolly that's been missing for awhile, it was in the bottom of the toy box.

Earlier this week I was asked out for coffee by the school trustee, I never go out for coffee so I was a little nervous. But Cathy was very nice and she wanted to see how things were with PAC and if I had any Q's, I asked a bunch! She gave lots of advise and insight. I had a nice time, I should have coffee more often.

Who is in the box?

The highlight of coffee was when a young lady came into the cafe and told us she has a box of kittens she is taking to the pound in GF. Cathy and I knew the pound had been shut down, so then the lady said she'll take the kittens to the woods. I could not see that happen! I said I would take one for my Bro-in-law.

So I took this little guy.
He is very feisty! He attacked Rupert, was hissing at Oscar and wouldn't stay in the box! But he was nice and cuddly with me. I rushed him to BIL's before my pets revolted on me! BIL was so happy and kitty seemed happy with his new home and I was very proud of myself too!
And the other kittens did not get left in the woods, they were taken to the vets and then transferred to Trail's SPCA.

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